VATS Suction - LVRS Clamp Prof. Ceulemans

improved suction handle, Lung volume reduction surgery

Our innovations in 2023 include our new VATS suction models. The critical cavity in the handle of the suction handles has been solved by using a plastic handle. The continuous tube creates more pressure and the suction power has been noticeably increased. There are still 2 variants: with suction stop or without. Diameter options: 3.2 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm. Working length options: 170 mm, 220 mm, 320 mm, 420 mm.

In addition, the LVRS clamp specially developed with Prof. Dr. Ceulemans. Prof. Dr. Ceulemans is a specialist in lung volume reduction surgery. The combination of the angled, double-moving annular jaw section and the rotatable shaft helps to grip the lung perfectly before stapleing and to pull it to the desired point. The slight bend makes it possible to use our flexible trocars. The stapler can also be applied very easily to the curved jaw part. Prof. Dr. Ceulemans will be happy to provide you with more information about this surgical technique.

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