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Operating lights in the medical technology industry

Operating lights

The operating room lamp, also known as the operating room lamp, is a lighting device in the operating room that illuminates the part of the patient's body that is to lie on the operating table. It is comparable to the operating light of every well-known dentist. The lighting in the operating room complies with the DIN 5035-3 standards. It is a workplace lighting that uses artificial light. Personnel who work under the light obstruct the shadow-free illumination of the operating area. The resulting shadows can be balanced out by other lighting elements, which is why modern operating room lights consist of several individually adjustable arms. Nowadays it is usually hung from the ceiling. Therefore, it can be optimally adjusted without affecting the floor space and mobility. A wide range of interventions in different specialist areas requires a lot of flexibility, since the lighting has to be very different and has to be aligned during the procedure. For this reason, it is customary today to cover the handle of the lamp in a sterile manner so that the surgeon also wears sterile clothing and can manually adapt it to his needs. The operating table (operating table) refers to the operating table on which the patient lies during the operation. It is used for the specific positioning of this patient so that the surgeon can comfortably perform the appropriate operation. The modern operating table can be moved on a bracket and attached to a column in the middle of the operating room for the operation.

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