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Medical departments


Allergology General Surgery General Medicine anatomy Andrology Angiology / angiography (vascular diseases) Anesthesiology Occupational Health Arthroscopy Audiology Eye surgery Autopsy Imaging Systems Bioanalytics Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biomedicine (Biotech) biophysics Biopsy Bronchoscopy chemistry Dental Dermatology Diagnosis Duodenoscopy Electromedicine Endocrinology Endoscopy Enteroscopy Gastroenterology Gastroscopy Vascular surgery geriatrics Gynecology ENT surgery (head and neck surgery) ENT / ear-nose-throat Hand surgery Cardiac surgery Histology (microscopic anatomy) Human biology Human genetics Hygiene and environmental medicine Hysteroscopy Hematology Immunology Implantology In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) Infectiology Internal Medicine Intensive Care Cardiology Jaw surgery Pediatric surgery clinical research Colonoscopy Colposcopy Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic medicine Cryotherapy Laboratory medicine Laparoscopy Laryngoscopy Life sciences Microbiology Minimally Invasive Surgery Molecular Biology Oral and maxillofacial surgery Nasal surgery Nephrology Neuro Surgery Neurology Emergency medicine Nuclear medicine Oncology Ophthalmology Orthopedy Osteosynthesis Otoscopy Palliative medicine (pain therapy) Pathology Care Pharmacology Pharyngoscopy Physiology (physiotherapy) Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery Pneumonology Podiatry (podiatry) Proctoscopy Prosthetics Psychiatry and psychotherapy Psychosomatic medicine Pediatrics Radiology Forensic medicine Medical Rehabilitation Rectoscopy Rheumatology Rhinoscopy Sinuscopy Sonography (echography and ultrasound) sports medicine Radiation Medicine (Radiation Therapy) Telemedicine Thoracic surgery (chest) Toxicology Traditional medicine Transfusion medicine (blood donation, blood preparations) Traumatology Tropical Medicine Urethrocystoscopy Urology Veterinary Virology and Infection Epidemiology Visceral surgery (upper and lower abdomen) Spinal Surgery Wound Treatment Cystoscopy Esophagoscopy

General Services for the MedTech Industrie

After sales

Call center IT-based terminology management Software translation online shop translations Patent translation Product seminars Product advice Product repairs Product maintenance SEO translation & keyword localization

Advice & education

Recruit foreign skilled workers Advice & training Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs Procurement of machines Professional family counseling Specialists training Skilled Workers Immigration Act Hygiene concepts Jobs, internships, apprenticeships Training / Education material and books Marketing translations Market access requirements Software translation Medical product training Medical translation online shop translations Optimization Patent translation SEO translation & keyword localization Language courses and language cafés Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry Insurance Website translation Apartment Search Translations Medical Technology

Disposal & recycling

Precious metal recycling Medical waste Medical equipment


Consulting and training for regulatory affairs Hotel business / gastronomy Trade fairs Seminars & training Webinars Continuing education Certificate courses

Research & Development

Automatic patch clamp systems Digital rotarod Development & design of medical devices Forms - tool making Research microscope Cages for animal testing Software translation Medical test systems for research Medical translation Myograph Patent translation Software, programs for research purposes Custom-made / customer-specific medical devices Custom made surgical instruments Other research equipment Research spectrometers Metabolic cages Operant Conditioning Systems Technical translations for the medical industry Research test kits Medical device check

HR & personnel services

MedTech specialists Healthcare professionals HR consulting HR officers (external) Recruitment Temporary work

IT & communication technology

IT services IT-based terminology management Software translation Medical translation Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry

marketing & Distribution

Industry marketing IT-based terminology management Marketing translations Medical translation Online marketing online shop translations PR marketing Patent translation HR Marketing SEO translation & keyword localization Sales partner Location marketing TUT Technical translations for the medical industry VR, pictures & videos Sales training Websites Website translation Advertising agencies


Audit preparation & support Auditing of medical technology companies BSCI-compliant service providers Official channels Appointed authority - MDR & IVDR Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs CE mark Compliance Computer & software validation DIN EN ISO 13485 Design verification & validation GMP Device registrations ISO 13485 compliant service providers ISO 14001 compliant service providers ISO 9001 compliant service providers ISO certification IT-based terminology management IVD & laboratory equipment verification & validation Inspections International certifications Calibration Clinical evaluation, testing, studies Clinical trials & tests Market surveillance Medical device verification & validation Patent translation Process validation Test Equipment Management QM systems QMS compliance QMS software validation Qualification Qualification according to EN ISO 14644 Quality management systems Risk management Software verification & validation Software life cycle according to IEC 62304 Technical Documentation Technical translations for the medical industry UL certification Verification & Validation Services Certification Certification & approval of medical devices IVD certification MedTech certification Approval of medical devices Medical device check

Repair & maintenance

Endoscopy loaned equipment Deburring of workpieces and tools Repair & maintenance of IT Repair & maintenance of machines Repair & maintenance of medical devices Medical device repair services Repair services for endoscopes Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding

Test laboratory & testing laboratory

Evaluation of contact plates Bioburden determination & validation Biocompatibility test chemical characterization Endotoxin tests In-vitro cytotoxicity test Laboratory washers Microbiology Sample preparation for bio. / chem. Assessments Tests manufacturer information Particulate Contamination Tests Cleaning and disinfection device cleanser Simulation of processing cycles Sterility testing TOC & THC determination Test laboratories Toxicological as well as biological assessments Validation of the final cleaning Validation of preparation and sterilization processes Medical device check

Transport & logistics

Fulfillment Storage services for medical products Machine transport Medicine Medical devices Transport and logistics for medical devices Wares


