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AS Medizintechnik GmbHasipco® Sterilizing-Container System

asipco® Sterilizing-Container System


STABILITY - Constructive solutions and innovative manufacturing processes ensure a solid overall dimensional stability.

SAFETY - Reliability and safety in terms of maintaining sterility on the principle of “Pasteur loops”.

RELIABILITY - Intuitive, reliable, time-saving and safe handling for stress-free working.

LOGIC - Logically organised from A to Z, with smart components and accessories compatible with the system.

HYGIENE - Cleaning-friendly and hygienic properties.

The new AS Sterilizing-Container System was developed with focus on robust everyday suitability, safe, fast and intuitive handling and sustainability.
Choose from a complete system, including practical user-friendly components.

You can find the asipco® Sterilizing-Container System leaflet as PDF file in our MEDIA LIBRARY.

Produkt Design: Barski Design

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asipco® Sterilizing-Container System
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