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Once excited - solved forever!

So that you can do a thousand things again

Hiking, skiing, dancing or simply playing on the floor with the children, being pain-free and as flexible as possible, you can do that again as soon as the scars in your body are loosened. Do you think you have no scars? Or is it that your scars aren't causing any discomfort?

Scars are adhesions caused by inflammation in the body. Scars can be visible from surgery or other external injuries. Visible scars are often not a direct problem, but they have a major impact on our health.

Most scars are invisible, they were caused by injections, vaccinations, blood donations, but also from bruises and bruises. We then speak of adhesions in the fascia system.

Scars and adhesions cause layers of skin to stick to the subcutaneous tissue, tendons to tendon sheaths, muscle tissue to the periosteum, organs to organs. The movements cannot continue. The loss of mobility forces people to adopt an unhealthy posture. The body reacts with wear and tear and pain.

Scars and adhesions are permanent and cannot be solved by any independent exercise, neither yoga, stretching, or other techniques. Fascia rolls and scrapers cannot loosen scars either. The short-term positive effect can be explained by the forceful decongestion of the fascia. So far there has only been one possibility to permanently loosen scars and adhesions: the Boeger therapy

Once the adhesions have been loosened, you can do 1000 things painlessly and flexibly again.

The Boeger® concept

The Boeger® concept consists of three complementary areas:

  1. Boeger® therapy for diagnosing and loosening adhesions in the fascia system. The therapy can be carried out manually or with the Cibionic® instrument developed by David Boeger. It measures the tissue pressure and records the course of therapy at the same time.
  2. iXpending® for mobilization and decongestion of the organ and muscle fascia, as well as strength and endurance training for everyday life.
  3. REMovement® serves to reduce stress and muscle tension, lowers the sympathetic tone and can be used very well for fear and emotional stress.


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