Dental instruments

Dental impression spoon Amalgam carrier Dental Apex locators Dental Band setter Dental Dental drill Brackets orthodontics Other dental instruments Dental probes Electrosurgical units dental Dental excavators Extraction forceps Dental Files endodontically Dental fragment removal instruments Milling cutters Handles for mouth mirrors Dental handpieces Lever Dentale Instrument sets for dental surgery Orthodontic instruments Orthodontic rubbers Adhesive dental Dental curettes Laser dentals Mecotomes & Periotomes Messer Dental Dental micromotors Mouth gag Osteotomes Tweezers Dental Plugger Dentale Dental curing lights Dental powder blaster Retractors Dentals Rotating instruments Scaler Dentale Scissors dental Calipers Schnitzer Dental Spatula Dental Mirror Dental Syringes Dental Turbines Dental Ultrasonic inserts Dental ultrasonic tips Vestibular Tube Dental Dental contra-angles Root Elevator Dental Dental root canal filling devices Dental root canal rinser Dental surgical hammer Tooth files Dental Mouth Guard & Tooth Alignment Pliers Dental Pliers for orthodontics

Dental laboratories

3D printers & 3D scanners for dentistry General dental laboratory equipment Dental amalgam mixers Dental laboratory workplaces Articulators Dental Brenner dental laboratory Dental micromotors Dental laboratory hoods Dental laboratory lights Dental laboratory mixer Dental laboratory cabinets Dental laboratory welding equipment Dental laboratory dust extraction systems Dental laboratory saws Dental laboratory turbines Dental laboratory ovens Dental die casting equipment Milling machines for dentistry Dental face bows Plaster trimmer Dental Cuvettes Dental Laboratory made inlay fillings Laboratory washers Micro sandblaster dental Dental parallelometer Dental technology pin drilling devices Polishing lathe Dental Polymerization equipment dental Pressing Dental Cleaning and disinfection device Vibrator Dental Dental sandblaster Dental deep drawing devices Dental wax knife Dental wax warmer Dental technology handpieces

Dental practices & offices

Impression caps Dental Dental instruments storage trays Dental suction systems Amalgam separator Anatomical mouth models Treatment carts Dental Binocular loupes Dental whitening lamps Dental operating room lights Dental units Dental stool Disinfection systems for dental hygiene Healing caps Dental Denture boxes Dental Healing Abutments & Gingival Former Implant abutments Implant stability monitors Intraoral flat plate collectors Intraoral camera systems Intraoral imaging plate scanner Caries diagnosis devices Compressors dental medicine Surgical Loupes Materials Dental, dentistry Dental monitors Dental prosthetic key Washer-disinfectors dental X-ray equipment dental office Screws for implants Screwdriver Dental Dental software Sterilization container for dental instruments Sterilization trays for dental instruments Sterilizing cassettes for dental instruments Chairs for dental offices Turbine control units Ultrasonic baths for dental medicine Examination lights dentistry Vacuum pump phase separator Vacuum systems dentistry Tooth x-ray machines Dental office lights Dental office cabinets Dental treatment simulators Dental surgical bone substitute materials Dental surgical microscopes Dental implant template sleeves Dental implants Dental heat sealing machines Dental sterilizers Dental headlights Dentures Dental Dental examination microscopes

Services for MedTech production

Manufacturing processes

Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines Drilling, milling, turning CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes Deburring of workpieces and tools Forms - tool making Hot stamping Hardening & tempering Impulse sealing Induction welding Plastic processing Soldering Mechatronics Metalworking Metal technology and sheet metal processing Polyamide cast Precision machining of plastics Rapid Prototyping Cutting & punching Welding & Forming Vacuum casting Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding waterjet cutting

Assembly & packaging

Labeling for medical devices High speed packing Storage services for medical products Manual assembly Micromounting Assembly Assembly under clean room conditions Passivation and washing Clean room packaging Packaging of surgical instruments Packaging solutions for medical products Fully automatic assembly

Surface treatment and finishing processes

Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) (PVD) Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coating Electropolishing Anodizing Deburring of workpieces and tools Decoating Erode color anodizing Galvanic surface coating Electroplating apparatus Vibratory grinding and centrifugal grinding Smoothing of workpieces Cathodic arc evaporation Laser texturing of medical surfaces micro vibratory grinding PVC coating PVD coating Phosphating plasma processing Sandblasting Tube shapes Grinding, polishing & deburring Coil winding Thermal spray Titanium anodizing titanium pickling Titanium coloring Gild Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding Machine tools Heat treatment Etching

Quality inspection & testing

Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines Consulting - risk management for medical companies Consulting and training for regulatory affairs CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes Leak test Compression and tensile testing Electrical test Functional test NC programming Quality control Visual inspection Medical device check

Signing & marking

Labeling & marking Labeling for medical devices Labeling for medical products Identification of medical instruments UDI-compliant laser marking

Other services

Procurement management Galvanic surface coating Small series of instruments Storage services for medical products Contract manufacturing Mechanical Engineering Cleaning solutions for medical devices Medical device repair services Repair services for endoscopes Custom-made / customer-specific medical devices Custom made surgical instruments Packaging solutions for medical products Washing and cleaning of medical products Further services

Sterilization of medical devices

Steam sterilization E-beam treatment EtO sterilization process Gamma sterilization Gas sterilizers with ethylene oxide (EO) Contract sterilization Cleaning and disinfection device Cleaning solutions for medical devices Sterilization of medical devices Packaging solutions for medical products Washing and cleaning of medical products

Setup & Transport

Hospital rooms & home care

Bathtubs Bath seats beds Bed trays Bed tables Blankets and pillows Shower beds Shower seats Dining tables Mattresses & pads Medical bed umbrellas Medical supply units Patient room facility Cabinets Armchair Toilet aids Cradles for hospitals Accessories for medical beds

Logistics & storage

Dispensing cabinets Hearse Care trolley Various cupboards Other logistics & storage

Transport of patients

General equipment for patient transport Retaining bracket Lifts for patients Patient lifts Rescue stretchers & transport chairs Stairlifts

Examination rooms & practices

Doctor's chairs, doctors chair Treatment chairs Blood collection chair Hemodialysis chair Lights for examinations Patient beds Desks for medical practices Cabinets for medical practices Examination chairs Waiting room furniture Changing tables / dressers Accessories for doctor's offices


