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Prosthetics is a scientific or professional field that specializes in the design or manufacture of prostheses, that is, the artificial replacement of lost organs or parts of the body (such as arms or legs). Therefore it represents the medical application of mechanics as well as the medical application of electronics and other professional fields. Prostheses have to be differentiated from orthoses. The latter cannot replace parts of the body, but can correct, support or relieve stress. Prostheses are divided into several sub-regions, e.g. BB sports prostheses specially designed for artificial limbs designed for disabled athletes. Sometimes glasses, contact lenses, artificial glasses or corresponding chips are called adaptive prostheses. Prosthetics is a medical specialty that focuses on the oral rehabilitation of missing teeth and extensive missing jaws and face (overlapped with dentures). It includes all relevant biological, functional, socio-psychological, material and technical aspects. The prostheses include long-term care in close interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical and dental departments. In addition to maintaining the oral structure and improving the quality of life, the benefits of the whole organism must also be taken into account. Prostheses are usually artificial replacement prostheses (prostheses) to make up for missing organs or body parts (such as eyes or hands). In particular, prosthesis restoration is a sub-area of the dental area that includes the planning, manufacture and integration of prostheses and thus contributes to the restoration of the oral condition. Prosthetics is a medical specialty that includes oral restoration, restoring the natural function and beauty of teeth after tooth loss or tooth material damage. Tooth restoration means replacing natural teeth in a variety of ways, including all biological, biomechanical, functional, socio-psychological, material and technical aspects of treatment. The aim of prosthetics is to provide patients with high-quality prostheses that are individually and precisely manufactured in a dental laboratory. With the latest medical technology and digital workflow, patients, dentists and dental technicians can find the best personal care to restore the natural function and beauty of teeth.

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