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General Surgery General Medicine anatomy Andrology Angiology / angiography (vascular diseases) Anesthesiology Occupational Health Arthroscopy Audiology Eye surgery Autopsy Imaging Systems Bioanalytics Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biomedicine (Biotech) biophysics Biopsy Bronchoscopy chemistry Dental Dermatology Diagnosis Duodenoscopy Electromedicine Endocrinology Endoscopy Enteroscopy Gastroenterology Gastroscopy Vascular surgery geriatrics Gynecology ENT surgery (head and neck surgery) ENT / ear-nose-throat Hand surgery Cardiac surgery Histology (microscopic anatomy) Human biology Human genetics Hygiene and environmental medicine Hysteroscopy Hematology Immunology Implantology In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) Infectiology Internal Medicine Intensive Care Cardiology Jaw surgery Pediatric surgery clinical research Colonoscopy Colposcopy Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic medicine Cryotherapy Laboratory medicine Laparoscopy Laryngoscopy Life sciences Microbiology Minimally Invasive Surgery Molecular Biology Oral and maxillofacial surgery Nasal surgery Nephrology Neuro Surgery Neurology Emergency medicine Nuclear medicine Oncology Ophthalmology Orthopedy Osteosynthesis Otoscopy Palliative medicine (pain therapy) Pathology Care Pharmacology Pharyngoscopy Physiology (physiotherapy) Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Pneumonology Podiatry (podiatry) Proctoscopy Prosthetics Psychiatry and psychotherapy Psychosomatic medicine Pediatrics Radiology Forensic medicine Medical Rehabilitation Rectoscopy Rheumatology Rhinoscopy Sinuscopy Sonography (echography and ultrasound) sports medicine Radiation Medicine (Radiation Therapy) Telemedicine Thoracic surgery (chest) Toxicology Traditional medicine Transfusion medicine (blood donation, blood preparations) Traumatology Tropical Medicine Urethrocystoscopy Urology Veterinary Virology and Infection Epidemiology Visceral surgery (upper and lower abdomen) Spinal Surgery Wound Treatment Cystoscopy Esophagoscopy



aerosol sampling devices Allergen Suction Systems allergen sensors allergen analyzers Allergy Monitoring System Allergy Self Test Kits Allergy Sprays Allergy Symptom Checker allergy filter allergy testing Allergy Alert Systems Allergology breath control systems breathing mask breathing sensors blood glucose meter Airborne particle detectors excitation scanner particulate matter detectors durability tester skin diagnostic devices skin sample testing high frequency instruments inhaler Humidity and cleaning devices air filter Air Filter Testers Air quality and allergen monitor air quality control devices air quality recorders air cleaner air purification devices measurement gauges Nano Detection Technologies nasal spray nasal irrigation device Nebulizer ozone generator Ozone Air Purifier Ozone Meters Ozone Testers peak flow meter pigment photometer pollen gauges pulse oximetry Rapid Allergy Test Kit Portable allergen meter ventilation systems ceiling air filter

General Services for the MedTech Industrie

After sales

Processing of customer requests Tracing for service orders scanning Analysis of customer concerns Application of the latest diagnostic methods Selection of a suitable service part Manuals Advice on product changes Advice on setting the quality of service Advice on optimal use Procurement of necessary spare parts fractional adjustment Call center decontamination diagnosis Documentation of the service order Documentation of installation rules facility planning Setting the interfaces setting of the software Disposal of old devices Development of a functional control system Design of service programs Appointment of a service employee Replacement of wearing parts procurement of spare parts Spare Parts Documentation spare parts sale Creation of a customer service plan creation of guidelines error analysis troubleshooting Error Prevention Program IT-based terminology management Implementation of performance management Installation installation installation service maintenance repair adjustment calibration Complete modernization of the system Component Substitution Correction of the configuration Storage and Provision performance measurement Delivery of spare parts Software translation After-sales spare parts Online help online shop translations Patent translation Performance Analysis Product seminars Product advice Product repairs Product maintenance log transmission process control Checking the functionality quality control regulation Complaints processing repair of the products repairs dismantling of the systems recall management SEO translation & keyword localization Training of customer service personnel training courses service contracts security checks security certification Security Check Ensuring safe operation software testing power optimization system optimization system updates system check Testing the requirements of the product Testing the functionality of the system Software integrity test Test of the networking of the system components type separation environmental monitoring Assistance in complying with warranty conditions Upgrades & Updates packaging and shipping preventive maintenance maintenance kits tool rental remanufacturing Equipment certification electronic repair intelligent problem solving system Technical specifications technical support Verification of the effectiveness of critical components Verification of the installation standard Checking the ratio of components

Advice & education

3D bioprinting 3D printing in the hospital Outpatient surgery and clinic information systems Artificial intelligence in the hospital Doctor's Office Management Augmented Reality applications in hospitals Recruit foreign skilled workers Automated diagnosis Automated hospital administration Automated wound monitoring Automated surgical planning Advice & training Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs Procurement of machines Big data in medicine bioinformatics Biological sensors for immune surveillance Biometrics for patient monitoring biomimetic prostheses biotechnology Blockchain-based solutions in healthcare Surgical Robotics Cloud-based medical data Cognitive assisting technologies Comprehensive healthcare systems Computer Guided Surgery Computerized electronic medical information system Cybersecurity for medical devices Data administration in hospitals Data analysis in medical research Data protection in the field of electronic health records Data responsibility in medical technology Demographic development in health care Digital Health Applications e-health systems Real-time Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems Real-time four-D visualization Electronic Health Record Electronic prescription of medicines Bottleneck analysis in medical care Ergonomic design and user experience for medical devices Professional family counseling Specialists training Skilled Workers Immigration Act Devices with multiple functions Device Design Solutions health apps Health Management Software health warnings Health tech startups high-speed imaging Hygiene concepts In vitro diagnostics Healthcare information systems Integrated medical sensor technology Intelligent mobile applications in medicine Jobs, internships, apprenticeships Clinical success measurement clinical research Clinical protocol development Collaborative Decision Support Systems Convergence of human medicine and electronics laboratory analysis technique Training / Education material and books Lifecycle management for medical devices Marketing translations Market access requirements Software translation Medical image analysis Medical imaging Medical device development Medical instruments Medical product training Medical technology standards and guidelines Medical translation Medical technology in public health Mixture optimization in the pharmaceutical industry Mobile applications for health monitoring Mobile access to medical images Molecular Diagnosis nanotechnology Online health advice online shop translations Optimization Patent translation Patient bedside monitoring systems patient monitoring Prediction models in medicine Quality management in medical technology Radiological image analysis rehabilitation devices Remote patient monitoring Robot assistants in the operating room robotics in medicine Robotics and automation in laboratories SEO translation & keyword localization Sensor-based diagnostic system Secure private communication in medical technology Smart clinic communication Smart care documentation Smart wellness products Language courses and language cafés Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry telemedicine and teletherapy teleconsultation telemedicine Insurance Virtual Reality for medical applications Wearables as a training aid Wearables in healthcare Website translation Apartment Search algorithmic diagnostic support smart brain implants Translations Medical Technology

Disposal & recycling

waste disposal waste glass Dispose of used oil autoclave Discard autoclave container Dispose of ventilators Discard CT scanner Dispose of chemical containers Defective components Dispose of dialysis machines Dispose of compressed air tank Discard ECG cable Precious metal recycling Discard disposable napkins Discard endoscopes Dispose of endoscopy equipment Dispose of discharged batteries Dispose of discharge cable Disposal of medical instruments Disposal of sterile medicines Liquid recycling Dispose of photocopiers Discard used medication containers Dispose of hazardous waste Discard gloves Dispose of hearing aids Discard infusion systems Cable and copper recycling Dispose of canisters Dispose of refrigerators Dispose of laboratory chemicals Dispose of laboratory equipment Discard laser lamps Dispose of the laser printer Dispose of laser therapy devices Dispose of delivery notes Medical waste Medical equipment Dispose of medical hearing aids Discard pieces of medical latex tubing Dispose of anesthetic equipment Discard pipettes Discard pipetting system Discard plastic masks plastic waste Dispose of print media Radioactive waste container Dispose of radioactive materials Discard radiotherapy equipment Dispose of cleaning supplies Discard oxygen equipment Dispose of protective suits Discard goggles Discard syringes Discard syringe pump radiation source Dispose of syringes Discard thermocouples Discard ultrasound devices Dispose of consumables Dispose of packaging Discard video monitor Dispose of cotton boxes reusable components Dispose of oil canister


