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Nispel GmbHSpacelabs 90227 OnTrak ABPM Recorder

Spacelabs 90227 OnTrak ABPM Recorder

Spacelabs 90227 OnTrak ABPM Recorder

Light weight and compact size for optimal patient comfort.
Using oscillometry, the most widely used and validated method for automatic NIBP measurement.
Measurement of systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure and heart rate over a period of 24 hours (or longer).
No chest electrodes or microphones reduces operating costs and improves patient comfort and reading reliability.
Independently programmable measurement periods and inflation intervals.
Features of the monitor
2.4 inch color LCD display
Battery/rechargeable battery operation
USB communication port
PictBridge Compliant
Device independent initialization
3 function keys (Up - Down - Action)
Height 2.76 cm
Depth 10.15 cm
Width 7.0cm
Weight 172 g (without batteries/rechargeable batteries)
Measuring ranges heart rate: 40 to 180/min, pressure: 60 to 260 mmHg for the systolic, 30 to 200 mmHg for the diastolic and 40 to 230 mmHg for the mean arterial pressure.
Pressure measurement method: oscillometry
Automatic measurement intervals: Set via PC initialization, adjustable from 6 minutes (minimum) to 120 minutes (maximum). Up to 12 time periods can be programmed independently. Measurement-free periods can also be specified.
Setting for device-independent initialization: adjustable from 5 minutes (minimum) to 120 minutes (maximum), 2 time periods can be programmed without a PC, day and night.
Measurement duration: Usually 35 to 50 seconds.
Number of measurements: approx. 300 blood pressure measurements with standard size adult cuff, stores 300 blood pressure values per battery set / 500 total.
Cuff pressure: Adult mode: Initial pressure builds to 170 mmHg, cuff then inflates to approximately 30 mmHg above previous systolic pressure.
Child mode: initial pressure build-up to 130mmHg, cuff then inflates to approximately 30mmHg above previous systolic pressure.
Maximum Cuff Pressure: Can be set at initialization up to 270mmHg in adult mode to 250mmHg in pediatric mode
A notice:
The pressure of the cuff may be limited to any pressure up to the maximum value of the device.
Auto Zero: The pressure is automatically released to zero before each measurement.
Artifact rejection: Differentiation between pressure signals, patient movements and respiratory artifacts.
Cuff pressure build-up/depressurization: Pressure build-up and pressure deflation are controlled by a microprocessor.
Data Storage: Non-volatile flash memory, data retained until reprogrammed, timing of events by real-time clock.
Digital Display: 2.4 inch color LCD display shows systolic/diastolic pressure, heart rate and time.
Patient safety: Due to fail-safe mechanisms, the inflation time is less than 180 seconds and the absolute maximum pressure is a maximum of 300 mmHg. The air hose can be pulled off the patient.

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Spacelabs 90227 OnTrak ABPM Recorder
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