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Instrument sets

Instrument sets

Several surgical service lines across the country have standardized their instrument sets to improve efficiency and patient safety. The OHNS department led the way in implementing the program with a 93-instrument standard set, based on shared census among surgeons. Afterwards, the team continued the process by reviewing another 8472 trays, and the average error rate was 13.5%. In one calendar year, the team was able to improve the efficiencies of over 3,000 trays.

Today, healthcare systems have begun using various methods to manage surgical instrument sets. Some of these methods include preference cards, barcode scanning, and radio frequency identification tags. These technologies help hospitals and physicians track their mobile equipment in real-time. While all of these methods have their advantages, these modern tools are the most efficient solution for surgeons looking to optimize their operations. These devices are highly reusable and rust- and corrosion-resistant. They are also easy to use, which means that they are more convenient to use and maintain.

In addition to the benefits of RFID technology, surgical instrument sets can benefit from a number of other technologies. In a recent study, researchers at an academic medical center in New Jersey identified that a new technology known as ORLocate could streamline workflow processes and help save money by eliminating manual scanning. It also improved efficiency and reduced cost associated with sterile processing. By integrating these solutions, hospitals can maximize their OR efficiency and offer patients more efficient care.

The OHNS program was a pilot project that focused on the reduction of instrument sets for sinus/oral and nasal surgeries. They used a four-phase review process to streamline and customize the instrument sets for their users. Ultimately, the new instrument sets resulted in fewer trays being opened per case. The overall reduction in trays was five percent. Despite the new design, there were still over six million individual instruments in the OHNS department in fiscal year 2017.

In a recent study, the OHNS department found that the overall number of instruments per case was reduced by 10%. The reduction in instrument sets was highest in the cases of sinus/oral surgeries and rhinoplasties, but the rate varied across sites. The OHNS program hired multiple new surgeons in 2015, and their case volume increased by 15% in 2016. Consequently, a significant improvement in patient care could be seen by optimizing the amount of instruments for the OHNS program.

In addition to the initial cost, surgical instrument sets cover the vast majority of surgical specialties. OHNS surgical staff, scrub nurses, and sterile processing staff attended an instrument set review day where each surgery group reviewed each instrument set and determined the necessary changes for operative efficiency. In addition, the staff member noted any changes, the reason for making the change, and the user who requested the change. The average assembly time for an instrument set was four to five minutes per procedure.

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