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SpO2 sensor Masimo LNCS DCI
Nispel GmbH
SpO2 ear sensor for Philips/HP
Nispel GmbH
SpO2 sensor Masimo LNCS DBI
Nispel GmbH
SpO2 sensor Masimo LNCS TF-I
Nispel GmbH
SpO2 Sensors Masimo LNCS Adtx
Nispel GmbH
iXpending®– fascia drainage
Boeger-Therapie, die Narbentherapie
SpO2 sensor Masimo LNCS DCIP
Nispel GmbH
SpO2 sensor Masimo LNCS TC-I
Nispel GmbH

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Medical Rehabilitation

Medical Rehabilitation

Specialists in physical and rehabilitative medicine diagnose physical illnesses, damage and their consequences across disciplines, treat and rehabilitate patients and thus prevent relapses. Specialists in physical and rehabilitative medicine work mainly in rehabilitation clinics, specialist clinics and specialist practices. In addition, they can also work in medical research and teaching.

The field of physical and rehabilitation medicine includes the treatment of physical impairments with the methods of physical therapy such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical training therapy, manual therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation therapy, heat and cold therapy or balneotherapy.

This area also includes the creation of rehabilitation plans and the implementation of rehabilitation measures including early rehabilitation with the aim of eliminating or reducing the consequences of illness. The specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine also deals with the assessment of performance and resilience, work ability, occupational and earning capacity and the need for care.

This area also includes developing rehabilitation plans and implementing rehabilitation interventions, including early recovery, to eliminate or reduce the effects of the disease. Physical and rehabilitation medicine experts are also responsible for assessing performance and adaptability, work ability, career and income ability, and care needs. Physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) includes secondary prevention, detection, expert diagnosis, secondary prevention of diseases and damage and their consequences, detection, specialist diagnosis and treatment, as well as physiotherapy, manual therapy, natural therapy and balneotherapy, as well as climate therapy and rehabilitation plans.

Similarly, other PRMs focus on the treatment of osteoporosis, chronic musculoskeletal pain, chronic neurological disorders, early rehabilitation, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal disorders are the main cause of chronic pain, physical damage and reduced quality of life. Our main aim is to restore, improve or maintain the daily life, activities and independence of people of all ages, and to participate in or maintain social life activities for as long as possible.

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