Manual follow-up control of automated evaluation according to VDA 19.1

CEC working group publishes “Guidelines for manual follow-up inspection”

Under the leadership of the CEC - Cleaning Excellence Center - the network for technical cleanliness, the "Manual follow-up inspection" working group has developed and published a guide for manual follow-up inspection as part of an automated light-optical evaluation according to VDA 19.1. In borderline cases, the evaluation of fibers and particles is influenced by the individual evaluation during manual post-processing and therefore has a decisive influence on statements about cleanliness results and their comparability.

The guide is intended to provide the user with an orientation for the evaluation of the analysis systems and thus contribute to standardized and therefore comparable post-processing. With the significant contribution of experts from CleanControlling, Fraunhofer IPA and providers of analysis and cleaning systems, the basis for uniform procedures with extensive image examples and recommendations for action were developed.

The “Manual follow-up inspection” guide is available to anyone interested free of charge from CEC. Simply fill out CEC's online order form - the guide will be provided immediately. For more information follow this link .

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