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Raney Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Love-Kerrison Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Surgical Instruments
Anton Hipp GmbH
Bajonett Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Pituitary Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
Foramenotomy Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH
axyprotect BLACK | DLC coating
AxynTeC Dünnschichttechnik GmbH
Mastoid Rongeur
Weinmann GmbH

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Bone punches, gouge pliers and rongeurs

Bone punches, gouge pliers and rongeurs

The three basic tools for cutting bones are bone punches, rongeurs, and pliers. The first one is used to pierce the bone, while the latter is used for scooping out bone pieces. These instruments are made of strong steel, while pliers are hollow, and rongeurs are made of brass. Plier-rongeurs are the most popular types of rongeurs.

Bone punches, rongeurs, and rongeurs are commonly used in hand and oral maxillofacial surgery, as well as in cadaver dissection laboratories. The rongeur is a blunt, scoop-shaped instrument that can gnaw through the bone to create a defect for closure by the skin. The rongeur is also used for cadaver dissection. A specialized type of rongeur is the Kerrison resection rongeur, which was invented in 1776 by an English physician named Robert Masters Kerrison. The Kerrison resection rongeur took over 100 years to become the popular instrument today.

Bone cutters are heavy pliers with a pointed jaw and are used in surgery to cut bone or reshape soft tissues. A rongeur's scoop-shaped tip allows the surgeon to slice the bone through, and is sometimes used in cadaver dissection. A rongeur, like a scissors, is a heavy-duty manual instrument that cuts through bones and bisects them.

Pointed reduction forceps are heavy pliers with a pointed jaw used to gnaw into bones. The scoop-shaped blades help gouge bone and may be used in cadaver dissection or orthopedic surgery. While the rongeur is often a heavy-duty manual instrument, it is typically used in oral surgery. If you have to cut through a bone, you should use a rongeur to get a clean cut.

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