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Arthroscopy Instruments

Basket punches in combination with multiple hook- and cutting punches build the basis of each minimal invasive set used for Arthroscopy procedures. We are able to offer our arthroscopy instruments within knee-, shoulder-, hip- and small joints examination and treatments. 

To fulfill our range of Arthroscopy we also offer the dedicated classic handheld instruments, shafts, trocars, obturators, light cables and HD as well as HDS endoscopes.

Three different lines of arthroscopy punches allow surgeons to select from a large portfolio:


WHITE-LINE arthroscopy instruments, pinned and basic line of punches.
SILVER LINE arthroscopy instruments, pin-less, small selection for an excellent price-ratio.
BLACK LINE arthroscopy instruments, pin-less, special coating, biggest portfolio and state of the art.

In combination with the wide range of scalpel knives, hook probes, banana knives, meniscotomes, sickle knives, ring curettes, bayonet knives, rosette knives, spoons and cartilage files we are able to offer a complete set on surgeons demand with a high end endoscope and light cable.

Through various search functions in our PRODUCT-FINDER, you will be able to find products you are looking for. You will receive clear product information and can generate inquiries directly through the system, as well as print out individual product images and descriptions.

You can find the Arthroscopy Instruments leaflet as PDF file in our MEDIA LIBRARY.

AS surgical instruments were founded 20 years ago. Our products are characterized by high and consistent quality. Only through selected manufacturers / suppliers and our own quality management system can the quality of our surgical instruments be kept consistently high.

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Arthroscopy Instruments

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