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As a customer-centered company, we view ourselves as an extension of your team. That means we keep your best interests in mind at every turn so that you can feel confident that every project we undertake together will achieve optimal success.

As the world’s foremost contract manufacturer of nitinol self-expandable components to the medical device industry, we offer everything needed to help move your idea from infancy through full-scale production.

- Rapid-Response Prototyping (within a few days)

- Laser technology (Ablating, Cutting, Profiling, Drilling - USP-Laser, Welding)

- Wire technology (Braiding, Winding, Forming)

- Micro assembly (Glueing, Coating)

- NSX (Non-selfexpandable components e.g. Stainless Steel, Cobalt-Chromium, Titanium)

- Test Lab Services (FEA, Corrosion / Tensile / Radial Force / Hydrogen testing etc.)


ADMEDES GmbH > Zertifikate

FDA-registriert und geprüft / Gemäß den aktuellen FDA-Richtlinien, einschließlich GMP QSR-Richtlinien (21 CFR Teil 820) / Unterstützung für PMA, IDE & 510k-Genehmigungsverfahren / DIN EN ISO 13485-zertifiziert

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