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We attach great importance to the training of our employees. Through continuous training and the associated individual development, YOU will mature into the actual capital of our company.


Our trainees are integrated into the world of instrument manufacturing at an early stage of their training and familiarized with the latest technologies. We have been a recognized training company of the Konstanz Chamber of Crafts for years and can offer the following training professions:

 Surgical mechanic (m / f)
 Tool mechanic (m / f) - field of application instrument technology

Retraining & qualification

Of course, we also support strong-willed personalities who agree to use a retraining program as a new opportunity.


As part of a company internship, we offer schoolchildren (m / f) the opportunity to get a first impression of the world of work in order to be able to orientate themselves better for later decisions.


As a student of engineering or economics, you are very welcome to join us, be it in the form of an internship or student work. Practice-oriented work with independent tasks is a matter of course for us!

We are happy to provide you with more information in a personal conversation!


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