3D printing technology 3D echography technologies 3D presentation software AI solutions for medical research Current image transmission technologies Anatomical Models assistance robot Recording and analyzing medical data Augmented Reality demonstrations Augmented Reality Applications Automated hospital systems Automated process solutions Automated investigation systems Consulting and training for regulatory affairs motion detection technologies Bioinformatics Tools biomedical sensors Biosensor workshops Medical staff check-up services Cloud Computing Events Cloud-based image processing Cloud-based health applications Design thinking workshops Real-time data transmission Electronics networks for conferences Electronic emergency medicine Electronic patient record management endoscope workshops femtosecond laser technology Gamification for medical events devices for medical simulation exercises Large format digital presentations Hands-on events on cardiopulmonary examinations Hands-on imaging techniques High-tech techniques for surgical interventions High-Tech Venues High-tech video conferencing systems high-performance computing systems Hotel business / gastronomy Hotspots for wireless networks infrastructure for hospitals Interactive educational materials Interactive medical imaging courses Collaborative workshop tools Communication and multimedia equipment Biomedical Sensor Conferences Precision medicine conferences Hospital IT systems Hospital Management Systems Ball bearings for medical devices Medical imaging systems Medical imaging technology Medical tests for clinical applications Trade fairs measuring instruments Mobile ECG systems multimedia documentation technologies multimedia labs New trends in diagnostics Online Networking Tools Personalized mobile healthcare solutions product presentation systems Remote patient monitoring Robots for the OR Robot demonstrations Robot-assisted technologies Robotic system technology Seminars & training Seminars on new trends in healthcare Software systems for the medical field Streamed conference events Tablet tools for medical applications Technical training for clinicians Technical software training Technical Surveillance Technologies Technology demonstration exhibitions Technologies for doctor-patient communication Technologies for minimally invasive surgery Appointment Scheduling Software Test Laboratory Equipments Portable medical devices VR simulations Methods for data analysis Virtual Healthcare Events Virtual Reality demonstrations visualization techniques for imaging Wearable Technologies Wearable devices for medical research wearable health applications Webinars Continuing education Certificate courses intelligent systems for patient monitoring virtual training courses

Research & Development

3D biomodels 3D bioprinter 3D rendering software 3D printing solutions 3D graphics for surgical planning 3D scanning systems 4D imaging systems Automated in vivo imaging systems Automatic patch clamp systems Automated functional tests Autonomous image processing solutions image acquisition systems image database systems image processing software CT scanner Surgical navigation and handling solutions Surgical Navigation Systems Surgical Robotic Systems Computer-assisted analysis of biopsies Computerized axial tomography Computed Tomography DNA sequence analyzer Diffusion Weighted Imaging Digital rotarod Doppler devices Metered X-ray systems echocardiography electron microscopes Electronic documentation systems Endoscopic Imaging Systems Endoscopic Robotic Systems Development & design of medical devices Fiberscopy Fluorescence Imaging Systems Forms - tool making Research microscope floating point processors cardiac pacing systems In Vitro Diagnostic Products infrared cameras cartography systems magnetic resonance imaging coherence tomography Combined imaging devices Cages for animal testing Lab-on-a-chip biomanufacturing systems Lab-on-a-Chip systems laboratory automation systems laboratory information systems laser microscopes laser scope live scanner magnetic resonance imaging equipment magnetic resonance imaging mass spectrometry Software translation Medical robotic systems Medical sensors Medical test systems for research Medical translation Microfluidic Solutions microneedle systems microscopes Microvascular implants molecular imaging devices Molecular Pathology Platforms Molecular Pathology Diagnostics Multi-Modal Imaging Systems Myograph Near Infrared Spectroscopy Neuroadaptive stimulation systems Non-destructive test systems Nuclear Medicine Systems particle accelerator Patent translation positron emission tomography Preclinical imaging systems Predictive diagnostic tests precision instrumentation RNAi Screener Systems radiofrequency ablation radionuclide detectors Robotic Surgeon Assistance Systems Robot Surgeons X-ray microscopes Software, programs for research purposes Custom-made / customer-specific medical devices Custom made surgical instruments Other research equipment Research spectrometers Speech Recognition Solutions Stereolithography Systems stereotaxic devices Metabolic cages Operant Conditioning Systems Target Therapy Systems Technical image analysis solutions Technical translations for the medical industry telemedicine solutions Research test kits tissue engineering systems Transient eyepiece electron microscope Transport systems for lab-on-a-chip ultrasonic devices Behavior Analysis Systems Virtual Reality Solutions cell fluorescence microscopes Medical device check

HR & personnel services

Adaptation of service and maintenance activities for medical devices Adaptation of medical devices to specific requirements Labor inventory management for medical devices Occupational safety and medical device training Selection and recruitment of medical professionals Advice on the selection of the right medical device for the respective application Advice on the selection and incorporation of new medical devices Advice on the selection of medical device manufacturers Advice on the development of medical device guidelines Advice on the creation of safety manuals for medical devices Advice on the use of complex medical devices Advice on optimizing medical practice through new technologies Advice on avoiding product failures in medical devices Advice on the correct use of medical devices Operation and maintenance of medical devices Data security for medical devices Diagnostic and maintenance planning of medical devices Introduction of standardized data acquisition for medical devices Introduction of processes and methods for quality assurance of medical devices Working closely with healthcare professionals to customize medical devices decision support systems for medical devices Development of a strategy to support the modern maintenance of medical devices Development of a consulting concept for cost optimization when using medical devices Development of a curriculum and development plan for medical personnel Development of a set of rules for the safe operation of medical devices Development of a system for documentation and control Development of a method for planning resources for the use of medical devices Development of a cost-effective maintenance program for medical devices Development and implementation of a documentation strategy for medical devices Development of assistance systems for medical devices Development of data protection protocols for medical devices Development of guidelines for the use of specific medical devices Development of policies for the management of medical devices Development of guidelines for the use of medical devices Increasing customer satisfaction through optimal use of medical devices Creation of a strategy for the safe handling of medical equipment Creation of labor laws and guidelines for handling medical devices Creation of documentation for medical procedures Creation of real-time diagnostic logs for medical devices Creation of safety measures when using medical devices Creation of procedural rules for handling medical devices release of medical devices Implementation of quality assurance standards for medical devices Integration of database systems for medical devices Concept development and introduction of a control station for medical devices Design and implementation of training programs for medical professionals Coordination of inventory management of medical devices MedTech specialists Healthcare professionals Cell phones and wearable technology to support medical activities Use of analysis technologies for medical devices Optimized supply processes for medical devices Optimization of the vehicle pool for the transport of medical equipment HR consulting HR officers (external) Recruitment Planning of changeovers in medical devices Platforms for exchanging medical data Deploy standardization technologies for medical devices Symbolic modeling and simulation of medical devices system integration services for medical devices Scenario simulations for the use of medical devices Assistance in complying with laws and best practices when handling medical devices Support in the use of innovative medical solutions Regulatory validation of medical devices Validation of various medical devices in terms of safety and efficiency Validation of sensor technology for medical devices Improving patient management through the introduction of an electronic healthcare system Compensation models for medical professionals Maintenance and quality control of medical devices Temporary work Monitoring patient care using medical devices

IT & communication technology

3D printing fixtures 3D scanners for medical applications Dispensing machines for medicines Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic software Augmented Reality Applications Automatic inventory tracking system Medical supply chain needs analysis software Demand-driven drug prescribing Observation systems and video surveillance in the hospital Imaging diagnostic systems image processing software Cloud-based medication tracking systems computer monitor Databases for structuring medical data Diagnostic systems based on artificial intelligence Digital drug prescriptions Digital eye exam tools Digital image analysis Digital Medical Records Manage digital medical records digital circuits Digital health assistant Digital radar system drone technology Electronic medical invoice processing system Enterprise Password Systems Radio-based implantable medical devices GIS based hospital management system Face and body recognition systems facial recognition technology Fiber optic connection for medical equipment Holographic visualization systems IT services IT-based terminology management Identification and access control systems Intelligent video material for medical applications Ipads for medical applications hospital information systems hospital scheduling systems disease tracking systems Artificial intelligence-based diagnostic systems laboratory monitoring systems laboratory x-ray machines laser therapy systems Machine patient monitoring systems Software translation medical electronics Medical operation simulators Medical video systems Medical workstations Medical data processing system Medical translation Mobile patient monitoring devices nanosensor technology Online health insurance Online Lab Reports Online patient support systems patient monitoring systems patient registration system RFID based hospital management system rehabilitation systems Remote control systems for doctors Robot-assisted surgical system Satellite based telemedicine system smartphone health applications Smartphone Medication Tracking Software Software for patient related data speech recognition software Speech recognition software for medical applications Stethoscope with digital microphone Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry Telemedicine Communication System Telemedicine Monitoring Platforms Ultra high definition scanner Ultrasound Imaging System Supporting assistance systems examination stations Improved battery systems consumer devices for medical applications video conferencing equipment virtual reality simulation systems virtual reality systems Wearable virtual reality devices Wearable Health Tracker wearable therapy devices access control software outpatient monitoring systems automated logistics systems for hospitals digital visit electronic medical records medical visualization software mobile applications for hospitals

