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Rudolf Storz: First-class medical technology. Made in Germany.

For more than half a century, the name of Rudolf Storz has stood for highest precision, reliability and the proverbial Swabian inventiveness. This is the tradition of our company, which remains family-run to this day. As a forward-looking manufacturer, we have modernized the entire production in recent years and invested heavily in the automation of our machinery. In addition, we work in two to three-shift operation and were therefore able to significantly increase our output.

The broad range of products from Rudolf Storz GmbH in the area of surgical instruments

extends from services such as electro-polishing, passivating and grinding and the development of customer-specific solutions all the way to assembly with a high level of vertical integration. Everything is “Made in Germany” at our location in Emmingen near Tuttlingen. For highest quality, speed and efficiency.

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Produktwelt Rudolf Storz

From a one-piece standard instrument to a highly complex set with or a special solution?

At Rudolf Storz, more than 7,000 standard instruments can be delivered within a very short time.

However, our specialty is the development and implementation of customer-specific solutions. Thanks to in-house toolmaking and an enormous vertical range of manufacture, we can also meet complex requirements. Using exceptional production methods, we can make almost anything possible for you - especially exclusive custom-made products.

Our standard product portfolio is divided into the following categories:

  • drilling machines/ saws
  • orthopedics
  • spinal instruments
  • dermatomes
  • retractor
  • rib spreader
  • bone lever
  • hammers
  • Fixation/ retraction and support system
  • ENT instruments
  • custom made


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