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Polishing of work pieces
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Polishing machine

Polishing machine

The modern Polishing machine adopts the ring-type polishing method. The emulsion is dosed alternately with the cooling liquid. The sample is polished until it is free of scratches. The new model adopts the ULTRACOLLIMATOR technology. This machine is equipped with a lcd screen and all controls to align samples. It can lap multiple samples in parallel. This feature makes it ideal for hand-polishing and lapping samples.

The ULTRAPOL Polishing System is a proven solution for post-processing metal parts. The patented DryLyte Technology improves the results of traditional polishing methods. Its applications span from grinding and deburring to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing. It also helps in maintaining the geometry of the parts and respects the tolerances. The ULTRAPOL system is the perfect choice for medical device manufacturing.

It is highly versatile and is ideal for the manufacturing of medical devices. The ULTRAPOL polishing system offers precision and flexibility. Its DLyte technology offers a wide range of applications, including mirror polishing, high gloss polishing, and electro-optics. The ULTRAPOL Medical Series machines are equipped with a patented DryLyte technology and offer an extensive range of services.

The Scepter Medical Device Polisher is a PC-controlled device with an integrated air-polish routine. The PRO500 features a powerful motor and automated PC controls. The Scepter also offers dual-head options, which are great for high-volume connector polishing. This CMP polishing machine can polish waveguides as well. The Scepter Medical Device Polisher is also a Telcordia-compliant and CE-marked.

The Scepter Medical Device Polisher is a high-performance, automated PC-controlled system that supports 12 connectors. Its DLyte® chemical solution allows it to mirror polish components with higher quality in a shorter time. In addition, DLyte is a better choice for the medical industry due to its faster performance. Its viability is higher than the blank control and 100% of the sample compared to the blank. The mean value of the two different materials was 15%.

An Ultrapol 8" Polishing Machine is a versatile piece of equipment. Its configuration is 100-220/240V. Its timer and tachometer are included. The system also has a process-end indicator. The ULTRAPOL Advance Polishing System includes a base unit with a timer, oscillator, and 8" (200mm) polishing plate. Its speed can be adjusted automatically and is programmable.

DLyte is a non-abrasive system that reduces surface roughness without compromising the original shape of the part. Moreover, it respects tolerances and is particularly useful for parts that require a sharp edge. This machine is capable of achieving a uniform finish throughout the surface. It also has a foldable dust protection cover and an illuminated polishing area. This system will make your work easier.

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