Gastroenterology products

Suction device Anoscopes (proctoscopy) Breath test systems Bite blocks Recovery bag Clips and clip applicators Colon Hydro Therapy Devices Echo gastroscopes Enteral feeding systems Enteroscopes & Coloscopes Feeding Pumps & Probes Foreign body grippers & polyp traps Gall drainage & drainage sets Gallbladder Biopsy Forceps Biliary & pancreatic stents Biliary drainages & catheters Gastroenterology Clips & Applicators Gastroscopes & duodenoscopes Gastroesophageal pH meters Hernia prostheses Staple remover Staplers, stamper Enema sets Knot pusher instrument Laparoscopes Laparoscopic electrodes Laparoscopic cannulas & needles Laparoscopic ports / accesses Laparoscopic Retractors Laparoscopic scissors Laparoscopic trocar sleeves Laparoscopic forceps Ligators Gastric balloons Gastric bands Polypectomy snares proctological instruments Proctological chairs Proctoscopes Rectoscopes Sigmoidoscopes Sphincterotomes Ostomy pouch Trocars Other devices & implants - gastroenterology Wound protection retractors

Gynecology, urology & obstetrics

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Anatomical models of gynecology Treatment tables & examination chairs for gynecology CTG devices Rapid ovarian & uterine cancer tests for early detection Delivery furniture Fertility monitoring Fetal Doppler Birthing stools Birthing tubs Gynecology finger cots Hysteroscopes Intrauterine devices Colposcopes Cancer screening equipment Gynecological curettes Laser therapy & laser treatment Menstrual cups Breast pumps Operating tables for gynecology Ovulation tests Gynecological simulators Gynecological stents Training manikins for gynecology Ultrasound systems for gynecology Uterine manipulators Uterine probes Vaginal pessaries Vaginal specula Vacuum extraction suction cups Other instruments for gynecology Forceps for gynecology


Pelvic floor probes Treatment tables & examination chairs for urology Bladder & bladder sphincter prostheses Urinary catheter Bladder cancer & prostate cancer rapid tests Bladder scanner Cystometric catheter Electrical stimulation of the pelvic floor Extracorporeal & intracorporeal lithotripters Extracorporeal shock wave generators for erectile dysfunction Baskets Urethral stents Lasers in urology Morcellation Prostate biopsy needles Nephrostomy catheter Operating tables for urology Prostate stents Reconstruction insoles Rectal manometry catheter Suprapubic urinary catheters Systems for urodynamic examinations Ultrasound examination in urological diagnostics Ureteral catheter Ureteral stents Urine drainage sets Uroflowmeter Urology forceps Urological endoscopies Urostomy pouch Other urological devices & implants


Heart & Vascular Diagnostics

Blood pressure monitoring Blood pressure monitors Blood pressure monitors Doppler, Doppler sonography ECG electrode applicators ECG event recorder, event recorder ECG machines ECG patient monitoring ECG amplifier EP recording systems Exercise bike Heart mapping systems Cardiac output monitors Cardio software Treadmill ergometer Loungers for echocardiography Stethoscopes Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Ultrasound equipment for cardiology

Heart & Vascular OP

Annuloplasty Systems & Rings Arterial filters Arterial, vein and vascular prostheses Atherectomy catheter Autotransfusion systems Diagnostic catheter Electrodes for pacemakers Embolic filters, filter systems Vessel closure device Vascular clips Life-support-machine Heart valve replacement, valve prostheses Pacemaker (external) Cardiac assist systems, catheter pumps Implantable pacemakers and defibrillators Implantable vascular bioprostheses Intravascular introducer, dilators Cardiac closure systems Cardiovascular introducer sheaths Catheter ablation Compression devices Artificial heart implants, artificial hearts Artificial Ventricular Cardiac Assist System (VAD) Mechanical & biological aortic valves Medical guidewire Microsurgical dilatation catheter Occlusion catheter PTA catheter PTCA catheter Positioning systems heart surgery Cardiovascular surgery products (other) Repair systems for the heart Stents, stent graft systems Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Thrombectomy catheter Valvulotomes Vascular patches Vena Cava Filter & Umbrella Vein stripper

Components and parts for medical devices

3D printing parts & components

3D printing parts & components Dental & MedTech

Drive technology & mechanics

Drives Brushless DC flat motors DC motors with iron armature DC motors with copper coil Torque System Speed controller Encoder Hollow shaft motor Linear motors Linear technology & linear guides Mechanics Assembly presses and joining modules Motors with integrated electronics Engine systems NC programming Piezomotors Planetary gear Stepper motors Servomotors 4-pole System provider

Individual parts & spare parts

Pressure regulators for medical devices Handles for medical facilities Handles for medical products Camera technology Components for machines / production plants Converter Medical industrial filters Assembly presses and joining modules Optics Pumps (MedTech Industry) Repair parts for medical instruments / devices Wheels & castors Custom made surgical instruments Plugs & connectors for medical products Valves


Batteries & accumulator systems Displays and screens Electronic components for medical devices Printed circuit boards Assembly presses and joining modules Control units

Plastic parts

3D plastic printed parts Forms - tool making Plastic casting Plastic injection molding

Metal parts

3D metal printing parts Wire technology Turned parts Precious metal semi-finished products Spring plungers Forms - tool making Milled parts Semi-finished goods for instruments Metal products for medical technology Blanks for instruments Round bars

Standard parts

Fittings - connections Control panels Sheet metal parts - fittings Springs - bushings Machine tools Tubes - profiles Wheels - bearings Counter Screws - nuts Standard electronics

Other parts & components

Small parts for medical technology Components for machines / production plants Assembly presses and joining modules Other product components



Molecular biology analyzers Molecular biology workstations Blot chambers Blood testing instruments DNA & RNA extractors DNA crosslinkers DNA extractors Endotoxin tests Microarray scanner Molecular Biology Reagents Molecular biology software Molecular biology software modules Molecular Biology Test Kits Molecular Imaging Systems New generation sequencer PCR microplates PCR reagents PCR test tubes Sequencer Thermal cycler Other molecular biology systems Western blot analyzers

