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Air purifier for laboratories

Air purifier for laboratories

Purchasing an air purifier for a laboratory is essential for preserving the purity of the air within the space. There are several options to choose from, and you can even customize it to meet the exact needs of your lab. With the help of a professional, you can ensure that your air is as clean as possible. Listed below are some of the top options for air purifiers for laboratories. If you have any questions, please contact us.

HALO: HALO air purifiers reduce the risk of contamination, especially for biological specimens. These machines filter particles and molecules from the air to keep them from being spread. HALO is designed to continuously draw in dirty air and recirculate it as clean. It requires no HVAC retrofits, air renewal systems, or venting. HALO's flexibility means that they can be used in multiple lab configurations.

IQAir GCX: The IQAir GCX is a laboratory air filtration unit that provides ample air exchange rate and filters PM 2.5 and bacteria. It is an excellent choice for biotechnology, medical, and socially isolated laboratories. It can also be used in hospitals, assisted living homes, and universities. HALO is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Achieve a healthy environment with a laboratory air purifier.

HALO: HALO is a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted air purifier that can recirculate air without connecting to the HVAC. This makes it easy to integrate with any lab's workspace hygiene solution. This high-quality, flexible air purifiers remove hazardous gases and particles and improve workroom hygiene. In addition to being an excellent choice for laboratories, HALO is also compatible with a wide range of other types of workspaces.

Erlab: Erlab is a laboratory air filtration system with a dual purpose. This device recirculates clean air or serves as a fresh-air supply system. It filters pollutants and protects lab personnel from exposure. An Erlab air purifier is a simple plug-and-play recirculation air purifier. Unlike standalone systems, it does not require any additional hardware and is very easy to install.

Erlab: This air filtration system uses Activated Type 1 carbon gas filters to eliminate harmful VOCs and organic odours from the laboratory air. This system also uses a recirculation system to save energy and space. A standalone laboratory air filtration unit is recommended for this application because it is easy to install and can be installed without any specific installation work. A single deflector grille at both ends is an additional feature that many laboratory owners prefer.

A standalone air purifier for laboratories can be used in a medical or laboratory environment. They can recirculate clean air from the surrounding area or serve as a fresh-air supply system. The filter is able to filter pollutants, including VOCs, and eliminate harmful gases. A standalone laboratory air filtration system can be installed anywhere in the laboratory and is easy to operate. These units can be a plug-and-play system that is easily integrated.

IQAir laboratory air filtration units can be installed anywhere in the laboratory, and can be conveniently placed near the source of the contamination. These units come with a dedicated wall mount and range of accessories that allow you to place them precisely where you need them. The biggest risk of formalin exposure comes from filling containers and transferring samples. During these processes, a high volume of formalin vapour or gas is released into the laboratory.

It is a great investment in your lab. Its HEPA filter is able to filter 99% of airborne particles, making it safe for the personnel working in the lab. The filtering units can be mounted directly to the source of contamination, and can also be integrated into the HVAC system. They are designed for laboratories and can be mounted wherever you need them to be. The filters are effective in filtering all kinds of pollutants, from dust to bacteria and viruses.

The purifiers for laboratories use a patented process called "Puraclenz." This process is similar to the way that ultraviolet rays from the sun react with air molecules in the atmosphere. The UV light is reflected from the purifier's blades to the interior core, generating an exceptional amount of ions. This high-level ionization process is an essential step in protecting the personnel working in a laboratory.

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