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Merz Medizintechnik GmbH develops and sells medical technology systems for ENT diagnostics in the areas of audiometry, tympanometry, OAE measurement systems, evoked reaction audiometry, neurootology / vestibular diagnostics, rhinomanometry and spirometry.

Founded as a Merz company in 2006, we can look back on over 20 years of activities and experience in the field of ENT. Our many years of experience with medical technology and diagnostics in this area enable us to offer and further develop application-optimized solutions. An important element here is the collaboration with doctors and clinics.

We do not only sell diagnostics - for our customers it is very important:

  • Personal on-site support and support, via remote maintenance, by phone and email from our continuously trained staff
  • Authorized maintenance service for your audiometer and devices requiring maintenance
  • Accessories, spare parts and consumables conveniently via our shop www.evident-shop.de and, of course, simply by phone

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 (for manufacturers of medical devices).

MERZ Audio®

The PC audiometer MERZ Audio® developed by us is a real two-channel audiometer with air conduction, bone conduction, speech audiometry, masking and free field measurement for demanding audiological measurements. It is 100% Made in Germany and especially meets the requirements in practice and clinic.

The MERZ Audio® family also includes:


MERZ Rhino®

The MERZ Rhino® from our development is a rhinomanometer for allergology, ENT diagnostics & nasal surgery.

Carrying out nasal provocations in the allergy test, various evaluation options and a clear "before - after" presentation, also for the patient, make the MERZ Rhino® the ideal rhinomanometer in allergology, ENT diagnostics and nasal surgery.

The device and its consumables have been tested in clinical use and cleaning and disinfection are clinically validated. The MERZ Rhino® includes the modern and powerful software evidENT Rhino.


Audiological software evidENT3

The evidENT3 audiological software developed in-house provides users and users with a cross-platform system for the computer-aided recording and documentation of audiological data and findings for the various hearing tests .


ENT diagnostics

We sell medical technology systems for ENT diagnostics in the fields of audiometry, tympanometry, OAE measurement systems, evoked reaction audiometry, neurotology / vestibular diagnostics, rhinomanometry and spirometry.

With our partner, the company Acoustair, we plan, produce and install audiological listening rooms . The audio booths are produced both in standard dimensions and completely made to measure.

We are distributors of BioMed Jena, Inventis, MRS Resonance and Otodynamics.


Accessories, spare parts and consumables

We also offer our customers, medical practices and clinics across Europe, accessories, spare parts and consumables for the areas of audiometry, ERA / BERA, OAE, ENG, VNG, EKG, tympanometry and rhinomanometry.

You can get these in our web shop www.evident-shop.de and of course also by phone, e-mail or fax.


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