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endorepair GmbHHigh quality, medical, flexible Gastroscopes for experts

High quality, medical, flexible Gastroscopes for experts

Our product range of medical endoscopes - High quality, medical, flexible Gastroscopes for experts

endorepair offers highly qualified repairs of your flexible Gastroscopes from OLYMPUS, FUJIFILM and PENTAX. Because the safety of your patients is important to us!

Of course, if you wish, we can provide you with a loaner unit for the duration of the repair. We have access to a pool of more than 500 loaner devices.

endorepair is confident of the high quality of its repairs and therefore gives a 6-month guarantee on its repairs.


In addition to our high-quality repairs, we at endorepair also offer you high-quality, reconditioned Gastroscopes with a guarantee for purchase.

Here you have the choice from:


Olympus:                            FUJIFILM:                           PENTAX:

GIF-Serien                        EG-Serien                      EG-Serien

GF-UE-Serie                     EG-xxxUR                       EG-xxxxURK

GF-UCT-Serie                  EG-xxxUT                        EG-xxxxUTK

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