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Bricon GmbH

Medical technology for a better quality of life

As a manufacturer of medical technology, Bricon operates in a dynamic environment with high expectations of quality, efficiency and profitability. In order to meet these expectations, Bricon products are "Made in Germany" and are developed, manufactured and controlled according to the rules of German engineering: Every Bricon product strives for perfection.


Focus on the well-being of the patient

Bricon specializes in high quality spinal implants and the associated surgical instruments. Our products are developed and continuously optimized in close cooperation with spinal surgeons. The focus is on high-quality materials and excellent stability with well thought-out handling and straightforward instrumentation. Comprehensive knowledge of biomechanics, materials science and surface technologies are incorporated as well as new findings and results from medicine. 

Bricon Technology GmbH

Welcome to the world of innovation, precision and process reliability

Bricon Technology GmbH offers you the complete solution. You wish - we will do the rest. Our core competencies include development, construction, documentation, prototyping, testing, series production, product refinement, quality assurance and packaging. 

Ortho Select GmbH

Traumatology Made in Germany

Ortho Select GmbH is based in Wurmlingen near Tuttlingen, one of the largest centers for medical technology worldwide. We focus our knowledge on the development of implants for traumatology. As an innovative company, we continuously develop and produce our implants and instruments in close cooperation with our customers and doctors in order to meet the demand for the highest quality.

PINA Medizintechnik Vertriebs AG

Your Swiss Option

PINA Medizintechnik Vertriebs AG is a manufacturer of high quality implants and instruments for medical interventions on the spine. Find out more about our product portfolio and the associated technical information. In addition to our print media, you will find constantly updated content on our website - take a look at it more often.

Chin Bone Technique Corp.

We live your clinical idea!

Chin Bone Technique Corp. was founded on October 13th, 2009. This company is spin-off from the Orthopaedic Device Research Center of National Yang-Ming University. The main founder, Prof. Cheng-Kung Cheng translated his research results to US FDA 510(k) successfully, and then he decided to spin-off a company from ODRC for productization. Also, Chin-Bone will keep cooperating with National Yang-Ming University to establish a long-term relationship integrating academia into industry.

General Implants GmbH

You can count on that

We founded General Implants a good 15 years ago. We have established a leading market position in the field of medical technology, especially as a manufacturer of excellent implants, as well as in precision engineering in Germany and internationally. We attach great importance to the use of selected technology and the best materials. We can justifiably present our products with the label “Made in Germany”.


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