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Medical device verification & validation

Medical device verification & validation

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Medical device verification is a critical step in the development process. During this phase of product development, tests, inspections, and analyses are used to verify the device's functionality and fit for purpose. Achieving validation requires documentation of the design inputs, which are documented in the master record. Testing can include everything inside the packaging, such as the labeling and packaging. During the validation process, the device's functionality is confirmed through simulated user tests.

Medical device verification and validation requires various levels of expertise, from chemistry to software engineering to integrated chips and prototyping methods. This is why starting with the right team for this process is vital. In addition, management cannot expect employees to perform verification and validation without proper training. For example, software engineers may not have been trained in the standards of medical devices, so they will need additional training. Using templates will streamline the process and ensure a quality product.

Choosing the right team is essential for a successful validation. It is impossible to perform medical device verification and validation if no one is properly trained in the process. Whether a product is electronic, manual, or implanted, it should undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the standards for the specific use and application. In addition, management should not expect employees to perform the validation process without proper training. In this case, the management must hire the right people and train them on the standards.

A good process also involves the monitoring and control methods. If these methods are followed, they must be recorded. If they are not, the monitoring and control methods must be reassessed. It should be noted that the procedure was conducted and the results were verified. If any deviations were found, the data should be analyzed and documented. These procedures are essential for the quality and safety of medical devices. The process must be accurate and repeatable, and it should be performed accurately and consistently.

During the development process, the company must implement the verification process. This includes the validation of products and their processes. After manufacturing, the devices are inspected and tested to ensure they work properly. During this process, the company must ensure that all the components and processes are in accordance with the standards and regulations. The FDA can issue a notice if the products are not compliant with these standards. If the processes are not validated, the device is not compliant and must be recalled.

In addition to the design verification process, the company must conduct inspections. The verification process must involve the use of human participants in the testing. Moreover, the design validation process should involve the participation of the end users. The simulated validation method, often involving mathematical modeling, is necessary to ensure that the device can work under the intended environmental conditions. This is an important part of the medical device development lifecycle. It is essential to have an effective quality management system for all processes.

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