marketing & Distribution

AI tools for lead generation Adaptive landing pages Analysis of customer data Advertisements in electronic media Automated lead generation B2B Marketing Campaigns Industry marketing CRM integration for medical technology CRM software Chatbots for customer service Content marketing on social networks Content Syndication Campaigns Data Cleansing Software Data-driven programmatic campaigns data presentation tools Digital Real Estate Ads Digital market research tools Dynamic banner ads Email Marketing Campaigns Real-time analysis tools Creation of interactive advertisements Creation and distribution of case studies creation and distribution of e-books Creation and distribution of white papers Creation of application tutorials Creation of specialist content Creation of flyers and brochures Creation of infographics Creation of content for social media Creation of campaigns for events Creation of kits for sales promotions Creation of collaboration tools Creation of communication concepts Creation of multimedia presentations Creation of online banners and advertisements Creation of online game-based campaigns Creation of postal mailings Creation of price tables Creation of press sketches Creation of product demos Creation of promotional videos Creation of sales videos Creation of advertising for digital signage Creation of custom graphics Creation of explanatory videos Creation of viral campaigns Extended budgets and cost control Narrative-Based Campaigns Event Marketing Solutions Generation of customer reviews Geofencing Marketing Campaigns IT-based terminology management Influencer Marketing Integration of reward programs AI-based chatbots Landing page creation tools Localized Content Marketing Marketing translations Marketing Automation Platforms Medical translation Mobile advertising agencies Native advertising designs and campaigns newsletter services User-Friendly Websites Online Feedback Management online communication tools Online courses in medical technology Online marketing Online advertising for target groups online shop translations PR marketing Patent translation Pay Per Click Campaigns Persona-based targeting HR Marketing Podcast Marketing Strategies Programmatic display ads Microsite programming Programming of responsive websites presentation software SEO Strategies SEO translation & keyword localization SMS Marketing Services Sales partner Social Media Marketing Campaigns Location-based targeting campaigns Location marketing TUT Targeting and segmentation tools Targeting tools for smartphones Technical translations for the medical industry Implementation of recognized IT standards User testing software VR, pictures & videos VR and AR customer experiences behavior analysis tools Behavioral Economic Models Sales training sales strategies video content production video production and distribution Viral Campaigns Websites Website translation Advertising agencies Customer acquisition tools


Drafting of complaints management guidelines Compliance with quality specifications for suppliers Scanning and verification of production documents Audit preparation & support Manufacturing process audit Auditing of medical technology companies BSCI-compliant service providers Handling customer complaints Official channels Appointed authority - MDR & IVDR Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs CE mark Compliance Computer & software validation containment regulations DIN EN ISO 13485 Design verification & validation Documentation of validation and testing Documentation of certification and validation Documentation of the required information security criteria Documentation and control of product release documentation and verification Conducting quality control inspections Conducting qualification tests Detect and fix quality errors Detect and fix product defects Determination and compensation of fluctuations in production Determination and assessment of medical product errors Creation and validation of manufacturing processes Creation of operational instructions Creation of the test report Creation of an evaluation concept for unsold products Creation and compliance with the hygiene plan Creation and control of key figures Creation and testing of guidelines for quality assurance Creation and review of procedural instructions Creation and verification of installations Creation of user manuals Creation of operating instructions Creation of FMEAs Creation of instructions for use Creation of process instructions Creation of quality service instructions and quality documents Creation of quality contracts with suppliers Creation of quality goals Creation of revision plans Creation of safety rules for handling products Creation of customer-specific product instructions Creation, testing and updating of deviation analyses Creation, review and validation of technical drawings External audit report GMP Device registrations ISO 13485 compliant service providers ISO 14001 compliant service providers ISO 9001 compliant service providers ISO certification IT-based terminology management IVD & laboratory equipment verification & validation Implementation of an MSDS program Inspections International certifications Calibration Clinical evaluation, testing, studies Clinical trials & tests In-process quality control Component and part quality control Life cycle cost control Control of material work instructions Product storage control Packaging quality control Material and process quality control Checking the approval certificates for medical devices Life cycle management control Control of the sterilization process External transport control Market surveillance Medical device verification & validation Measuring equipment and qualification of the test processes List of standards and directives Patent translation Planning and implementation of quality improvement programs Product Safety Check Product recall processes Process validation Test Equipment Management Manufacturer's Conformity Test Report Checking the conformance of materials and components Review of documentation requirements Review of customer requirements Checking the storage conditions Testing of materials and components Checking of product conformity Testing of water quality and water balance Testing of the sterile barriers of the devices Verification of compliance with all regulatory requirements Review and approval of device requests Testing and approval of commercial infection products Verification and control of batch identification Examination and review of health documentation QM systems QMS compliance QMS software validation Qualification Qualification according to EN ISO 14644 Qualification of laboratories and testing facilities Qualification of testing apparatus and devices Quality management systems Realization of product traceability Regular review of quality specifications Regular review of process monitoring Cleanroom Validation Regulatory agency guidelines and requirements risk assessment Risk management Software verification & validation Software life cycle according to IEC 62304 Day/night/overall inspection of product materials Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry training programs UL certification Comprehensive test report environmental condition standards Verification & Validation Services product manufacturing regulations Certification Certification & approval of medical devices IVD certification MedTech certification Approval of medical devices Change control of products Medical device check

Repair & maintenance

shielding clothing acupuncture needles analgesic pumps anesthesia devices airway monitor Preparer for medical technical maintenance ventilators imaging systems image processing systems biofiltration Biopsy Instruments blood pressure monitors blood glucose monitor CNC processing machines CT scanner Computed tomography (CT) defibrillation devices defibrillators Diagnostic scans diagnostic tests dialysis machines fluoroscopy devices ECG machines Electro surgical devices Electro-optical imaging devices electrocardiography devices electronic stethoscopes electric welders endoscopy apparatus Endoscopy loaned equipment Endoscopic examination instruments endotracheal tube Deburring of workpieces and tools clinical thermometer filter dryer gas lines obstetric instruments Handheld analyzers pallet truck catheterization devices small software applications Component testing and cleaning devices compressors laboratory facilities laryngoscopes laser welders laser therapy devices life support systems leak detectors air pressure gauges soldering equipment Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Medical compressed air systems microfabrication systems monitor mounts Navigation/Virtual Reality System Operative laser systems osteodensitometer oximetry equipment patient monitors Plasma and atomic welders pulse oximetry devices Repair & maintenance of IT Repair & maintenance of machines Repair & maintenance of medical devices Medical device repair services Repair services for endoscopes repair tools Robotic arm for medical maintenance X-ray equipment Oxygen Monitor soundproofing equipments screen lighting sonography equipment Stable tool Syringe Driver therapy simulators dry ice cleaning equipment dry ice blasting equipment Ultrasonic rotary tube systems ultrasonic devices Examination apparatus for ultrasound examinations Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding water jet equipment

Test laboratory & testing laboratory

Acoustic impedance meters analyzers analysis software analytical scales Evaluation of contact plates Automated hematology laboratory equipment Automated scanners Bioburden determination & validation biochip reader Biocompatibility test biomonitors biotelemetry systems blood analyzers blood pressure monitors blood gas analysis procedure blood donor systems Refractive Index Laser Systems chemical characterization Computer-based analysis systems defibrillators Digital spirometry system Digital camera system for acquisition and analysis of molecular images. digital camera Doppler ultrasound machines elasticity gauges elastography devices electrical test equipment electroencephalograph electrocardiographs electrocardiograph Electron microprocessor tester electron receiving systems electron microscopes endoscopes Endotoxin tests colorimeters fluorescence technique Fuel cell analyzers gas chromatography equipment glucose sensors Handheld Patient Monitors high-speed imaging impedance meters implant testers In-vitro cytotoxicity test Infrared camera isotope testers calorimeter nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer MRI scanner laboratory automation laboratory microscope Laboratory washers Laser Raman analyzers laser labeling machines laser scanner luminescence meters Lung Inhalation Tester Magnetic resonance imaging mass spectrometer Medical software microprocessor tester Microbiology microfluidic devices microscopes monitors ophthalmoscopes particle measurement systems Sample preparation for bio. / chem. Assessments projection devices Tests manufacturer information Particulate Contamination Tests pulse oximeter radioimmunoassay devices Radioimmunosorbent tester Cleaning and disinfection device cleanser X-ray CT scanner X-ray fluorescence analyzers scanning electron microscopes secondary mass spectrometer Simulation of processing cycles speech recognition systems Sterility testing TOC & THC determination Test laboratories thermographic systems Toxicological as well as biological assessments transmission electron microscopes Ultra High Frequency Test Equipment Ultrasound Imaging Systems Validation of the final cleaning Validation of preparation and sterilization processes vital sign sensors X-Ray CT Scanner X-ray machines Cell/Tissue Culture Transfer Systems cell staining equipment centrifuges Medical device check

