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Clamps (arthroscopy)

Clamps (arthroscopy)

The Atraumatic Clamp is a versatile tool for compressing body parts during surgical examinations. This instrument has a rounded shank with two types of jaws: spoon shaped and straight. It has sufficient clamping force to prevent tissue trauma. The DeBakey Multi-Purpose Clamp has a straight and angled shank and small and large jaws for maximum tissue occlusion. Atraumatic clamps are often used to close wounds, so they must be used carefully.

The Atraumatic Clamp is commonly used during bowel surgery. It provides gentle grasping while minimizing tissue trauma. These tools are designed to fit specific blood vessels and surgical techniques. Each vascular clamp has a different design, with a straight shaft and curved jaws. Atraumatic bowel clamps are designed to maximize safety and minimize the risk of infection. The sizing system allows surgeons to select the most appropriate type of suture based on the size and type of the vessel to be operated.

Atraumatic clamps have several advantages for vascular surgeons. For example, they are more versatile than atraumatic versions and can be used in different bowel surgeries. Their jaws have horizontal serrations that provide greater traction. They are also manufactured in high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that the surgeon has a clear view of the blood vessel. Atraumatic Clamps also allow for faster and safer procedures. Atraumatic Clamps are designed to minimize intimal damage and atherosclerotic material.

Atraumatic Clamps are the best option for a surgical procedure. They are effective in removing large volumes of fluid. Atraumatic Clamps are also known as atraumatic suction devices. In fact, they are often used in emergency surgery. Atraumatic clamps are used to hold the abdominal wall back for access to the tissues underneath. They are designed to be extremely flexible, which makes them ideal for emergency situations. Once in place, they are used to stabilize the abdominal wall and facilitate surface suction.

Atraumatic Clamps are atraumatic devices. Atraumatic clamps are used for surgery and are used for various procedures. The most commonly used are the Army-Navy Retractor and the Deaver Retractor. They are anchored to the operating table for holding back the abdominal wall. Atraumatic Clamps are generally not recommended during ENT surgery. Atraumatic Retractors have the ability to reduce the amount of trauma caused by a surgical procedure.

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