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Sterilization container

Sterilization container

Sterilization products for medical technology, container systems for medical technology, sterilization drums for medical technology, boxes for medical technology, washing baskets for medical technology, stirrer containers for medical technology and accessories for the preparation of surgical instruments, disinfection, cleaning and sterilization are measures by which Materials and objects are freed from living microorganisms including their lethargic stages (e.g. spores). The condition of the materials and articles produced in this way is classified as "sterile". The term "microbe-free", which is also used more as "sterile", is not communicated precisely enough, since cleaning is not just about certain stages of microorganism formation in order to eliminate or kill specific microorganisms, but to eliminate or Killing each of them microorganisms at each stage of development. The phrase "microbe-free" is identified with the incorrect term "microorganism" for microorganisms at any stage of development. When disinfecting materials (e.g. food, medicines, arrangements), clinical instruments, inserts, objects, bundles, gadgets (e.g. endoscopes) and vessels (e.g. for the way of life of microorganisms) (preferably) contain everything or subsequent microorganisms, including their super durable ones Structures (e.g. spores) are killed and infections, prions (irresistible proteins), plasmids and other pieces of DNA are destroyed.

Gradually, total disinfection does not take hold with full confidence. It is therefore necessary to reduce the amount of suitable microorganisms by a factor (in powers of ten) depending on the application area or a certain probability of complete disinfection. For example, the residual substance of practical microorganisms in a single unit of the objects to be disinfected is required to be close to 10 -6 , for example, 1,000,000 units of the objects to be disinfected can contain only one practical microorganism. The disinfection is carried out by physical (heat, radiation) or material measures. In the specialized separation from disinfection, a tens-force cleaning, on the whole, requires a higher probability of full disinfection.

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