Transport & logistics

Air Cargo Containers for Medical Goods Automated Tracking System for Medical Logistics Autonomous transport robot for the transport of medical products Baggage handling system for medical equipment Barcode scanner for the transport of medical products Computerized management systems for the selection, control and delivery of medical devices Container terminals for safe storage and transportation of medical supplies Container loading systems for the transport of medical devices Data tracking systems for the transport of medical goods Scheduling systems for the cost-efficient transport of medical devices Compressed air and high-pressure tanks for the transport of medical devices E Automatic goods issue warehouse solution for efficient distribution organisation Real-time tracking software for pharmaceutical shipments worldwide Logbook software for transporting medical equipment Vehicle configuration software for transporting medical devices Vehicle management systems for the transport of medical devices Fulfillment GPS-based tracking systems for automatically tracking medical devices Chain conveyor for medical devices Coordination systems for the international transport of medical devices courier services for the transportation of medical supplies Cool boxes for the transport of pharmaceuticals and biomedical products Truck containers for transporting medical equipment Storage services for medical products Logistic Analysis software for controlling the transport and logistics process Logistics software for tracking medical device inventory Logistics software for monitoring the logistics process of sold medical technology products Logistics and transport management solutions Logistics visualization tools to optimize the transport and logistics process Logistics concepts for the transport, storage and distribution of medical devices Logistics certifications for the safe transport of medical goods Management systems for the transport of metallic medical devices Machine transport Medicine Medical devices Mobile patient transport systems Assembly and repair services for medical devices Motion capture systems for determining the relative position of medical devices in transit Packaging aids for safe and recoverable packaging of medical devices Pallet tracking systems for transporting sensitive medical equipment Personal tracking systems for medical logistics Process management software for the transport of medical devices RFID chips for identifying and tracking medical supplies RFID-based track & trace software for tracking the transport of medical goods Refrigeration solutions for the transportation of medical products Route optimization software for transporting medical equipment Interface accounting software for the transport of medical devices Heavy-duty transporter for medical instruments Smart container solutions for the safe transport of medical devices Software tools for the efficient transport of medical devices Temperature control systems for the transport of medical devices Tracking and real-time monitoring systems for medical devices Portable transport boxes for transporting medical devices Transport and logistics for medical devices Transport control systems to prevent damage to medical goods Transport concept for the transport of special material Transport containers to ensure the transport of medical equipment Transport trolley for the safe transport of medical material Environmental compliance systems for the transportation of pharmaceutical products Tracking of containers and contingents for the international transport of medical devices Packaging systems for medical devices WAGO container for transporting sensors and electronics Wares Time recording systems to optimize the delivery process of medical products coordinated cooperation between producers, suppliers and logistics service providers for the safe transport of medical products

General medicine

General medicine products

accelerometry system Doctor's bags & cases breathing exercise equipment Automatic sphygmomanometers Automatic wet vacuum cleaner Baby scales Easy-to-use patient monitors bed brackets blood analysis instruments Tourniquets blood glucose meters blood sugar splash Blood sugar test strips Boxes & Bags - Medical Equipment CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy) CT fluoroscopes CT scanner CTG devices (cardiotocography) Surgical Microscopes Surgical radiotherapy defibrillators dental chairs Diagnosis lamps & lights diagnostic tools dialysis machines Digital X-ray machines Digital ECG machine pressure treatment systems ECG electrocardiographic systems disposable medical devices Electrical Anesthesia Machines Electromagnetic stimulation devices Electromagnetic centrifuge device Electronic body scales Electrophysiological Devices endoscopy cameras Endoscopic Instruments moisture meter Functional electrostimulators obstetric devices glucometer Glucose Test Strips cardiac catheter pacemaker Hammers hearing aids Infrared thermometer infrared spectra infusion pumps injection pumps Isotonic dialysis systems Isotope diagnostic instruments Compressors for inhalation treatment Cosmetic laser systems Body scales artificial organs Laboratory diagnostic systems laboratory facilities Lancets laser ablation devices Lithotripter (radiation therapy) MRI's Magnetic resonance imaging devices Measuring rods Microscopic objective lenses dietary supplements Noninvasive blood pressure monitor ophthalmoscopes orthoses oximetry equipment perfusion devices Platform scales Pneumatic nebulizer pulse oximeter Respiratory ventilators satellite navigation systems Sleep Apnea Masks Self-regulating mattresses simulators and exercise equipment Stimulators and nerve block procedures thermometer Portable oxygen equipment ultrasonic devices Urodynamic Systems VASER system (ultrasound examination) delivery systems vital sign monitors sterilized surgical instruments


Dental instruments

Dental impression spoon impression tray Amalgam carrier Dental Apex locators Dental autoclave Band setter Dental drill Dental drill drill holder drill slide Brackets orthodontics brush Surgical cutlery Chrome molybdenum instruments Other dental instruments Dental probes edging plates Electrosurgical units dental electric motors Endodontic Reamers registration unit Dental excavators Extraction forceps Dental file Files endodontically Dental fragment removal instruments Milling cutters Handles for mouth mirrors handle tools Dental handpieces Lever Dentale hyposprays impressionist hypodermic needle holder hypodermic needles Instrument sets for dental surgery isolation gloves cavity preparation instrument ceramic instruments Orthodontic instruments Orthodontic rubbers Orthodontic tools Orthodontic system Kirschner wires Adhesive dental small appliances pincers bone forceps compact mini systems compressor spray preservation tools curettes Dental curettes LED spot Laser dentals laser tips light control Mecotomes & Periotomes Messer Dental Dental micromotors monitors Mouth gag mouth mirror Osteotomes pachymetry machine periotest Tweezers Dental pipette Plugger Dentale polishing blocks Dental curing lights Dental powder blaster Retractors Dentals Rotating instruments Scaler Dentale Scissors dental Calipers Schnitzer Dental safety goggles Protect spatula Spatula Dental Mirror Dental Syringes Dental pencils thermoplastic forms Turbines Dental Ultrasonic inserts Dental ultrasound head ultrasonic tips ultrasonic toothbrush Vestibular Tube Dental Tools for prophylaxis toolbox Dental contra-angles Root Elevator Dental root canal guide wire Dental root canal filling devices Dental root canal rinser dentist chair tooth preparation devices Dental surgical hammer Tooth files Dental Tooth filling instruments dental laser systems Mouth Guard & Tooth Alignment Tooth root instruments Pliers Dental Pliers for orthodontics

Dental laboratories

3D printers & 3D scanners for dentistry 3D print models Active bruxism treatments General dental laboratory equipment Dental amalgam mixers Dental laboratory workplaces Articulators Dental whitening products Brenner dental laboratory bridges bridge constructions CAD/CAM reconstructions CAD/CAM processable polymers Dental micromotors Dental laboratory hoods Dental laboratory lights Dental laboratory mixer Dental laboratory cabinets Dental laboratory welding equipment Dental laboratory dust extraction systems Dental laboratory saws Dental laboratory turbines Dental laboratory ovens Digital impression process Dental die casting equipment precious metal constructions Case Planning and Lab Controls color matching processes milling Milling machines for dentistry device attachments Dental face bows tissue regeneration plaster casts Plaster trimmer Dental fiber optic network hot press techniques high temperature technologies Implant Caps and Abutments implant prosthetics Individual impressions interim prosthetics Intraoral imaging procedures jaw corrections Orthodontic fine adjustments Combined crown and bridge units Cuvettes Dental Laboratory made inlay fillings Laboratory washers long-term preservation Custom made crown Micromachining Micro sandblaster dental Multidisciplinary prosthetics new constructions occlusal diagnostics Occlusal modelling PCM setting Dental parallelometer Perfection in craftsmanship Dental technology pin drilling devices Polishing lathe Dental Polymerization equipment dental Pressing Dental prosthesis and repairs Prosthetic Repairs precision prosthetics Cleaning and disinfection device Vibrator Dental Sandblasted structures Dental sandblaster Serial spare parts Specific polymer formulations mirror molding pointed tooth implants superstructures Partial or full cast frameworks thermosintering process Dental deep drawing devices Mandibular Implants veneer impressions Wear diagnosis with X-ray inspection Sealing and smoothing of surfaces Dental wax knife Dental wax warmer teeth whitening products gum reconstructions tooth regeneration dental scans Enamel Sensitivity Control Dental technology handpieces Aesthetic and functional dental trays

