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Im Mittleren Ösch 5
78532 Tuttlingen

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BINDER - an overview

BINDER is the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for the scientific and industrial laboratory. With its technical solutions, the company contributes significantly to improving the health and safety of people. Our range of products is well suited for routine applications, highly specialized work in research and development, production, and quality assurance.

Company BINDER
Legal form GmbH
Established 1983
Proprietor Mr. Peter M. Binder
Management Mr. Peter M. Binder (management partner)
Global employees > 400 (2019)
Sales € 74 million (2019)
Export rate 80 %
Production 22,000 units annually in state-of-the-art series production. Able to manufacture customized products on request
Headquarters Tuttlingen, Germany

Subsidiaries/ sales branches


In 9 countries – USA, Russia, France, China, India, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and the United Kingdom
Certified according to ISO 9001
Products High-tech chambers for tempering, climatization, incubation, simulation of environmental conditions
Peripherals Controls, regulators, software, services, and accessories
Application areas Chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, medicine, institutes, universities, test laboratories, food, electronics, plastics, building materials, and automotive industries

Welcome to BINDER INC.

Our sales and service branch and warehouse are located in Bohemia, Long Island, and we distribute to the entire North American region from there. The BINDER team in North America is based in the north, south, west, and east of the USA in order to assist our customers quickly and accurately and to always offer them good advice. Because, just like our parent company – BINDER GmbH in Tuttlingen, Germany – our mission is to offer the best products, services, and advice. Major industrial customers and a number of universities use BINDER chambers for research purposes.

The University of Rochester, for example, has achieved very precise results in the field of bone and fracture healing thanks to BINDER technology. We offer a wide range of high-quality simulation chambers in North America. So we can meet the wishes of all our customers, not just those of scientists in the lab. Whether they’re universities or private businesses, our customers don’t want to miss out on our typically German precision and engineering prowess. Used for material testing under varying conditions, cell growth in incubators, or even cancer research applications – BINDER chambers are gaining traction in North America and are extremely well received.

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Right on your doorstep – in 135 countries around the world

With our four Sales subsidiaries and our international BINDER Sales partners, we are never far away from global companies, institutes, and research facilities all over the world. In recent years, we have really increased our international presence and are highly committed to our customers in Asia and America, as well as to our core markets in Europe. Our BINDER experts support and advise you on-site, from choosing and commissioning your environmental simulation chamber right up to maintenance and reliable technical support.

International presence: BINDER Sales and Service organization

  • BINDER GmbH (Headquarters), Tuttlingen, Germany
  • BINDER Inc., Bohemia, NY, USA
  • BINDER GmbH Representative Office for CIS, Moscow, Russia
  • BINDER Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong, China
  • BINDER Environmental Testing Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Limited, Shanghai, China

Growth requires roots and vision

The company founder, Peter M. Binder, marked a milestone in laboratory technology in 1983 with the development of the hot air sterilizer. Within the space of just three decades, BINDER has established itself as an innovative company with above-average growth and outstanding future prospects.
We ensure our independence as a family company by maintaining our consistent premium brand strategy, continuing to develop our production capacity at our German site, and internationalizing our sales activities. As well as working with our core markets in Europe, we are taking advantage of the opportunities in growth markets all over the world. Currently, BINDER already generates around a third of its revenue in Asia and is experiencing constant growth on the American market.

The BINDER success story

1983 WTB BINDER Labortechnik GmbH founded with drying chambers and incubators
1989 First production hall acquired at the Tuttlingen site
1991 Revolutionary product design – APT.line technology for temperature chambers introduced onto the market
2000 Name changed to BINDER GmbH with the red triangle as the logo
2002 BINDER Inc., USA founded
2003 New business area: environmental simulation chambers for industrial applications
2005 BINDER research and development center (FEZ) opened at the Tuttlingen site
2008 BINDER ASIA Pacific Ltd founded in Hong Kong
2011 Production capacity expanded to 3,800 m²

30 years after it was founded, BINDER has 400 employees, produces 22,000 units per year, and generates an

annual revenue of 60 million euros

2016 33 years of BINDER: The company employs approx. 400 employees. With an annual production volume of 22,000 units, turnover is EUR 63 million.
2017 Opening of the COMPETENCE FACTORY; production area is expanded by 8,800 m²
2018 The magazine WirtschaftsWoche names BINDER as one of the most innovative companies in Germany
2019 Annual revenue74 million euros

Product / Service Portfolio

BINDER product portfolio and know-how – for all industries

Nearly all respected companies and research facilities rely on BINDER environmental simulation chambers with the characteristic red triangle, whether they need them for cell or tissue cultivation, long-term storage, product testing, or material testing. We know what is important in laboratory practice and therefore work to ensure that we can fulfill our customers' requirements perfectly with excellent products and sophisticated equipment features. Our highly diversified BINDER product portfolio includes incubators, growth chambers, ultralow temperature freezers, drying and heating chambers, and climate chambers. It therefore covers the diverse requirements of the industries and markets in a first-class manner.

BINDER series production machines and individual solutions – for all circumstances

Right from their manufacture at the factory, BINDER temperature, climate, and environmental simulation chambers address the widest range of demands from scientific and industrial labs. Thanks to a wide range of accessories and equipment options, our series production products can be set up in a more specific way on request for all standard application areas. If they are to be used for truly specialist laboratory tasks, the series production simulation chambers can be adapted further using individual extras from BINDER INDIVIDUAL.


BINDER Products

  • CO₂ incubatorsSeries
  • Standard-Incubators
  • Refrigerated incubators
  • Growth chambers
  • Ultra low temperature freezers
  • Drying and heating chambers
  • Safety drying chambers
  • Vacuum drying chambers
  • Humidity test chambers
  • Dynamic climate chambers
  • Battery test chambers
  • Multi Management Software

BINDER has the experience for a wide range of requirements

  • Automotive
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical industry
  • Electronics / semiconductor industry
  • Human diagnostics
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Food / beverage industry
  • Medical research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And many more!

Medtech product segments

  • Incubators
  • Hospital / practice facility
  • Laboratory technology / IVD
  • Software / IT systems


  • Laboratory Technology / Equipment


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