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Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine that includes kidney disease and its conservative treatment, namely nonsurgical treatment. Nephrology is practiced by experts in internal medicine known as internal medicine. In addition to kidney disease, kidney disease also includes high blood pressure, acid-base balance disorders and disorders of the water and electrolyte balance. In nephrology, laboratory diagnosis of blood and urine samples is used for diagnosis. Nephropathy as a branch of internal medicine includes kidney and high blood pressure diseases. Nephrologists diagnose and treat kidney disease and advise patients on how to protect themselves from kidney disease. Usually, people with diabetes and high blood pressure are referred to a nephrologist for suspected kidney damage. Nephrologists perform dialysis (blood flushing with artificial kidneys or peritoneal dialysis) and look after patients before and after a kidney transplant. People with kidney disease work closely with the doctor who takes care of them. The aim is to improve the prevention and early detection of kidney and high blood pressure diseases. After the diagnosis, a treatment plan is drawn up for each patient in coordination with the attending physician. Nephrology (kidney and vocabulary of the ancient Greeks, teaching method: kidney theory) is a branch of internal medicine. Basically, nephrology includes the prevention, diagnosis, conservative (non-surgical) treatment and follow-up care of kidney and high blood pressure diseases. Carrying out all extracorporeal blood purification procedures (dialysis, blood separation, immunoadsorption) and looking after kidney transplant patients are also part of the kidney disease profession. Kidney diseases are not just dialysis medicine, on the contrary, the discipline covers a wide range of topics. In addition, nephrology has many interfaces with other disciplines. Interdisciplinary work is therefore part of the daily clinical practice of nephrologists.

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