Dental practices & offices

3D printer 3D slice imaging systems waste bin Impression caps Dental molding solutions Dental instruments storage trays billing systems Dental suction systems waste water treatment equipment Amalgam separator anesthesia systems anesthesia machines Anatomical mouth models Autoclave cleaning equipment autoclave control systems Automatic syringe systems Treatment carts Dental Binocular and monocular Loupes Binocular loupes Dental whitening lamps Drills, drill holders & attachments drilling machines brushing/spraying Chairside Integrated Systems Surgical laser systems Computer Assisted Orthodontics (CAO) Computed Tomography Imaging Dental CAD/CAM devices dental tools Dental operating room lights Dental units Dental stool Disinfection systems for dental hygiene Disinfected solutions digital imaging systems Digital intraoral scanning systems Digital X-ray machines Digital Panorex Digital medical record management e-health systems Healing caps Dental electric motor systems endodontic systems Removal of fillings Denture boxes Dental building security systems Brushed stainless steel tanks hazardous substance extinguishing agents Healing Abutments & Gingival Former High speed drill fire hydrants hygiene systems hand sanitizing solutions Image processing and analysis systems Implant abutments implant components Implant stability monitors implantology systems injection systems Interactive treatment devices Intraoral flat plate collectors intraoral camera Intraoral camera systems Intraoral scanner Intraoral imaging plate scanner Caries diagnosis devices cavity preparation systems compressors Compressors dental medicine hospital equipment laboratory automation systems laboratory supplies laboratory prep furniture air purification systems Surgical Loupes Materials Dental, dentistry measuring systems microscope software microscopes Dental monitors mouth spoon prophylactic equipment Dental prosthetic key throat mirror Washer-disinfectors dental Rotating cutting discs X-ray equipment dental office abrasives Screws for implants Screwdriver Dental Dental software Sterilization container for dental instruments Sterilization trays for dental instruments sterilizers Sterilizing cassettes for dental instruments Chairs for dental offices Turbine control units Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner Ultrasonic baths for dental medicine ultrasonic instruments Examination lights dentistry Vacuum pump phase separator Vacuum systems dentistry taps Wi-Fi Solutions root canal analysis Tooth x-ray machines Dental office lights Dental office cabinets dentist chairs Dental treatment simulators Dental surgical bone substitute materials Dental surgical microscopes dental preservation products gum regeneration systems Dental implant template sleeves Dental implants Dental heat sealing machines Dental sterilizers Dental headlights Toothpastes, mouthwash, solutions and other medicinal products Dentures Dental teeth cleaning equipment Dental examination microscopes Zirconia drill sets

Dermatology & Podiatry


ablation laser systems Adaptive Optics Imaging Systems Treatment tables and chairs dermatology dermabrasion systems Dermatological laser Dermatological scissors Dermatomes Dermatoscopes dermatoscopes diode laser Diode Laser Surgical Systems electrodermograph electroporation equipment electroporation technique electroshock therapy systems electrostimulation systems Focused radio waves Focused Ultrasound Devices Fractional non-ablative lasers Fractional resurfacing lasers fractionation laser devices Fraxel Laser Systems urine test systems Hybrid Surgery Systems injector systems Intensive pulse light treatment Intravenous micropore therapy systems Intravenous and subcutaneous injection devices cold light therapy systems Kocher surgical knife Collagen Treatment System Cosmetic laser systems Cryosurgery systems for dermatology cryolipolysis devices Artificial skin implant systems LED treatment spotlight Laser activation systems High energy laser hair removal systems Laser hair removal systems Laser XRF Systems laser therapy equipment Light & phototherapy lamps liposuction devices mesotherapy equipment microdermabrasion machines microdermabrasion machines microscope microwave surgical technique oncology laser systems Photodynamic Therapy phototherapy systems phototherapy systems photothermolysis systems photothermolysis devices pigment changing laser systems PulsedLight therapy radio frequency ablation units radiotherapy equipment radio wave therapy Semi-Ablative Pixel Lasers Soft contour laser devices Punching skin biopsy Skin analysis systems Thermokeratoplasty devices Deep Radiation Therapy Trichoscopes Ultrasonic cavitation technique Ultrasound devices (dermatology) Vascular Laser System hardening laser systems wound therapy lamps


3D scanner for orthopedics Imprint boxes Adjustable articulated rails Diabetic footrest pressure gauge pressure reduction system insoles Insole for functional foot support insoles Custom made insoles Warming shoe for the foot electromyograph heel bandage Heel cups fixation orthoses foot deforming prostheses foot wraps foot orthoses podiatry Foot care facility foot rehabilitation device foot sensors footrest foot deforming prostheses foot exercise balls GameChanger <sup>™</sup> insoles plaster cast plaster cast materials healing pillow Manufacture of orthopedic insoles Gouge blades Corneal rasp Hydraulic foot pump compression pad compression boots compression stocking compression stockings correction soles Necktie magnetic field generator bodice stocking Motors pedicure machine orthoses Orthopedic compression shoes Orthopedic soles Orthopedic cuff Podiatry workstations Podiatry lasers Podoscopes Shoes with an orthopedic footbed Foot load sensors spreader rails Static foot pressure measurement stretch boots Transport Rail System dry massager trolleys for orthopedic material Ultrasonic foot massagers vibration plates Vibration training for feet and legs forefoot splints water protection bridge Toe separator Additional inner shoe padding electric compression therapy device electronic foot pressure measurement orthopedic insoles

Services for MedTech production

Manufacturing processes

3D printing analyzers Processing Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines biocompatibility Biometric scanners Drill Drilling, milling, turning CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes CNC processing Cryogenic processing Digital Signing Direct metallization wire bending printing plate production printed items compressed air cleaning pressure measurement drug delivery systems Stainless steel finishing press in electroforming electron accelerator electronics assembly emission technology Deburring of workpieces and tools Erode External anodizing Forms - tool making Pour carbide drill Hot stamping high temperature technologies hyperspectral imaging Hardening & tempering vaccine production Impulse sealing Induction welding inner coating inspection technology ion beam technology isocold gas production insulating foil production calibration Ceramic and metal finishing adhesive technology conformational coating Plastic processing Laser Markings laser welding laser cleaning laser melting laser cutting Soldering magnetostriction Mechanical machining Mechatronics Multi-component processing Metalworking metallization Metal technology and sheet metal processing micro engraving micro porosimetry micromanufacturing micromechanics manufacture ammunition nano processing techniques surface finishing plasma processing polishing Polyamide cast Press prototyping precision machining Precision machining of plastics precision parts manufacturing test procedure powder coating Rapid Prototyping counselors clean room processing robotics engineering Ribbons Forge Cutting & punching welding Welding & Forming sinter processing punching thermoelectrics Ultrasonic Machining Vacuum casting Deform Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding interlocking rolls waterjet cutting toolmaking heat treatment thermal imaging thermal conductivity thermal processing

Assembly & packaging

3D scanner bending tools bevel tools drain hoses means of restraint screw terminals Automatic Screwdrivers mounting screws blow molded parts decontamination equipment sealing tapes pneumatic screwdriver nozzles snap-in attachment single component holder final control devices deburring tools labeller Labeling for medical devices fitting pliers Flexible connectors Foil mounting systems sponsor guide profiles face visors gear wheel Grippers and hinges gripping tools rubber couplings hand grinder hand wash pumps carbide saw blades heat gun High speed packing high precision motors inspection tables cameras adhesives clamps terminal strips Control Marks circular saw blades Short-stroke screwdriver Storage services for medical products laser cutters skylights air jet printing devices soldering machines soldering iron Manual assembly machine motion sensors Micromounting Assembly Assembly under clean room conditions assembly gloves mounting solutions assembly presses mounting templates Assembly monitoring gauges package sealing machines Passivation and washing precision dimensions precision mandrels Clean room packaging repair tools Robust tape cutter tube profiles lubricant reservoir dirt protection films safety goggles protective gloves protective mask protective plates welding machines welding rods Self-adhesive labels security fasteners viewing window special tools stamping tools Vacuum cleaner vacuum pumps Packaging of surgical instruments Packaging solutions for medical products Injection air nailers Fully automatic assembly jack pliers transition pieces

Surface treatment and finishing processes

cut to length attachment welding Anodize Working out Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines Drill drilling and tapping brushing and polishing CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) (PVD) Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coating Turn Elastomeric deformation electroplating Electropolishing electropolishing Anodizing Removing rust Removing dirt and contaminants from surfaces Deburring of workpieces and tools Decoating Erode color anodizing fine grinding Flame and abrasion tests milling Galvanic surface coating Electroplating apparatus gas phase painting geometric tolerance Pour Vibratory grinding and centrifugal grinding Smoothing of workpieces hard chrome plating hardening and embossing cold working Cathodic arc evaporation Adhere corrosion tests shorten laser coating laser engraving laser soldering laser marking Laser texturing of medical surfaces micro vibratory grinding rivets PVC coating PVD coating PVD vacuum coating passivate Phosphating plasma processing plasma coating Check for color deviations Check for alkali resistance Testing for resistance to chemicals Testing for resistance to electromagnetic radiation Testing for resistance to UV radiation Check for density Checking for compressive strength Check for defects Check for functionality Check for seal of approval Check for adhesion Testing for surface durability Check for porosity Check for dirt resistance Check for damage Check for suitability for sterilization Check for depth of field Check for water vapor permeability Check for the presence of biofilms Testing at extreme temperatures Checking the surface tension Checking the layer thickness powder coating Rub Sandblasting Tube shapes Ribbons Grinding, polishing & deburring protective coatings welding Special coatings syringes injection molding Coil winding punching Stamp Clean Testing abrasion and wear resistance testing durability Compatibility testing Testing the surface hardness Testing the temperature resistance Testing the water resistance thermal transition Thermal spray Titanium anodizing titanium pickling Titanium coloring dry machining ultrasonic cleaning ultrasonic welding Gild Gild Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding Machine tools Heat treatment electrolytic galvanizing Etching