Infrastructure & facility

Workstations (laboratory) Battery test cabinets Bioreactors Stills Gas generators (laboratory) Incubators (laboratory) Isolators, barrier protection systems Climatic cabinets & climatic chambers Compressors (laboratory) Constant climate cabinets Control units (laboratory) Refrigerated incubators Cold rooms (laboratory) Refrigerator monitoring systems (laboratory) Laboratory countertops Laboratory infrastructure Laboratory hoods Laboratory Equipment & Consumables Laboratories (laboratory) Laboratory washers Air purifier for laboratories Microbiological safety cabinets Cleaning and disinfection device Cleaning devices for laboratory glassware Cleaning and disinfection devices (laboratory) cleanser Peristaltic pumps (laboratory) Cabinets (laboratory) Protective suits, protective clothing Safety drying cabinets Simulators Sinks & Wash Basins (Laboratory) Standard incubators Sterilizers (laboratory) Source container Tables & benches (laboratory) Drying and heating cabinets Ultrasound devices, baths (laboratory) Ultra low temperature freezers Vacuum pumps (laboratory) Growth cabinets Water purifier (laboratory) Alternating climate cabinets Ovens (laboratory)

Laboratory medicine / IVD

Semen analyzers Analyzers for urine Automatic cytometer Automated cell counters Bacteria & germ identification systems Biochemistry analyzer Blood testing instruments Blood coagulation meters Blood glucose monitoring systems Cholesterol meters ELISA processors / systems ESR analyzers Electrolyte analyzers Endotoxin tests High-precision micromanipulators Hematology analyzers Hemoglobin & hematocrit measuring system, analyzers Ketone Testers & Meters Colony counter (laboratory) Laboratory analysis systems Laboratory imaging equipment, laboratory imaging systems Laboratory washers Lactate measuring devices (laboratory) Microplate readers (laboratory) Macroscopic image workstations (laboratory) Microbiology equipment Microplate washer (laboratory) Point-of-Care (PoC) analyzers Reagents Cleaning and disinfection device cleanser Microscope slide scanner Rapid testers & rapid tests Veterinary stereotaxic frame Test strip readers, test strips Cell Imaging Systems Cell microinjectors

Pharmaceutical industry

filter systems Air showers Pharmaceutical industry filling machines Pharmaceutical industry hoods Pharmaceutical industry analysis equipment Pharmaceutical industry chromatograph Pharmaceutical industry dust extractors Pharmaceutical industry labeling machines Pharmaceutical industry screening machines Pharmaceutical industry software Pharmaceutical industry spectrometer Pharmaceutical industry sterilizers Pharmaceutical industry test systems Pharmaceutical industry dryer Pharmaceutical industry counting machines Pharmaceutical industry coating systems Pharmaceutical industry granulators Pharmaceutical industry isolators Pharmaceutical Industry Mills Pharmaceutical industry packaging systems Presses for tablets Preclinical imaging systems Preclinical tomography systems Powder mixer cleanser Clean rooms and facilities Transfer locks Other pharmaceutical equipment

Physico-chemical analysis

Dissolution test systems Chromatography detectors Chromatography pumps Chromatography software Chromatography systems Chromatography columns Data logger Digital microscope cameras Electrophoresis power supplies Electrophoresis systems Electrophoresis transilluminators Electrophoresis chambers Moisture content measuring scales Equipment for environmental analysis Colorimeter for laboratory Conductometer Laboratory information systems Luminometer Medical multimeter Microscope light sources Microscopes Microscope slide Osmometer PH meter Particle size analyzers Photometer Polarimeter Protein analyzers Refractometer for laboratory Laboratory software Other laboratory imaging equipment, laboratory imaging systems spectrometer Spectrometry software Stereo microscopes & macroscopes Thermometer for laboratory Titration systems Viscometer Laboratory scales Other chromatography systems Other spectrometry devices Other electrochemical measuring devices Further physical-chemical analysis devices Disintegration test systems

Sample management

Acceptance sets Apheresis systems Automatic pipetting Bags & pouches for biological samples Bioindicators Biopsy cassettes Blood bank refrigerators Blood bank centrifuges Blood plasma freezers Blood collection monitors Burettes Capper & decapper systems Disperser Embedding cassettes Staining troughs Gas washing bottles Laboratory freezers Freeze drying systems Tissue processing systems Handling devices for microtiter plates Heating blocks Heating mantles Heating plates Histology accessories Homogenizer Inoculation loop Cryopreservation containers Refrigerators for medicines, vaccines Laboratory refrigerators Laboratory microcentrifuges Laboratory digestion units Laboratory beaker Laboratory ice machines Laboratory labeler Laboratory extraction systems Laboratory filter Laboratory bottle dispenser Laboratory Vials & Vials Laboratory mounts Laboratory concentrators Laboratory media dispenser Laboratory microplates Laboratory automation systems Laboratory burner Laboratory baths Laboratory container Laboratory printer Laboratory bottles Laboratory glass dryer Laboratory cooler Laboratory mixer Laboratory mills Laboratory stirrer Laboratory thermostats Laboratory swabs Laboratory evaporator Laboratory centrifuges Air sampler Medium preparer Measuring cylinder Microtome cutting Slide dryer Petri dishes Pipettes Pipette accessories Pipette holder Pipette tips Pipettor Plasma extractors Sampling systems Sample containers & sample cans Autosampler Sample preparation equipment Tube stopper Sieving machines Systems for distillation Test tube Thermomixer Other sample management equipment Other sampling devices Centrifuges Centrifuge tubes

