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Dermatomes Instruments
Rudolf Storz GmbH
Dermatomes Instrumentarium
medical bees GmbH
Titanium surgical instruments
Bäramed Instrumente GmbH

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Dermatology of the area Dermatology (skin and sexually transmitted diseases) (SUBJECT AREA) - Dermatology (skin and sexually transmitted diseases) (SUBJECT AREA)

Dermatology Products and services from the categories Dermatology in medical technology or other healthcare-related industries .

Dermatology encompasses a wide variety of conditions and procedures that are required to diagnose and treat these diseases. According to the "Continuing Education Regulations", dermatology comprises the following content and areas of activity: health advice, (early) discovery, conservative and surgical treatment and rehabilitation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and its blood vessels, skin appendages and mucous membranes near the skin, including immune diseases in the Region related prevention, detection, surgical treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation of skin organs and mucosal tumors, including basic knowledge of tumor treatment in this area care of patients in need of palliative care Psychological symptoms, somatic psychological response and socio-psychological relationship detection and treatment of regional allergic diseases detection and treatment of regionally determined fascial vascular diseases including chronic venous insufficiency, leg ulcers and peripheral lymphatic drainage diseases detection of rectal diseases and indications Area-based drugs, including topical and systemic drugs and dermatological drugs Prevention, detection, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational skin diseases Basic knowledge of commercial and environmental dermatology including regional toxicology Wound care, wound treatment and bandages Emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock Instructions, appropriate specimen collection and processing for the laboratory examination and classification of the results in their respective clinical pictures

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