Quality inspection & testing

adhesion testing Acceptance Tests aging tests Atomic absorption spectrometer Medical device audits Ophthalmic Testing Equipment Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines Automated test systems barcode scanner Batch and output control Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs image processing systems drilling machines CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes CNC lathes Computer-aided energy management systems data verification Leak test Compression and tensile testing pressure chamber testing devices compressed air testers pressure gauges pressure test Dynamic Tests Electric arc test Electrical test Electronics test station electronics assembly Explosion-proof testing technology precision balance Flow pressure simulation devices radio check Functional Tests Functional test tissue testing high voltage test hygiene check hardness testers impedance analyzer In Vitro Diagnostic Devices inspection cameras integration testing insulation test calibration calibration service collision check unit tests Pathogen Detection laboratory tests laser scanner conductivity test soldering tests material testing systems measuring technology Multi-parameter tests NC programming particle detection Pilot Product Tests plastometer testing devices Product Safety Analysis precision scales Tester for electrodes Tester for microsurgical instruments testing aids test assembly systems test procedure test mark Quality control Quality Inspection Reports Radiation Detection Apparatus robotic technology X-ray inspection equipment closing force test Shock and vibration tests Degree of protection and fire protection test welding testers Visual inspection Quality inspection software spectrometer stereo microscopes radiation test Strength Tests flow testers Temperature and humidity measuring devices test materials thermography Portable measuring devices cut-off machines environmental assessments vibration test Devices for medical devices material testing devices Test equipment tools Efficacy and performance trials analytical scales Électromagnétique compatibility testing (EMC tests) Medical device check

Signing & marking

3D printing systems scoreboards Auto ID encoders Barcode Label Applicators Barcode scanner Printable ID nameplates Labeling & marking labeling technique Biomaterial Testing Systems Surgical marker pen document inspection systems pressure pulse systems Disposable bags with permanent marking Electrosurgical markers label processing systems labeling machines Labeling for medical devices External Fixator engraving systems Pressure sensitive adhesive applicators Hall Effect Sensor Systems holograms infusion pumps labeling systems intravascular devices cold stamp edge marking devices Labeling for medical products Identification of medical instruments Classic identification/ marking devices headrest systems Laser pointers Laser Etching Machines Laser contour marking devices laser marking systems laser scanner laser welders circuit board marking equipment marker pens material testing accessories Melanoma Marking Systems measuring gyroscope Microdermabrasion Microfluidic markers NFC Tag Writer permanent marking laser Piezo Marking Machines powder blast systems powder coating equipment powder marking systems RFID Readers/Writers RFID tag programmers Radiotherapy markers X-ray marking systems aerosol dispensers die-cut machines beam marking systems sublimation systems Thermal Coded Labels thermogravimetry inkjet marking systems UDI-compliant laser marking Ultraviolet Marking Devices Visual markers for ultrasound devices writable barcodes hot stamping labels optical tag reader

Other services

Advice on the creation of medical web portals Advice on the implementation of medical standards Advice on the implementation of more intelligent therapy systems Advice on the use of wireless and wired data transmission protocols Advice on encryption techniques Advice on questions regarding the anonymization of medical data Advice on collection procedures, taking data protection regulations into account Advice on result-securing controlling systems Advice on access security systems for the medical-technical department Advice on medical privacy practices Advice on medical sensors Advice on medical devices Advice on the introduction of electronic medical products Advice on quality assurance in medical technology Advice on efficient service provision in the hospital Advice on medical coding Advice on the optimal deployment planning of equipment technology Procurement management Database modeling for clinical plans Setting up a paperless hospital Establishment of an integrated hospital information system Setup and handling of data transfer systems Installation of communication systems in medical practices Establishment of patient management systems Setting up voice and video conferencing in the hospital Use of text and speech recognition in the clinic Declarations of consent for data queries, e.g. electronic health cards Developing/setup of wearable units and telemedicine products Development of a system integration process for the medical practice Development and implementation of real-time radar applications Development of biodatabases Development of software for teleradiological procedures Creation of documentation for medical video or image reporting Creation of a Dicom viewer system Creation of a QA/QI system for the employees of the clinic Creation of 3D imaging solutions Creation of instruction manuals for medical devices Creation of applications for recording and analyzing hospital expenses Creation of patient and payment processing applications Creation of user instructions for medical software Creation of reports on data security and monitoring in the hospital Creation of clinical quality reports Creation of reports for quality assurance in the hospital Creation of specialist information on medical equipment Creation of content for telemedicine networks creating content for online medical networks Creation of SOPs for the use of medical devices Creation of software tools for controlling medical devices Creation of standard rules for medical IT security Creation of digital image recognition systems Creation of medical VR applications Creation of virtual clinic simulators Galvanic surface coating Implementation of a continuous monitoring system Installation of mobile medical software Integrated clinical simulations Small series of instruments Configuration of hospital billing systems Storage services for medical products Contract manufacturing Mechanical Engineering Programming of mobile patient monitors Cleaning solutions for medical devices Medical device repair services Repair services for endoscopes Medical device interface services Interface development for medical specialist applications Nursing technology training Training for patient monitoring systems Setup of device controls for complete hospital Security review of system administration and activities Software development for medical imaging Software analysis for clinical documentation Software development for clinical procedures for data compliance Custom-made / customer-specific medical devices Custom made surgical instruments Support in the implementation of mobile medical systems Support in setting up medical diagnostic systems Packaging solutions for medical products Medical device maintenance Washing and cleaning of medical products Further services Verification of system requirements for medical instrument-based diagnostics

Sterilization of medical devices

covers impression pins autoclave autoclave systems Basin Sanitizer Dispenser bedding chlorhexidine Steam sterilization decontamination agent disinfectant solutions disinfectant disinfectant container Disinfectant dispenser Disinfectant filter systems Disinfectant Control Stations Disinfectant Pumps Disinfectant Spray Bottles disinfection station disinfection sink disinfectant detergent E-beam treatment Disposable disinfection devices Disposable water dispenser Electronic dispensers Endoscope disinfection tubs Endoscope cleaning unit Endoscope cleaning trolley EtO sterilization process label pins ribbons bottles Gamma sterilization Gas sterilizers with ethylene oxide (EO) lubricant Gloves High frequency ultrasonic cleaner high-frequency disinfection devices hygiene stations instrument cleaning machines instrument trolley hospital linen Contract sterilization air filter air purification systems solvent masks mat surface preservation systems surface wipes Optical Inspection Systems patient area disinfectant patient wash care products and disinfectants care wipes Cleaning and disinfection device cleaning brush Cleaning solutions for medical devices cleaning solutions cleaning wipes cleaning trolley sanitary cleaning companies sanitary cleaning services safety goggles protective gloves Soap separation nets spray pens Spray mist sanitizer dishwashing brush rinse Sterilization of medical devices sterilization container sterilization bags test kits test strips dry disinfection container ultrasonic cleaner ultrasound scanner consumables Packaging solutions for medical products Washing and cleaning of medical products washing cleaner washing sticks

Healthcare services

Medical services

Administrative systems in hospitals angiography Arthroscopy Devices breathing masks audiometry devices Automatic identification systems balloon probe respiratory work systems ventilator Procurement management radiation equipment image archiving systems blood treatment equipment brachytherapy devices glasses CT scanners chemotherapy devices cochlear implant Computer-aided methods for risk management Computed Tomography Computed tomography (CT) computer vision investigations dental microscope dialysis machines Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) Doppler Ultrasound ECG examination disposable catheter Electrocardiograph (ECG) electrosurgical devices Electroencephalography (EEG) Electromyograph (EMG) endoscopy Endoscopic Surgery Endoscopic video systems endosonography First aid & emergency services obstetric devices Equipment for eye surgery Devices for monitoring patient data Tissue engineering cardiac catheter pacemaker cardiac stimulators Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems hearing aid systems implant systems infusion pumps Intraoperative imaging systems cable connections Cable connections for medical devices Cardiac resynchronization therapy cardiological devices magnetic resonance imaging Magnetic resonance imaging (KST) contact lenses Hospital and operating room equipment Artificial respiratory systems Artificial defibrillators Artificial hip joints artificial organs Artificial Spine Implants laboratory and diagnostic equipment laboratory diagnostic equipment laryngoscopy Lasik treatment lung function test devices Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Medical image processing systems monitoring equipment monitoring systems neuromonitoring systems nuclear medicine devices surgical laser ophthalmoscopy orthopedic implants Care services plate mounting systems Pneumological technical devices Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiography equipment Cleaning solutions for medical devices Medical device repair services Repair services for endoscopes Robotic assistance systems robotic surgery X-ray sonar systems Social & care services Stimulated Emission Tomography (PET) Systems for managing hospital laboratory space Telemedical Systems Therapy courses Thoracic and laparoscopy Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Ultrashort wave laser therapy ultrasound scans Urogynecological devices Consumables for diagnostics Packaging solutions for medical products Volume tomography (VT) dental imaging equipment