Machines & production technology

3D printer - additive manufacturing

3D printing in general 3D printer for dental implants 3D printer for instruments 3D printer for orthopedics 3D printer for organic tissue 3D metal printing 3D printing materials and accessories Additive manufacturing with gypsum Additive manufacturing with plastics Additive manufacturing with metal Additive manufacturing with quartz sand Digital Light Processing (DLP) - 3D printer Electron Beam Melting (EBM) - 3D printer Extrusion - 3D printer Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) - 3D printer Fused Deposition Modeling / Fused Filament Fabrication (FDM / FFF) - 3D printer High resolution 3D printer Jetting - 3D printer Laser deposition welding - 3D printer Multi Jet Modeling / Poly Jet Modeling - 3D printer Powder - 3D printer Resin - 3D printer Selective laser melting - 3D printer Selective laser sintering (SLS) - 3D printer Special - 3D printer Stereolithography (STL / SLA) - 3D printer


Automation & robotics Automatic measuring systems for CNC machines Labeling devices CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes Manual workstations Handling systems & handling technology Laser Marking Software Laser marking systems & marking lasers Laser beam sources Assembly presses and joining modules NC programming OEM marking laser UDI-compliant laser marking Feeding

Coating systems

Coating systems

Printers, marking & labeling devices

Labeling devices Label printer Laser Marking Software Laser marking systems & marking lasers Laser beam sources OEM marking laser UDI-compliant laser marking

EDM machines

Drill erosion Wire erosion Eroding accessories Die-sinking erosion

Plastics technology

Forms - tool making Plastics technology

Laser machines

Labeling devices Laser Marking Software Laser marking systems & marking lasers Laser welding machines Laser beam sources Laser texturing of medical surfaces OEM marking laser UDI-compliant laser marking

Marking & labeling machines

Labeling devices Laser Marking Software Laser marking systems & marking lasers Laser beam sources OEM marking laser

Measurement & Testing technology

Manual workstations Metrology laboratories and capability studies Optical measurement Test pins Calipers

Packaging and assembling machines

Manual workstations

Cleaning & sterilization

Processing technology Building cleaning Product sterilization Cleaning and disinfection device cleanser Sterilization of medical devices Washing and cleaning of medical products

Welding & soldering equipment

Soldering devices & soldering station SMT devices Welding equipment Wave soldering machine

Injection molding machines

Thermoset injection molding Elastomer injection molding Forms - tool making Gas background printing process (GHD) Internal gas pressure injection molding (GID) In-mold process MIM technology Multi-component injection molding Powder Metallurgy & Powder Compaction Technology Powder Injection Molding (PIM) Melt core injection molding Injection molding Injection compression molding Thermoplastic foam molding (TSG) Thermoplastic injection molding Internal water pressure injection molding (WID)

Transport & conveyor technology

Transport & conveyor technology

Machine tools

Machining, manufacturing, transfer center Equipment for machine tools CAM solutions for measuring and testing processes CNC machines Lathes Deburring of workpieces and tools Deburring machine EDM machine Forms - tool making Milling machine Electroplating apparatus Die and tool manufacture Press brake Smoothing of workpieces Components for machines / production plants Swiss type lathe Laser cutting machine, laser cutting Center lathe and spindle lathe Punching machine Mechanical Engineering NC programming Polishing machine Cylindrical grinding machine SPC small parts unloader and storage Grinding machine Special tool Workpiece rounding and cutting edge rounding Water jet cutting machine Materials & resources Tools Tools for machine tools Tool holder systems

MedTech equipment

IT & telemedicine in healthcare

Alarm systems Analog & digital dictation machines Work efficiency & management systems Braille systems Blu Ray, DVD, CD burners Cloud computing Computer carts Digital workplaces printer IT information systems Info & entertainment terminals Camera support arm systems Health insurance readers Labeling machines MedTech panels, displays, PCs MedTech remote robot Medical APPs, software, applications Medical box PCs Medical apparatus Medical keyboards Monitors & Screens OR integration systems PACS Patient data management systems (PDMS) Radiology Information Systems (RIS) Call systems for patients Stand for PCs and monitors Telemedicine ward trolley Telemetric implants Telemonitoring platforms Management, storage & localization systems Other IT devices & IT solutions Transmission systems

Infrastructure MedTech

Water treatment systems Medical waste containers Lighting Bed elevators Floor polishing machines Floors & bath coverings Compressed air dryer Folding machines for linen Windows and doors for healthcare facilities Gas generators Gas mixer Gas sockets Building equipment & furnishings Air conditioners Cooling devices for water Laboratory washers Light and laser therapy systems Air filter units Air filtration systems Medical waste treatment systems Medical compressors Medical incinerator for hospitals Medical waste shredder Mobile & stationary vacuum cleaners Operating theaters & wings Room air systems Cleaning and disinfection device Cleaning apparatus for carpets cleanser X-ray protective window Scrubbing machines Safety technology for medical facilities and devices Automatic bedpan washers Laundry dryer Water purification devices & systems

Intensive care

Ventilation masks Intensive care beds Blood & Infusion Warmer Blood Bags & Tubing Blood pressure cuffs Dialyzers Dialysis Devices Dialysis catheter Pressure infusors Hemodialysis systems Infusion pumps Inhalation devices Masks for nebulizers Nasal cannula Tracheostomy masks Nebulizer devices Hemodialysis water treatment systems Other intensive care devices

Morgues & autopsy

Storage of corpses Autopsy saws Autopsy tables Carriages for corpses Cases for corpse Lifter for corpse Forensic medicine cabinets Dissecters coffins Macroscopy tables Washing units corpses Ovens for crematoria

Medical education and training

Defibrillators for training Specialists training Training software Training / Education material and books Medical simulators - training dummies Medical, anatomical models Microscopes for education Patient simulators Simulation software Stethoscopes for training Test lungs

Medical industry

3D scanner for medical technology Filling machines Barcode scanner Capper & decapper systems Label printer Fluidmanagement Milling machines for medical products Conveyor systems Inspection systems Cartoning machine corrosion protection Medical 3D printer Lubricants Sensors Tester devices Deep drawing devices for manufacturing Packaging machines for med. Products Packaging technology Counting machines

Monitoring of patients

Breath testing devices Stress test equipment Blood gas analyzers EFR systems & accessories ECG machines & accessories calorimeter Patient data management (PDMS) Patient monitors Peak flow meters Plethysmography Systems Polygraphy system Pulse oximeter Spirograph Vital sign monitoring Wearables Monitoring stations

