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PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AGBiomechanical testing, training and therapy systems

Biomechanical testing, training and therapy systems

Our biomechanical test, training and therapy systems meet the highest demands in user safety, precision and reproducibility in diagnostics and allow for differentiated therapy through innovative features.


Isokinetic multijoint module for testing and training the major joints
With the control module PM and a wide range of adapters which are needed for the scheduled tasks, the CON-TREX® MJ isokinetic multijoint module is a versatile, rotatory testing, training and therapeutic system to test and train all major joints of the upper and lower limbs in the open kinetic chain. The highly flexible mechanism with excellent operator guidance makes objective and reproducible test results possible in every work mode. The mechanical design of the CON-TREX® MJ is extremely user-friendly: the position of the seat, the seat length, and the inclination of the backrest can be electronically adjusted at the touch of a button. The upholstered seat and backrest offer a maximum of comfortable seating even during long training sessions and are easy to clean.
Training while sitting or standing, measurements in the prone or supine position: CON-TREX® MJ offers maximum flexibility in every case. It enables the analysis of both the static and dynamic strength of a joint and the resulting targeted functional musclestrength training and improvement to skills of coordination with possible monitoring and correction during training or therapy.
Thanks to its flexible system, the CON-TREX® MJ allows adjustment close to the joints with maximum stability. The adapters are perfectly adjustable to the anatomical situation of the subject. Isolated joint tests as well as free movements are possible with the wide range of accessories.


Isokinetic back module for trunk flexor and extensor muscles
CON-TREX® TP is a special isokinetic back module, ideal for the testing and training of straight trunk musculature with its flexor and extensor muscles. It is connected to the CON-TREX® MJ system, the measuring range of version TP 500 being designed for rehabilitation and leisure.
The many customisation options, easy positioning and numerous different load types of CON-TREX® human kinetics software make possible various testing and therapeutic applications of the trunk.
Together with the various load modes operated by the PM control module, the freely definable scope of motion in the range between –15 ° and +105 ° enables the therapeutic handling of numerous problems related to longitudinally-running trunk musculature.
The height of both the footplates and knee rests can be electronically adjusted to facilitate easier positioning of the patient. The kneerests are synchronised with the footplates. Just one finger is all it takes to easily change the position of even those heavier-set patients already standing in the machine.


Isokinetic leg press for testing and training the lower limbs in closed kinetic chain
The CON-TREX® LP leg press is an isokinetic testing and training machine for the entire leg extensor and flexor chain. It can provide metered, measurable forces from a few N to 6000 N at speeds of up to 1 m/sec. Separate footplates allow unilateral training (on the left or right), bilateral training with both legs, or alternating mode. The adjustable footplate fixtures can be varied for selective testing and improvement of ankle joints in various positions. The inclination of the backrest can be electrically lowered to the horizontal position, the seat angle is synchronized with the adjustment of the backrest. The low seat height facilitates placement of patients with reduced mobility.
The high level of precision of the metered, measurable forces and the exceptional properties of the motion monitor through the drive system produce an extremely versatile area of application on a minimum workspace of just 1.8 x 2.5 meters including the control module.
Due to the functional motion, the entire muscle chain of the lower limbs is strengthened, while the coordination is simultaneously improved and the joint stability increased. The optimally adjusted load and strain of the (atrophied) musculature beyond the entire radius of motion can bring about a very sharp increase in the muscle strength and a significant improvement to coordination. All of this occurs without any excessive strain on the joint, especially in physiologically awkward positions.


Isokinetic work simulation for the analysis and practice of the complex motion patterns of working environments, sports or activities of daily living (ADL)
The isokinetic CON-TREX® WS was developed to imitate motions of working environments, sports and everyday domestic life. In order to be able to follow the unique and often extremely complex patterns of movement, the height of the dynamometer can be electronically adjusted from down close to the ground to up over the patient‘s head. For realistic simulation of unusual movements the CON-TREX® WS can be rotated and swivelled. The possibility of reproducible assessment of work capacity is thus provided. Various movements from the everyday life of a craftsman (such as screwing, lifting objects, butting levers or sawing) can be simulated and trained. In addition to preparing for difficult working conditions (such as working overhead), CON-TREX® WS can be used to compose a specific and highly effective muscular workout. In practice, a minimum working area of only 2 x 2 meters is sufficient.

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