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Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbHRepair service of high-quality medical endoscopes

Repair service of high-quality medical endoscopes

Quality of Service  

The repair of high-quality medical endoscopes demands just as much expertise, high-quality optical components and original parts as the production of a brand-new endoscope. This is why only the original manufacturer can guarantee safe and high-quality service for medical endoscopes.

The same Group-wide quality and training standard at Henke-Sass, Wolf is applied at all its international service locations where specifications, components and production processes are concerned. Due to the large market share of Henke-Sass, Wolf and the company's longstanding experience where service and repair are involved, our customers and OEM partners can make use of this service platform. In this way our customers profit from the safety, value retention and quality of the Henke-Sass, Wolf repair standard. We offer flexible repair models. A system with three repair levels, calculated according to degree of damage, has proven itself to be especially effective. Alternatively, individual pricing per endoscope is also possible. 

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