Medical imaging systems


Arthroscopy endoscopes bronchoscope Duodenoscopes Echo endoscopes Endoscope light sources Endoscope preheater Endoscopes Endoscope sleeves Endoscopy capsules Endoscopic imaging systems Endoscopic fluid management Endoscopy insufflators Endoscopy light guide Endoscopy video processors Endoscopy trolleys Endoscopic Surgery Systems Endoscopy loaned equipment Fibroscopes flexible endoscopes Glass fiber cold light Camera adapters & heads for endoscopes Micro-endoscopy Neuroendoscopes Rigid endoscopes Ultrasonic endoscopes Valves for endoscopes Video endoscopes

Surgical microscopes

Light sources for headlights Surgical microscope co-observer tubes Surgical microscopes Surgical microscope camera adapter Surgical microscope light sources Protective covers for surgical microscopes Beam splitter for surgical microscopes Examination microscopes

Radiology / Radiation Medicine

Angiography tables C-arms Surgical Navigation Systems Film development systems Flat panel detectors Fluoroscopy systems Gamma cameras Gamma probes IRM metal detectors Bone densitometer Contrast medium injectors Running grid Fluorescent tube stands MRI coils MRI systems Mammography devices Medical imaging monitors Medical imaging software Mobile radiology rooms Mobile X-ray systems Nuclear Medicine Injectors PET / CT scanner Radio fluoroscopy systems X-ray detection systems X-ray film printer X-ray film scanner X-ray film viewer X-ray generators X-ray tubes X-ray scanner X-ray systems X-ray tables Image plate scanner

Sonography / ultrasound

Loungers for ultrasound Mobile ultrasound devices Tele-ultrasound systems Handheld ultrasound devices Ultrasonic Gel Warmer Ultrasound gels Ultrasound machines with platform Ultrasound probes Ultrasonic probe covers

Radiation protection

Shelves for lead aprons & lead skirts Dosimetry instruments IPL goggles Laser safety glasses Medical light meters X-ray protective sheets X-ray protective goggles X-ray protective glasses X-ray protective glove holder X-ray protective clothing X-ray protective walls Armored radiation protection blocks Radiation shields Radiation protection curtains Test phantoms UV protective goggles X-ray shelters

Medical consumables

Medical clothing

Clogs Face shields Hospital shoes Hospital boots Medical gloves Medical clothing Medical bibs Medical protective masks Medical protective boots Medical safety glasses Medical shoe covers Medical beard protection Surgical caps Surgical protective masks

Practice supplies, single-use consumables

Adhesion barriers Surgical pens Drainage catheter Drainage sets Single-use ECG electrodes Single use syringes Disposable instruments Electrode gels Bottle adapter Threads & sutures Hydro-alcoholic solutions Hemostasis preparations Infusion extension tubes Infusion bag Infusion catheter Infusion sets Infusion connector Infusion manifold Catheter fixations Glue, wound glue Medical single-use sets Medical skin staplers Medical mouthpieces Medical needles Medical nose clips Medical syringes Medical swabs Medical consumables general Ear specula Cleaning wipes Protective covers Spit bags Nebulizer sets Cell swab brush Tongue depressor Surgical suture material made of titanium

Surgical department

Anesthesia & Resuscitation

Anesthetic gas suction systems Atraumatic lumbar puncture Resuscitator Ventilators Anesthesia ventilators Ventilation tube -endotracheal tubes Humidification chambers CSE cannula system Medical gas flow meters Gas mixer for anesthesia Injections, infusions Cannula intubation Cannulas for atraumatic spinal anesthesia Cannula system Catheter and cannula for epidural and caudal anesthesia Larynx & Endobronchial Probes Laryngoscopes humidifier Masks for anesthesia Medicine gas bottles Emergency ventilation Pleural & Ascites Drainage Set Drainage System Puncture cannulas Resuscitation masks Oxygen hoods Oxygen concentrators Oxygen masks Oxygen therapy systems Oxygen tents Syringe pumps Thoracic catheter Ultrasound guided injections Evaporator Wound infiltration

surgical instruments

Suction pumps & infiltration pumps Acetabular reamer General surgical instruments Aneurysm clamps Argon beamer Arthroscopy instruments Arthroscopy Punch Abdominal wall specula Biopsy instruments Biopsy guns bipolar instruments Drill wires Bulldog clamps Dental instruments Dermatology instruments Drainages Disposable instrument sets Endoscopy instruments Endoscopy forceps Replacement lamps for operating theater lights, cold light sources, microscopes and instruments Cases for instruments Liposuction instruments Electrosurgery handles HF electrosurgical devices ENT instruments Hand and foot instruments Handpieces & Contraangles Surgery Hard metal instruments Carbide scissors (TC / Supercut) Heart, thoracic and vascular instruments Implantology instruments Instrument sets Clamps & Pliers Clamps (arthroscopy) Bone Drill & Bone Mill Bone spoon Bone forceps Coagulation devices Components for surgical instruments Control devices for micromotors Cryosurgery instruments Clutches instruments Curettes Laparoscopic instruments MIC instruments Medical surgical sets Knives & scalpels Micro tweezers Micro scissors Micromotors Needle holder Neurology instruments Nitinol components and instruments Sewing needles Surgical laser Ophthalmology instruments Orthopedic instruments Tweezers Tweezers ophthalmology Powertools & cordless drills Rhinoscopy instruments Suction & flushing devices Cannulas Suction instruments & irrigation instruments Scissors Sliding shaft instruments Hoses Screw removal screw removal systems Sinuscopy instruments Custom made surgical instruments Steel instruments Punch & Forceps Biopsy TC tweezers Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Titanium instruments Urology, gynecology, obstetrics instruments Veterinary instruments Retractors Electrosurgery forceps Aesthetic surgery instruments

