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Stadt Tuttlingen

You don't know Tuttlingen yet? Then here is an overview of the city on the Danube. But it is also worthwhile for long-established residents of Tuttlingen to take a look. Because Tuttlingen is a city that you can always rediscover.

The city's logo is unmistakable: four blue angles and a slightly sloping yellow square. What does that stand for? It is worth taking a look at the city's history and its most striking date. Because it initially stood for misfortune and suffering - and then became a symbol of courage, confidence, diligence and ingenuity.

Tuttlingen burned down completely within a few hours on November 3, 1803. But the rebuilding followed the destruction. And that made Tuttlingen one of the most modern cities in Württemberg at the time: as a replacement for the winding, medieval alleys, the Württemberg regional planner Carl Leonard von Uber designed a new plan that was revolutionary for its time: he went back to the Roman idea of the grid city - you lived finally in the epoch of classicism - and designed the chessboard-like “city in a square” with its right-angled streets and the square market square in the middle, the edges of which are now indicated in the logo.

Despite the strict grid in the city map: The people of Tuttlingen still don't live according to scheme F - and this is made clear by the oblique square in the logo, which is also optically out of the grid. The city has always been a place of inventors, of people who cross borders and try new things. This may already be due to the city's location directly on the Danube - this most European river of all rivers, which flows through ten countries and is still at the very beginning of its journey in Tuttlingen. The Danube still has 2,747 kilometers to go when it has flowed through Tuttlingen. And the banks of the river, the Danube Park and new city quarters with a view of the water have had a decisive impact on the city, especially in recent years.

In the decades before that, it didn't make much sense. Because Tuttlingen has been a city for many years, where people have moved quietly and inconspicuously. People used to toil in the shoe industry, especially in medical technology since the 1970s. It was this industry in particular that laid the foundations for today's prosperity in the city, which has meanwhile developed into a high-tech cluster and university location. There are over 400 companies in the medical technology sector in Tuttlingen today - from small family businesses to corporations with several thousand employees. Most of these companies are internationally positioned. And that gives the city a certain cosmopolitanism.

In the city, which used to be mainly done, people also like to enjoy today. This is also particularly evident along the Danube: Whether beach bar or town hall, skater park or TuWass leisure pool: life takes place along the shore and in Tuttlingen's green spaces. And with events like the Honberg summer, people like to step out of line - like the sloping square in the city logo.

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