Setup & Transport

Hospital rooms & home care

Ambulatory defibrillators Analgesics/Anesthesia Devices anti-embolism devices Automatic blood pressure measurement systems Bathtubs Bath seats ventilators Ambulatory care ventilators beds Bed trays Bed tables blood pressure monitors blood glucose meters CPAP machines Surgical Inspection Systems steam sterilizers Blankets and pillows dialysis machines Digital endoscopy device Shower beds Shower seats e-stimulation EEG devices ECG data recorder ECG machines Disposable Transmission Devices Electric breathing machines electrocardioscopes Electromedical probes Electronic sphygmomanometers Electronic patient monitor Electrophysiological Systems electroshock devices electro-ultrasonic devices endoscopy devices Dining tables clinical thermometer glucose meters high-pressure cleaning equipment infrared therapy devices infusion pump insulin pumps Intraoperative echocardiography Adjustable bed/wheelchair angles KS video conferencing systems compression pumps compression systems force gauges chillers body scales laboratory testing equipment storage systems laser phototherapy devices food testing equipment magnetic resonance equipment Mattresses & pads Medical bed umbrellas Medical supply units microcontroller NMR devices Nebulizer Inhalers Optical coherence tomography orthopedic facilities osteosynthesis devices osteosynthesis systems oximetry devices Oximeter Test Equipment patient lift systems patient scale Patient room facility patient monitoring systems pulse generators pulse oximeter radio equipment rotary devices oxygen therapy equipment sleep monitoring devices pain management systems Cabinets Armchair fall monitors Syringe driver TV and radio receivers Toilet aids Tracheostomy Devices ultrasonic devices Ultrasonic devices for physiotherapeutic purposes Ultrasound Technology Devices video surveillance devices Cradles for hospitals Accessories for medical beds

Logistics & storage

storage shelves Adaptive worktables order processing software job control software Dispensing cabinets replacement tank Automatic forklift Automated pallet stackers Automated assembly systems Automated medicine storage system Barcode scanner container loading devices container trolleys labeling devices inventory management software inventory shelves chemical cabinets overhead crane systems Diagnostic and follow-up tools document management systems pneumatic lift truck compressed air truck Simple lifting tables Injection and precision pumps industrial trucks conveyor systems GS1 data exchange forklift gas sensor management systems large-capacity shelves handling equipment hand lift trolley horizontal cranes pallet truck Integrated automation solutions intralogistics software crate container picking trolley communication systems component management systems crane facilities laboratory management systems charge carrier camp equipment Hearse Supply Chain Management Software Delivery note check lifts logistics controlling software logistics control systems Manual pallet racks material maintenance systems medical vehicles Medical storage systems Multi-way transport aids packing robot pallet lifts palletizer patient monitor patient monitor systems staffing Care trolley Pick-by-light systems shelf wall trolley robot robotic arm roll container scanning facilities scanner facilities scanner systems rail systems Various cupboards safety storage boxes safety equipments Other logistics & storage sorting plants sorting machines forklift system integration tablet computers transport aids transport trolleys transfer stations vacuum lifting devices scales Goods receipt systems warehouse equipment warehouse management merchandise management systems workshop vehicles dynamic shelving systems

Transport of patients

Air lift chairs Active &amp; passive treatment table anesthesia chair armrests Bariatric Wheelchairs &amp; Transport Chairs ventilation trolley ventilation fans blood heat monitoring blood glucose meter defibrillator cart ECG arm straps Electric tow truck Electric lifting tables Electric care beds electric wheelchairs Electric bed raising and lowering Electrocardiograph meters mobility scooter Electronic remote controls ergometry curves radio controls General equipment for patient transport Retaining bracket Lifts for patients Hardness tester trolley Hearing Aid Transport Trailer infusion pump trolley infusion tables intensive care beds intensive care bed intensive care Interactive Computer Tablets Intravenous dripper trolley Knee and hip chairs hospital transfer systems storage trolley medicine container Medical monitors Medical vision systems snowmobile Emergency case trolley patient elevators patient loading systems Patient Integrated Systems Patient lifts patient transport trolley patient scale perfusion trolley care bed frame nursing trolley Pneumatic stretchers Pneumatic oxygen aids Polymer monitor mounts Rescue stretchers & transport chairs Roller conveyors to relieve the nursing staff wheelchair scale wheelchair tub Wheelchairs with climbing aids oxygen supply systems winches Cable training systems shuttle services seat lift probe car generator sets transport bed transport aids Transport trolley with high loads Stairlifts dry storage container surveillance van

Examination rooms & practices

anesthesia machines doctor chairs Doctor's chairs, doctors chair autoclave Automated Immunoassay Systems Automated test machines Treatment chairs Imaging process engineering Biochemical analyzers blood analyzers sphygmomanometer Blood collection chair blood gas device blood photometer blood glucose meters CT scanner Chemical analytical instruments surgical instruments cytogenetic analyzers defibrillator Digital x-ray machine Doppler ultrasound machines dosimetry devices ECG measuring devices ECG machine disposable syringes Electromyography Systems electron microscope endoscopes endoscopy camera functional testing devices Gamma Knife gamma camera High definition sonography high-frequency cutting instruments Holter consumption meters Hemodialysis chair Height-adjustable examination stand infusion pump inhalers cardiography systems catheter nuclear magnetic resonance devices magnetic resonance imaging Magnetic resonance imaging device compression socks coronary angiography systems laboratory analyzers laser therapy devices life support systems Lights for examinations light microscope light therapy devices lymph catheter magnetic resonance imaging Medical data collection devices Medical laser scalpels Medical monitors medical valves microinjectors ophthalmoscopes PCR machines patient couch Patient beds Pneumological assessment systems positron emission tomography pulse oximeter radiosurgery systems robotic surgical systems robotic surgery platforms SCP oxygen concentrator scanner Rapid Test Reagents Desks for medical practices Cabinets for medical practices spectrometer sterilizers stimulators radiation protection goggles thermometer Thorax Imaging Systems platelet counting machines ultrasonic device ultrasonic cutting process Examination chairs examination table urinalysis devices Waiting room furniture Changing tables / dressers Accessories for doctor's offices imaging ECG systems respiratory ventilation systems


Gastroenterology products

Suction device Anoscopes (proctoscopy) Breath test systems respiratory equipment Bite blocks Recovery bag CT scan Surgical hypodermic needles Clips and clip applicators Colon Hydro Therapy Devices computer-aided endoscopy devices Computer-assisted endosonography Colon Polyp Removal Instruments Doppler Ultrasound Doppler Ultrasound Software Echo gastroscopes electronic endoscopes endogastroscopy Endoscopy Simulator endoscopy housing Endoscopic fiber endoscopy Endoscopic Instruments Endoscopic oesophageal dilatation endoscopic intervention Endoscopic tumor removal instrument endosonography Endosonography software Endosonographic laser technology Enteral feeding systems Enteroscopes & Coloscopes Feeding Pumps & Probes fine needle biopsy devices Flexible endoscope Foreign body grippers & polyp traps Gall drainage & drainage sets Gallbladder Biopsy Forceps gallbladder endoscopy Biliary & pancreatic stents Biliary drainages & catheters Gastroenterology Clips & Applicators Gastroenterological diagnostic devices gastroplasty gastroscope Gastroscopes & duodenoscopes Gastroesophageal pH meters cervical swabs Hernia prostheses high frequency generator capsule endoscopy Staple remover Staplers, stamper Enema sets Knot pusher instrument colon endoscope colonoscope colonoscope laparoscope Laparoscopes Laparoscopic electrodes Laparoscopic instruments Laparoscopic cannulas & needles Laparoscopic ports / accesses Laparoscopic Retractors Laparoscopic scissors Laparoscopic trocar sleeves Laparoscopic forceps liver biopsy light sources Ligators Gastric and duodenal ultrasound gastric balloon Gastric balloons Gastric bands gastric tubes Gastric Mirror Laser Probe gastroscopy magnetic resonance imaging Methods of measuring intestinal motility Percutaneous closure instruments Polypectomy snares proctological instruments Proctological chairs Proctoscopes Radiological gastrointestinal diagnostics Rectoscopes sigmoidoscope Sigmoidoscopes Esophageal Dilators Esophageal Examination Sphincterotomes sternotomy Ostomy pouch Surgical Simulators Trocars Ultrasound gastroenterology ultrasound examination Behavioral Psychological Interventions Various endoscopy techniques Other devices & implants - gastroenterology Spinal Endoscopy Wound protection retractors

