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Majesty GmbH (formerly known as UB-Software) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and works with state-of-the-art development tools. Very strict data protection and security guidelines as well as an ISO 9001 certified QM system ensure consistently high quality in development and customer care.

about us

Majesty GmbH is the absolute industry specialist.

Since 1993, the company has been familiar with all the peculiarities and developments of the medical technology industry and has constantly expanded its industry software "Majesty" to include the latest issues and changed regulatory requirements.

With a total of 600 installations (including approximately 400 in the medical technology sector), Majesty GmbH is a leading provider of medical technology ERP.

Industry features include UDI (Unique Device Identification), Loan Set Management, Supplier Certificate / Specification Management, Complaint Management, Batch and Serial Number Management with Traceability, Technical Documentation, Admissions Management, Mobile Computing (here iPad App) and MES Manufacturing Control with MDE and graphic control station. There are connections to many external systems (document management, parcel service, customs clearance, financial accounting, CRM, etc.). Majesty GmbH offers a sample validation for Majesty.

Product range / Range of services

Majesty ERP software


Majesty relies on Microsoft's innovative and future-proof .NET technology. The data is managed by a powerful SQL server. This ensures optimal data security, and further applications can be easily integrated.

basic functionality

Basic operating concepts are kept uniform across all modules. The intuitive user guidance enables a short introductory phase with little training effort. The application itself can be very easily adapted to your needs. Custom fields and freely configurable input dialogs and table views ensure that Majesty supports your business processes as best as possible.

industry focus

In addition to classic ERP functionalities in the areas of sales, purchasing, production and logistics, Majesty offers additional modules that are needed in the medical technology and metal-cutting industries. The secure and transparent management of batches and serial numbers as well as an integrated approval management ensure that the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the European Union (EMA) as well as the USA (FDA) are reliably met. The quick and easy recording and evaluation of 8D reports enables your company to continuously optimize targeted quality management.


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ISO 9001

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