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DRK Kreisverband Tuttlingen e.V.Supporting membership in the DRK

Supporting membership in the DRK

“Not only during the Corona pandemic, you need us and we need you. Together we master everything - that is our motto. Before, during and after the crisis. "

Supporting members are indispensable for us during this time.

Become a member and benefit from many advantages:

  • Travel without risk - we help always and everywhere! Return travel
  • Red Cross course: Members can attend a first aid course free of charge.
  • House emergency call: When setting up a house emergency call device, we waive members the one-time connection fee of 25 euros.

You can support the important, voluntary and social commitment from just 24 euros per year and per household and at the same time benefit from the many advantages.


Become a member - help us!


DRK district association Tuttlingen eV
Mrs. Margarete Braun
Tel. 07461-178716
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Supporting membership in the DRK

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