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Since 1919 Stoma / Storz am Mark has its head office in the district of Tuttlingen in southern Germany (today Liptingen). We produce precision dental instruments guided by “passion for perfection”. Innovative product ideas that are the result of direct dialogue with customers and recognized speakers are internally developed, produced and placed on the market.

Our fully integrated medium-sized family business is managed already by the 3rd generation and belongs amongst the leading manufacturers. We produce a comprehensive range of standard and special instruments.

Today, the high quality products enjoy a worldwide reputation for excellence in dentistry. Stoma / Storz am Mark distributes these instruments worldwide by using the brand stoma®. Moreover we sell standard and customized products to specialist dealers and OEM partners. This refers to both medical products and products that are not developed for medical applications.


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DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 + Anhang II der Richtlinie 93/42/EWG

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