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Traumatology - instruments & implants
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UniX™ Bar Trauma Fixator
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MIS Z-Pedicle Screw System
Z-Medical GmbH + Co. KG
Bone plates and screws
HIPP medical AG

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Bone screws

Bone screws

Bioretec's RemeOs(tm) screw products are intended for the fixation of bone fractures and correction of deformities and malalignments. The screws form a temporary support for a fractured bone and contain bioactive materials that assist in the formation of new bone during the healing process. In this study, patients with abutment screw loosening experienced no adverse effects. However, there were some advantages of using Bioretec RemeOs(tm) implant products over lag screws.

Quick-screw implants have five threads and are manufactured in three different lengths. The threads correspond to notches on the self-centering drills. Unlike other types of screws, quick-screw implants are sometimes indicated when other types of screws encounter obstacles, such as cortical bone, which can deflect the screw trajectory. These screws also have a tapered profile, which makes them more suitable for first-choice implants.

Reflect(tm) Tapered Screw Implants offer surgeons a superior choice for retaining screws in difficult-to-reach areas. These screws are compatible with the body of the implant and offer uncompromised value, performance and quality. Compared to conventional titanium and plastic implants, they have higher durability and better aesthetic results. They are available in a variety of lengths and thread patterns. A screw that is not compatible with the body of the patient may cause complications.

Traditional screw implants can cause problems. These metal devices are often too small to penetrate the soft cancellous bone and can fracture, and the screw can shift direction. In some cases, the screws can cause a change of direction, destroying the fragile trabeculae in the process. In other cases, the metal implant will break and fall out, which could compromise the primary stability of the joint. Therefore, a screw is essential to the success of a surgical procedure.

The RemeOs(tm) Screw metal implants are an exciting new development in implant technology. They are a bioresorbable metal alloy with a unique bioresorbable titanium core. These implants are a great option for many applications. Because they are bioresorbable, they can be inserted without any complications and are compatible with the body's own tissues. They are also a great option for treating conditions involving the hip.

A screw that is designed to retain a prosthetic component is important for many reasons. It is crucial for the fastener to be able to sustain the structure of the joint, as this will result in a weakened implant. The preload of a screw determines the stability of a mechanical joint. Generally, a fastener is designed to withstand a torque of up to 75% of its maximum tensile strength. A high torque will damage the screw and the patient.

Although the two implant systems are compatible, they do not necessarily have the same level of stability. In addition, the two screw types may differ in how well they perform under different conditions. In addition to their compatibility, both types of screws can affect the stability of a joint. As a result, it is important to choose the right one for your specific needs. For example, the right length of the screw is necessary for a proper fit. If the screw is too long, the joint may not function correctly.

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