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Arthroscopy Instruments
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Arthroscopy instruments

Arthroscopy instruments

The growth of arthroscopy instruments is being driven by the rising incidence of sports-related musculoskeletal disorders. These procedures help diagnose and treat a number of diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Globally, 1.9 billion people are expected to have musculoskeletal disorders by 2031, driving the market for artroscopy instruments. The growing prevalence of these conditions is also a key driver of growth for artroscopy instruments.

Various players have stepped into the market for arthroscopy instruments. In 2018, DePuy launched its PURVUE high-definition visualization system and Olympus unveiled its ENDOEYE 3D video telescope. In South America, Smith & Nephew entered into a multi-country distribution agreement with OrthAlign, a startup company that has developed innovative products and tools for arthroscopy procedures.

The global arthroscopy instruments market is dominated by several players. Companies such as Smith & Nephew and DePuy launched their latest high-definition visualization systems. In addition, a number of emerging regions, such as South America, have developed a growing infrastructure and a rising prevalence of bone disorders. Further, many companies have entered into partnerships with new startups to expand their product portfolios.

A number of companies are making arthroscopy instruments for use in orthopedic surgery. Some of these companies have established a global presence. They include Conmed, Zimmer Biomet, and Smith & Nephew. Among these, Stryker, Arthex, and DePuy Synthes are the leading names in the industry. These companies also manufacture surgical devices for orthopedic surgeons. Moreover, their products are durable and require very little sharpening after two years.

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in the arthroscopy instruments market, with North America and Europe the second largest market. The region has a large patient pool, is undergoing a rising number of arthroscopy procedures, and has the highest growth potential for arthroscopy instruments. A number of major players in this region include Conmed and Zimmer Biomet. The U.S. market for artroscopy instruments is driven by the increasing demand for hip, shoulder, and knee surgeries.

The arthroscopy instruments market is segmented geographically. The U.S. is the largest market, accounting for nearly ninety percent of the value of arthroscopy instruments. Similarly, Western Europe comprises France, Italy, and Spain, while the Asia Pacific region includes Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Australia. In North America, arthroscopy instruments are used in hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries.

An arthroscopist uses several small instruments to perform arthroscopy. These instruments are often used in joint surgeries, ranging from ligament and tendon tears to cartilage damage. In some cases, the arthroscopist can see a fracture in its lower joint through an arthroscope, and can even see the marrow underneath it. Besides being helpful for arthroscopy, a surgeon can use specialized equipment for various types of procedures.

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