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Bone forceps

Bone forceps

The multipurpose use of surgical bone forceps is common in orthopedic procedures. These instruments are typically shaped like pliers and are used to hold, rotate, and reduce bones. They are also used for other purposes, such as holding nails or screws. The following are examples of different types of forceps. They are classified according to their patterns. Farabeuf Lambott, Debekey, Kern, Liston, Ruskin, and Zhou & Feng.

The mechanism of this surgical bone forceps is designed to provide fine and gross control of the clamping force. Current devices increase clamping force in discrete intervals and release all of it at once. While these mechanisms provide fine and sensitive control, they are inefficient and do not have the desirable "complete release" feature. Therefore, the inventor has come up with a novel locking system for these instruments. It is made of two components: a friction bar that has a central curvature that is parallel to the axis of the master pivot and a gliding hole that is pivoted to a forceps arm.

The newest design of surgical bone forceps allows for fine and gross adjustment. The clutchable worm and rack locking mechanism allows surgeons to adjust the clamping force while retaining the jaws against the bone. The current devices have a "discrete" mechanism for increasing the clamping pressure and "complete release" for the forceps. Neither of these mechanisms provides for a complete release feature. A new design will eliminate these drawbacks and make the surgical bone forcesps a versatile tool in medical settings.

Surgical bone forceps are an essential tool for surgical procedures. A surgeon uses bone forceps to grasp and manipulate pieces of bone, including fragments. They can reduce fracture while securing the bones for orthopedic implants. They are also incredibly useful in fracture repair and reconstruction. However, despite their usefulness in these procedures, these instruments are also a bit more expensive than other similar instruments. A good bone forceps is worth the money.

A scissors-shaped forceps are a staple removal tool. A circular cannula is used to remove broken bones, while a pair of bone-cutting forceps have a long handle. These devices can be very useful in many cases. There are many different styles of surgical bone forceps available in the market. They can be used in both open and closed joint surgeries. So, they have the flexibility to be used in any situation.

Another example of a surgical bone forceps is a bone forceps 100. It consists of two identically shaped forceps arms connected by a master pivot. These arms serve as jaws and are often equipped with finger grips. A guide shaft connects the jaws with a guide shaft. This guide shaft is welded to the pivots. Its length is 36 mm. A bone forceps is an essential tool in orthopedic surgery.

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