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Pneumonology in the medical technology industry


Pulmonology (also lung disease; Greeks are synonymous with air, breath, breathing, lungs) or pulmonology (also lung disease; Latin for lungs and lungs) is the branch of internal medicine for the treatment of lung diseases. The German name is lung medicine or lung and bronchial medicine. The respiratory department includes the prevention, detection and conservative treatment of diseases of the lungs, bronchus, middle skin (mediastinum) and pleura. Pulmonology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with diseases of the lungs and respiratory organs. It includes the prevention, diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of lung, bronchial and pleural diseases. Respiratory medicine is practiced by specialists in internal medicine, also known as pulmonologists. Pulmonology deals with all diseases related to breathing, air and airways. It also deals with diseases that are not originally related to the lungs. These diseases include air pollutants and diseases caused by sleep apnea.

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