Biro Medizintechnik Gerhard Biro e.K.

Manufacturer & Sales Supplier

Biro Medizintechnik Gerhard Biro e.K. company portrait

The master surgical mechanic and master mechanic Gerhard Biro founded
his company as early as 1965.

Gerhard Biro, who received special training at Josef in 1956
Winter, Jungingen, brings in his specialty, construction
of the world-famous tonometer according to Prof. Schioetz, thus over 40 years
practical experience and craftsmanship with.

In the early years, Biro Medizintechnik was an important supplier
for well-known companies such as Aesculap, Lawton and Rudolf from the area

Certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016.

Careful selection of high quality raw, auxiliary and
Operating materials are the basis of the high quality level of all office

Ensure constant quality checks during the manufacturing process
the absolute reliability and functionality of the precision instruments
their entire life cycle.

Get in contact with us:

Biro medical technology
Gerhard Biro
Engeleswies 1
72393 Burladingen-Hausen iK
Phone +49 7475 7134
Fax +49 7475 211



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DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

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