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Interventional cardiology is a new branch of cardiology that can examine and treat the heart with so-called catheters. The catheter is a metal wire that goes through the inguinal or brachial artery to the heart. The contrast agent can then be injected through the catheter into the heart cavity or coronary artery to be viewed under X-rays. This enables the vascular structure to be assessed (coronary angiography) and, if necessary, treatment options such as balloon expansion (PTCA) and the insertion of vascular stents (stents). Interventional cardiology is most commonly used in patients with suspected myocardial infarction. By applying a contrast medium to the coronary blood vessels, their structure and patency can be checked. If a contraction is found, balloon expansion can be used to correct it in the same session. As a precautionary measure, a metal bracket (bracket) is often attached at this time to prevent further shrinkage. In some cases, these patients were found to have a complicated stenosis during the examination, such as: B. a vascular bifurcation. In these cases, bypass surgery by a cardiac surgeon is recommended. Cardiology not only focuses on congenital and acquired diseases of the heart (heart disease), but also affects the circulation and blood vessels of the heart. The derived term cardiovascular disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, also includes high blood pressure, stroke, arterial disease and many other diseases, but there is no clear definition (see Cardiovascular Diseases). It overlaps with other specialties (such as angiology, neurology, and pulmonology) in diagnosing and treating diseases that are not directly in the heart.

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