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AS Medizintechnik GmbHInstruments and implant systems for osteosynthesis

Instruments and implant systems for osteosynthesis

Plates and Screws for mini, small and large fragments are only a selection from our wide range. With our special catalog Osteosynthesis our aim is to provide the majority of implants and instruments for orthopedic surgeons.

Intramedullary- and interlocking nails, insertion and removal instruments as well as interference screws do complete our program. Further to that our own AS specialties such as our STOTZ Femoral shaft revision centralizer is well known in various Hospitals to reduce timing on a hip revision done on the cement basis.

Our basic bone handheld instruments such as raspatories elevators, sharp spoons, curettes, bone levers and many more can be found in our surgical catalog. Additionally we do offer the necessary soft tissue instruments, hooks, retractors and holding systems within our surgical catalog.

Through various search functions in our PRODUCT-FINDER, you will be able to find products you are looking for. You will receive clear product information and can generate inquiries directly through the system, as well as print out individual product images and descriptions.

You can find the Osteosynthesis catalog as PDF file in our MEDIA LIBRARY.

AS surgical instruments were founded 20 years ago. Our products are characterized by high and consistent quality. Only through selected manufacturers / suppliers and our own quality management system can the quality of our surgical instruments be kept consistently high.

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