Disinfection & sterilization

Autoclaves & Sterilizers Steam generator Disinfection booths Disinfection systems Surface disinfectant Devices for disinfection and cleaning Heat sealing machines Hygiene stations Sleeves for sterilization Instrument tray Air purification & air disinfection Ozone generators Welding machines Sterile goods transport trolleys Sterilization of medical devices Sterilization wire baskets Sterilization container Sterilization baskets Sterilization cabinets UV lamps UV lamps, UV - C radiation Ultrasonic baths Washing and cleaning of medical products Disinfectant atomizers

Implants & prostheses

3D printing implants Active surgical implants Aneurysm clamps Eye implants Bioinductive implant Cochlear implant Dental implants Elastisches Titanimplantat Hand and foot implants Heart implants Hip implants Implants / Prosthesis in general Implant systems joint implants Implant systems traumatology Implantable hearing systems Innovative surgical implants Knee implants Bone plates Bone screws Neuroimplants Inactive surgical implants Organic implants Retinal implant (visual prosthesis) Shoulder implants Special implants Stents and vascular prostheses VET Implants Veterinary implants Growth control plates Spinal implants Surgical suture material made of titanium

Operating room

Trash can Storage trays for instruments Leg holder & foot holder Chest and shoulder rests Surgery simulators Surgical robot Ceiling supply units Endoscope cameras Mobile stretchers Foot holder Instrument trolley Small surgical lights Laminar flow Mayo tables Medical carpets Operating room surgery monitors Holistic OR equipment Surgical arm rests Surgical fastening straps Surgical containers & stands OP fields OR instrument tables OR camera heads OR cameras Surgical pillow Operating theater knee rests OR headrests Operating room weighing Operating room cabinets Operating theater headlights Operating table mattresses Operating table accessories OR video systems Surgical washbasin Operating lights Operating tables Penis saws & ring saws Smoke evacuation Bowl holder Other devices for operating theaters Other operating table accessories Transfer units Vacuum pressure regulator Distribution system Surgery trolley

Ophthalmological field

Eye surgery

Eye scalpels Lasers for ophthalmology Microkeratome Operating tables for ophthalmology Ophthalmic surgery microscopes Phacoemulsifiers Tweezers ophthalmology Tear cannulas Examination microscopes for ophthalmology Vitrectomy instruments

Eye exams

Workstations Eye measuring devices Auto refractometer Biometer Direct ophthalmoscopes Displays optics / glasses Electroretinograph Color test Corneal topographers Retinal camera OCT ophthalmoscopes Ophthalmoscopes indirect Pachymeter, corneal thickness measuring device perimeter Phoropters Trial glasses & measuring glasses Pupillographs Pupilometer Retinoscopes SLO ophthalmoscopes Eye test tables Eye Tests & Eye Testing Devices Slit lamps & microscopes Specular microscope Tonometer Ultrasound machine Examination chairs (ophthalmology) Wavefront analyzers

Visual aids

Faceting of glasses Shape trace Clamping devices for optical glasses Measurement of photochromic lenses Assembly and testing of glasses Optical lens drills Optical glasses processing equipment Polishing devices in optics Grooved glass machines Lensmeter Screwdriver for glasses frames Heat measurement for glasses frames Forceps for glasses frames Centering optical glasses

Orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Joint surgery & implants

Acetabular reinforcements Ligament replacement Distal locking Elbow prostheses Suture anchor Finger joint implants Acetabular prostheses Humeral head prostheses Humeral shafts Hip prostheses Subtalar joint implants Interference screws Knee prostheses Ankle TEP Radial head prostheses Cutting templates Shoulder prostheses Temporary spacers Tibial plateaus VET Implants Growth control plates Surgical suture material made of titanium

Orthopedic surgical instruments

Arthroscopes (arthroscopy) Surgical motors Surgical Navigation Systems Extension systems Implants and devices Orthopedic instrument sets Bone Drill & Bone Mill Bone substitute materials Bone punches, gouge pliers and rongeurs Bone cement (Ortho) Matrices Meniscus rasps Operating tables (Ortho) Orthopedics cutter Reamers screw removal systems Screwdriver for orthopedics Shaver Transplant Preparation Systems Washing systems (pulsed)

Trauma Surgery & Implants

Arthrodesis plates Arthrodesis screws Washers Cerclage Wire Systems Distractors External fixer Brackets (bones) Compression plates (bones) Compression screws (bone) Intramedullary nails (bones) Intramedullary nail removal system Osteotomy plates Skull fixation systems Cranial implants VET Implants

Spine Surgery & Implants

Lumbar interspinous vertebral implants Lumbar spine arthrodesis plates Laminectomy Osteosynthesis stabilization systems Pedicle Screws & Pedicle Screw Systems screw removal systems Transpedicular spinal supports Vertebroplasty Systems Vertebral retractors Vertebral bone replacement Vertebral body prostheses (corpectomy) Intervertebral implants

Pediatrics & Child Care


Medical, anatomical models (children) Arm slings (children) Audiometer (children) Baby bottles & bottle warmer Baby monitors and cameras Baby scales Resuscitator Ventilators Treatment tables (children) Bilirubin meters (children) Blood pressure monitors (children) Baby carriers (children) Basic equipment, supply (pediatrics) Cervical spine neck brace (children) Hearing aids (children) Incubators (newborns) Catheter (children) Children´s stethoscopes & children´s otoscopes Mattresses (children) Measuring sticks (children) Nasal cannula (children) Nasal irrigation & nasal aspirators (children) Surgical instruments (pediatrics) Orthoses - immobilization (children) Orthopedic equipment for children (other) Orthopedic Corsets - (Children) Phototherapy (newborns) Limb prostheses (children) Pulse oximeter (children) Resuscitation Systems & Units (Infants) Wheelchairs & rollators (children) Oxygen Ventilator for premature babies and newborns Training manikin, simulators - pediatric training Thermometer (children) Thorax VATS sugical instrumentes Vein finder (children) Nebulizer (children) Growth control plates

Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine

Analgesia meter Anatomical animal models Anesthesia & Resuscitation Veterinary Medicine Anesthesia workstations for animal experiments Veterinary anesthesia workplaces Veterinary breathing circuits Equipment for imaging veterinary medicine Veterinary ventilators Treatment tables veterinary medicine Biochemical analyzers veterinary medicine Blood glucose meters veterinary medicine Surgical instruments for veterinary medicine Dental lever veterinary medicine Dental scaler veterinary medicine Dental equipment veterinary medicine Dental extraction forceps veterinary Dental handpieces veterinary medicine Dental X-ray systems veterinary medicine Dental instruments veterinary medicine Diagnostic equipment veterinary medicine Diagnostic laboratory veterinary equipment Doppler veterinary medicine ECG systems veterinary medicine Electrosurgical equipment veterinary medicine Endoscopes & Otoscopes Veterinary Medicine Endotracheal tubes veterinary medicine Hematology analyzers veterinary medicine Infusion pumps veterinary medicine Catheter veterinary medicine Cages for animal testing Laser veterinary medicine Veterinary treadmills Masks veterinary medicine Veterinary monitors Operating tables for veterinary medicine Orthoses & splints for veterinary medicine Physiotherapy veterinary medicine X-ray generators veterinary medicine X-ray systems veterinary medicine Rapid veterinary medicine tests Image plate scanner veterinary medicine Syringe pumps veterinary medicine Veterinary stethoscopes Veterinary medicine thermometer Veterinary practice wagons Tomography veterinary medicine Ultrasound equipment veterinary medicine VET Implants Veterinary medicine pulse oximeter Veterinary scales veterinary medicine Forceps veterinary Centrifuges veterinary

Prevention and rehabilitation

Fitness sport

Actigraphy Activity tracker Anti-stress balls Balance boards Balance pillow Movement trainer Balls & rolls Circuit training Cross trainer Press benches Elastic bands Exercise roll Dumbbell weights Dumbbells Barbells Exercise bike Hydrotherapy treadmills Hanging straps Kettlebells & kettlebells Strength benches Body composition scales Power racks Heart rate monitors & heart rate belts Rowing machines Cable pull devices Smith machines Vibration boards

Immobilization & Orthopedics

Arm straps Cast associations Clavicle bandages & orthotics Thumb orthoses & thumb splints Elbow orthoses & bandages Epicondylitis braces Finger orthoses & splints Ankle splints & bandages Foot lifter & leg lifter Walking orthoses Plaster & bandage protection Cast shoes Cast saws & plaster tongs Hallux valgus orthoses Postural orthoses Wrist orthoses Wrist splints Hip braces & hip splints Hip Stem Extraction System Implant removal system Knee orthoses & bandages Ankle orthoses & bandages Compression socks & compression tights Cosmetic prostheses Lumbar support belt Orthopedic clothing Orthopedic shoes Orthopedic devices Upper limb prostheses Lower limb prostheses Prosthetic stems revision surgeries Shoulder orthoses & shoulder splints Bone growth simulators Support bandages & bandages for the wrist Support corsets & orthoses Lower leg splints Wound care

Mobility aid

White canes Vehicles as a mobility aid Walking aids & standing aids Rollators Wheelchair lift systems Wheelchair pillow Wheelchair accessories Wheelchair drives Wheelchairs Carrying straps for lifting and standing aid Access ramps


Bathtubs Baropodometry Analysis Platforms Bobath & Vojta loungers Pressure chambers Dynamometer Ice tubs Electro acupuncture devices Electrostimulators Extension devices Compression therapy devices Neck collar for the cervical spine Infrared lamps Inversion banks Iontophoresis devices Cold packs Compresses Cold chambers Cold therapy devices (cryo) Training / Education material and books Magnetic therapy devices Massage tables Massage mats Massage chairs Massage table cushions Motor moving rails Orthopedic support cushions Paraffin bath therapy Physio laser Rehabilitation exoskeletons Rehabilitation parallel bars Stabilometric, bipodal platform Shock wave generators Systems of assessment for psychomotor skills Rehabilitation systems Thermotherapy equipment Exercise equipment Virtual rehabilitation systems Hydromassage therapy tables & systems Hydromassage tubs & showers Exercise stairs

SPA & anti-stress

Anti-snoring mouthpiece Electric massagers Floating therapy Foot massagers Galvanic electrotherapy bathtubs Ozone gas treatment

Wound care

Training / Education material and books Negative pressure wound therapy Wound dressing Surgical suture material made of titanium

Aesthetic & cosmetic medicine

Suction pumps & infiltration pumps Equipment and devices for aesthetics Liposuction container Surgical razor Drainage sets for wound care Tissue expanders Skin rejuvenation IPL devices, IPL systems Lifting threads Massage guns Beauty laser systems Solariums and sun beds Syringes for modeling fat TC tweezers UV radiation cabins Ultrasonic generators and boosters Wound healing systems and therapies Aesthetic implants, beauty implants

Substances & Materials

Dental materials

Impression material Investment materials Ceramic (dental) Plastics Alloys Alloys (implants) Titanium (dental) Waxes

Implant Materials (Long-Term)

Biocompatible materials for 3D printers Chromium-cobalt alloys Precious metals gold Semi-finished goods (dental implants) Semi-finished goods (ortho implants) Implant steel Cobalt based alloys Memory alloys niobium Blanks (dental implants) Blanks (ortho implants) Special steels & alloys Stainless steel titanium

Ceramic materials

Aluminum oxide Calcium phosphate ceramic Glass ceramic Ceramic (implants) carbon

Plastics & Elastomers

Plastics & elastomers

Metals & Nonmetals

Precious metal semi-finished products Stainless steel 1.4021 Stainless steels 1.4021 and 1.4117 Instrument steel Knife steel 1.4116 & 1.4034 Stainless steel Steels & alloys Tantalum Tool steel

Other materials

High-performance materials Other materials

Synthetic implant materials

nylon Polyethylene Polymer materials Polymethyl methacrylate Polyurethane

Textiles & Fibers

Textiles & fibers

Packing material

Blister packaging Plastic packaging Paper-foil combination Paper packaging Protective packaging Sterile packaging Outer packaging Non-sterile packaging

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