Gynecology, urology & obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics

amniosensor systems amniosonography devices Anatomical models of gynecology Fetal motion detection recorders Automatic stepless electric stimulators Axial Feto-Maternal Doppler Systems Treatment tables & examination chairs for gynecology CTG devices Computerized Perinatal Monitoring Systems Computerized vaginal sonography systems Da Vinci Surgical Systems Diagnostic confocal microscopes Doppler ophthalmoscopes Doppler fetal heart rate monitor ECG machines Rapid ovarian & uterine cancer tests for early detection Electronic stimulators for the uterus Delivery furniture femtosecond laser Fertility monitoring Fetal ECG machines Fetal echocardiography devices Feto-maternal Doppler ultrasound machines Feto-Maternal Monitors Fetoplacental Doppler Ultrasound Machines liposuction devices Fetal Doppler Monitoring Systems fetal monitoring devices humidity sensors Fetal Doppler Focused Ultrasound Devices amniotic fluid analyzers Obstetric Hysteroscopes Obstetric surgical lamps Obstetric ultrasound machines Obstetric suction and compression devices Birthing stools Birthing tubs Gynecology finger cots High Definition Doppler Ultrasound Equipment high-speed camera systems Hysteroscopes Intrauterine pressure monitor devices Intrauterine Monitoring Systems Intrauterine devices nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment Colposcopes Continuous blood pressure monitors Cancer screening equipment cryopreservation devices cryotherapy devices Gynecological curettes laparoscopy equipment Laser coagulation systems Laser therapy & laser treatment Menstrual cups Breast pumps Monitors for prenatal pressure Prenatal intraventricular hemorrhage monitors Operating tables for gynecology Oscillometric sphygmomanometers Ovulation tests Peripheral Doppler Ultrasound Equipment Robotic arm cutter for surgical procedures Gynecological simulators sonography systems Gynecological stents temperature sensors Training manikins for gynecology trocar systems Ultrasound Scanner Ultrasound systems for gynecology Uterine manipulators Uterine probes Vaginal pessaries vaginal simulation devices Vaginal specula Vacuum extraction suction cups contraction sensors Other instruments for gynecology Forceps for gynecology


Working light for urology Pelvic floor probes Treatment tables & examination chairs for urology Imaging system for urology Imaging system for urology endoscopy Bladder & bladder sphincter prostheses Urinary catheter Bladder cancer & prostate cancer rapid tests Bladder scanner C-arm for urology Cystometric catheter Electric continence pants Electro continence therapy device Electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor Extracorporeal & intracorporeal lithotripters Extracorporeal shock wave generators for erectile dysfunction Baskets Flexible ureteroscopy Flexible urology endoscope Fluid hose for urology Urinary Catheter Connectors Urethral stents urea meter urinary flow meter urinary flow meters urinary stent Injection device for urology Catheters for endoscopic urology Catheter system for urology continence pump continence support band cryoablation sample Laparoscopic instrument holder Laparoscopic Camera Laparoscopic Laser Probe Laparoscopic Nephrolithotomy Set Laparoscopic choledochoscope Lasers in urology Laser coagulator for urology Laser probe for ureteroscopy lithotripsy device Micro Nephrolithotomy Laparoscope Morcellation Prostate biopsy needles Nephrolithotomy Instruments Nephrostomy catheter Operating tables for urology Trial laser system for urology Prostate stents Radiotherapy device for urology Reconstruction insoles Rectal manometry catheter Nursing station for urology Urology Sonographer Control unit for invasive urology Radiation therapy machines for urology Suprapubic urinary catheters Systems for urodynamic examinations Buoyancy pump for urology Ultrasound machine for urology Ultrasound meter for urology Ultrasound examination in urological diagnostics Ureteral catheter ureteral stent Ureteral stents ureteroscopes Urethral Balloon Enema Kit Urethral Dilation Device Urine drainage sets Urodynamic cystometry apparatus Urodynamic assistance technology Urodynamic pressure sensor uroflow meter Uroflowmeter Urogenital examination table Urology dilatation catheter Urology forceps Urological endoscopies Urological laser coagulation devices Urostomy pouch Other urological devices & implants Cytometer system for urology

ENT medicine

Audiometry / Audiology

ABR, OAE, BERA measuring systems Acoustic impedance meter Acoustic processor Audiological testing software Audiometer Audiometer PC Interface Audiometry and acoustic rooms Audiometry examination booth audiometry device audiometry booth audiometry software Automatic audiometry device Cochlear implants Three-channel spectrum analyzer Hearing Aid - (ITC / ITE) Hearing aid analyzer Hearing aids Hearing Aids - (BTE) Hearing Aids - (CIC) Bone conduction hearing solutions volume meter Multi-channel audiometry system measurement interface Middle ear implant systems Modern analysis &amp; reporting software Otoacoustic meter Reflex audiometer Tuning forks Stimulator and meter for electrical stimulation Tone masking audiometer Toneburst audiometer Audio Frequency Differential Audiometer tonoscope tympanometry device

ENT operations / ENT examinations

3D printing process 3D monitors ATOS systems (Active tissue-specific imaging system) Acousto-optical instruments ENT workstations audiometry devices Sound recorders Treatment chairs, ENT examination chairs Ventilation tube Surgical laser scanners Surgical Navigation Systems Cochlear Implant Components cochlear implant systems Computer-assisted dissection techniques computerized registration techniques Computerized tomography devices computed tomography devices Digital plaster microscopy Digital audiology device electron microscopes Endolaryngeal camera systems Endolaryngeal stimulation Endonasal Surgery Systems Endonasal imaging endoscopes Endoscopic negative pressure monitoring systems endovideoscopes solid state endoscopes Photo strobe lights Frequency Response Technology Functional magnetic resonance imaging systems Tissue regeneration techniques for nose surgery hearing aids hearing aid identification systems Impedance tympanography devices implantable hearing aids Implantable middle ear neuromodulators Intraoperative endoscopes Intraoperative ultrasound devices Laryngoscope blade Laser ENT surgery laser microscopes laser scanner Laser scanner systems laser cutters Laser visualization systems micro-miniature audio systems microendoscopes ENT surgery microscopes Middle ear ultrasound machines Multispectral video cameras Paranasal Sinus Examination Systems Nasal specula Nasal irrigation navigation receiver navigation probes navigation systems low frequency laser OAE devices (otoacoustic emissions) surface laser Ear irrigation devices oscillation gauges Otoacoustic Emission Meters Otoscopes Pharyngoscopes Tweezers ophthalmology polarization camera lens refractive devices Rhinometry systems cutting platforms Sinuscopes Specula, ENT forceps TEN systems (Total Endoscopic Nasal System) trepanation devices tympanometer tympanometry devices Examination microscope ENT Vestibular apparatus, vestibular syndrome systems Video endoscopes & laryngoscopes video cameras video confocal microscopy video laryngoscopes video microscopes video stroboscopy videophones Central audio systems


Heart & Vascular Diagnostics

Acoustic Impedance Acoustic signal analysis Angiographically guided ablation systems Angiographically controlled catheter system Anti-thrombosis catheter Aortic Implant System Balloon Angioplasty Catheter Blood pressure monitoring sphygmomanometer Blood pressure monitors Blood pressure monitors blood velocity measurement Computerized ECG system computed tomography Doppler, Doppler sonography Doppler echocardiography Doppler flow meter Pressure catheter for cardiac catheter diagnostics pressure measuring catheter pressure transducer ECG electrode applicators ECG event recorder, event recorder ECG analysis system ECG machine ECG machines ECG monitoring ECG patient monitoring ECG transport monitor ECG amplifier EP recording systems echocardiograph Electrogram Monitoring System electrocardiograph Electromagnetic Navigation Electrophysiology Catheter Electrophysiology simulation Endocardial Transesophageal Echocardiography event recorder Exercise bike Color Doppler Ultrasound Color-coded duplex ultrasound Fractional ablation Genetic Diagnostics gravimetric system cardiac CT heart MRI machine Heart mapping systems cardiac flow meter Cardiac Catheter Electrophysiology System Coronary Balloon Catheter pacemaker pacemaker control systems Cardiac output monitors Holter recorder Implantable sensors Implantable defibrillator system Implantable Cardiovertersysto-Defibrillator System Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Cardio software Cardiopulmonary Stress Test System Cardiovascular ultrasound machine magnetic resonance imaging coronary angiograph Laser ablation technique Laser echocardiography Treadmill ergometer Loungers for echocardiography Magnetic resonance imaging mapping system microwave ablation perfusion ablation plaster system Plate carrier system Production of catheters for cardiac structural radiology Pulse gated systems pulse generator radiology system Real-time EEG respiratory monitor oxygen sensor signal analysis system probe attachment probe holder Spiro Graph System stent Stent Delivery System stethoscope Stethoscopes stimulators thermodilution Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Thyristor based high frequency transmitter Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) Transcranial flow measurement Transthoracic transesophageal echocardiography ultrasonic device Ultrasound equipment for cardiology

Heart & Vascular OP

ablation technique angiography angioplasty Annuloplasty Systems & Rings aortic valve replacement Arterial filters Arterial, vein and vascular prostheses Drug Infusion Systems airway monitoring Atherectomy catheter Autotransfusion systems Bileaflet flap Closure Technology coronary stent Diagnostic catheter Electrical stimulation technique electrodes Electrodes for pacemakers Electrophysiology Systems electrophysiological ablation devices Embolic filters, filter systems endoprostheses Endovascular bypass Endovascular defibrillations Endovascular Implants Endovascular aortic valve replacement Endovascular primary valve replacement Ex vivo Lung Support Systems