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Rudischhauser Surgical Instruments & Implants Manufacturing GmbH
Mazor X surgical guidance system
MPE Deutschland
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Z-Medical GmbH + Co. KG
Manufacturing of implants
JakuTec Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG

1 - 6 by 6 results

Spinal implants

Spinal implants

Spinal implants can correct a number of problems, including spinal stenosis. These devices use titanium screws to anchor the vertebrae to the spine, and can help the spine regain its correct alignment. There are several different types of implants, and each one has a specific purpose. Some patients may benefit from a combination of implant types, or a combination of surgical techniques. Some patients may benefit from a combination approach.

In some cases, patients may feel discomfort while undergoing surgery. If this is the case, a spinal implant can be used to prevent further damage. While the procedure may seem expensive and invasive, it is often more affordable over time compared to the cost of pain medication and physical therapy. The FDA has approved all forms of spinal implant technology, and manufacturers claim that their techniques are superior to traditional care. The devices are inserted under the skin, where they can promote bone growth and prevent further injury.

Newer technology has made spinal implants more flexible. They provide stabilization to the facet joints and vertebrae. The implants are more flexible than standard medical devices, but they still require axial support. The use of spring elements is one way to provide axial support. This method is more effective than surgery. Further, the procedure can save you money because you no longer have to pay for pain medications or physical therapy. You can also get rid of your symptom and improve your quality of life.

While some patients can heal on their own, others require surgery. While a broken vertebra can heal itself, a spinal implant can restore spinal stability. If a patient has a fractured vertebra, it is important to consider a spine-implant before undergoing surgery. The new regulations impact manufacturing costs, packaging, and marketing. They will require all manufacturers to review all their products to ensure safety and effectiveness. This will increase their overall costs and hamper the growth of the industry.

The reclassification of spinal implants has caused a lot of confusion. Manufacturers are scrambling to make sure the procedures are safe and effective. As a result, reclassifying these devices will significantly impact their budgets. The new rules will affect thousands of parts and their manufacturers. However, this is not a reason to stop you from getting a spinal implant. These surgeries can save your life and help you live a healthier life.

Different types of spinal implants are available. The titanium implants are a popular option. They are lightweight and are good for MRI imaging. In addition to titanium implants, a titanium rod will be placed in the patient's back. Another type of implant is a low-profile cervical plate. The latter is thinner and flatter against the patient's anatomy. The screws may be coated with a material to promote fusion. The device will stabilize the spinal segment and help relieve the patient's pain.

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