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Veterinary of the area Veterinary medicine (Department) - Veterinary medicine (Department)

Veterinary Products and services from the categories Veterinary in medical technology or other healthcare-related industries .

The field of veterinary medicine includes the treatment of animal diseases, activities in the field of food safety of food of animal origin and activities in the field of prevention and protection of animal and zoonotic diseases. Vocational training is regulated in accordance with the "Veterinary Practice License" (TAppV). This is a freelance job. The term "veterinarian" is protected and can only be used by authorized persons. Veterinary medicine, veterinary medicine or veterinary medicine (from the French word vétérinaire) deals with diseases and injuries of animals, animal welfare and related research, and food of animal origin and related topics.

The latter is particularly important in connection with increasing consumer protection, since the control of animal foods during production and processing is the responsibility of the veterinary authority. Similar to human medicine, veterinarians also have many professional fields as part of their postgraduate training in order to become a professional veterinarian. Specialized veterinarians with dependent disciplines (such as surgery, pathology, internal medicine), specialties related to animal species (such as small animals, horses, cattle, pigs, poultry) as well as the actual professional veterinarians also contain the name of the field (such as ophthalmology, acupuncture) (List of medical specialties). While it is possible to provide people with luxury animals such as horses (such as horses) and small pets (such as dogs, cats, or guinea pigs), medical treatment of farm animals depends largely on economy.

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