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atrify serves more than 1,500 healthcare customers worldwide and enables product data exchange for more than 1 million medical products. For years we have been helping our customers to send their data to the desired recipients in a validated way, including regulatory data to the FDA GUDID database.

We know understand the problems manufacturers face in the context of data management. Data-optimization and integration into internal IT systems are part of our core competence. We advise and implement the requirements for both commercial and regulatory use of the data in one system. Thus our customers benefit from our know-how and the possibility to meet all requirements in only one system.

We are an active member of Medtech Europe (MTE)  and thus constantly working on improvements and the prompt implementation of constantly changing requirements. With our solutions, you are on the safe side in the future and prepared for all future UDI requirements - regulatory & commercial

One platform for all data and every purpose

Your needs and requirements are the core of our solutions for the healthcare sector. With atrify you don't have to distinguish between regulatory and commercial data and look for separate solutions and providers. atrify offers you a unique solution that can map both regulatory and commercial data and transmit it to multiple channels at the same time. Regulatory data that you forward to authorities such as EUDAMED or NHS can be shared simultaneously with a large number of different business partners from a single data source. Safety, reliability and stable system availability are our top priorities.

Our system is modular so that it can grow with to your needs, without the need to implement an additional solution. We are able to start exactly where you need support. With complementary expert services such as attribute analysis, we are able to offer a holistic solution portfolio for transparency, compliance and cross-channel trading.


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