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Compression screws (bone)

Compression screws (bone)

The present invention relates to an active compression orthopedic joining member, specifically a screw. These bone screws stabilize bones, particularly fractures and fusions. There are several ways to improve the pullout strength of bone screws. One common strategy is to adjust the thread pitch and size to provide greater axial force. Other strategies involve the use of expandable length, variable pitch thread, and a self-tapping mechanism. Regardless of the particular application, these implants provide optimal stability and performance.

A compression screw can be used to stabilize a bone segment in a variety of ways. For example, a compression screw may have a spool-shaped body, wherein the spool-shaped body is threaded and extends along the axial length of the device. Such a design provides axial preload to the bone segment. Axial force is applied over time. A guide wire is used to guide the compression screw into a desired location within the bone.

Another embodiment of the present invention includes a compression screw having a central bore 26 that extends through the axial length L1 and forms a longitudinal cannula through the screw body. In addition to preventing excessive length changes, the cannula-like design allows for less invasive surgical procedures. The use of a guide wire allows surgeons to insert a screw in a precise location and ensures that the screws are secure and stable.

A compression bone screw is a surgical device used to repair fractures. It is inserted into the bone through rotation. Its proximal and distal portions engage the first and second regions of the bone, while the expandable medial portion elongates. After insertion, the implant may be retracted and the patient can then be awoken from the anesthesia. The screw is repositioned and secured to the fracture.

A compression bone screw is a threaded device that is inserted into the bone by rotating the implant. Its proximal and distal threaded sections engage the first and second regions of the bone, which stabilizes the joint. The proximal part also provides an axial force that may elongate the center section. This process requires minimal pain and is an effective option for a fractured bone.

The screw is cannulated through its length and may include a spring. The screw's distal threading allows for the bone to grow in through the screw. Typically, two screws are used. The length of the distal screw is shorter than the length of the screw. The screw can be screwed into multiple bone fragments with a driver, or it can be incorporated into a titanium spline to stabilize the bone.

The deformable portion of a compression bone screw can be threaded or without threads. The deformable portion of the screw member is designed to facilitate the insertion of bone tissue. This type of screw may also be a non-threaded version, in which the distal threaded portion of the screw is oriented in a helical fashion. This configuration may facilitate the insertion of a compression bone screw into a fractured bone.

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