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MAW Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH is a traditional family business that has existed continuously since 1948. We are passionate about high-quality, precise machines and new manufacturing solutions that enable our customers to manufacture faster, more precisely and more economically in the long term. We supply the entire Federal Republic of Germany with our manufacturing solutions, constantly try to develop ourselves and grow with the solutions we offer. MAW stands for fair coexistence according to the motto "let life and live".

MAW Werkzeugmaschinen is a recognized machine supplier to well-known manufacturers and contract manufacturers of medical technology parts and components.

Our solutions for medical technology:

Surface technology
If you have problems with burrs on your workpieces, if turned and milled surfaces have to be ground, or if edges have to be rounded evenly, then we have the right process for you. With our technologies, we produce the finest surfaces up to an average roughness of Ra 0.025. With the micro slide grinding and brush polishing processes, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Statistical process control (SPC) on machine tools
Our customers face the problem that every "X" th production part has to be subjected to a measurement control. In automated production, solutions need to separate these control parts from the production parts in the process and split the lot into several small lots with the associated control part. MAW supplies exactly those systems that can be attached directly to Swiss-type automatic lathes or bar lathes with unloaders, separators and individual parts stores.

Clean coolant is extremely important
MAW offers various solutions for mixing and filling as well as for keeping and maintaining cooling lubricants. With filter systems from Polo, we ensure clean coolant. With sensor-controlled KSS filling systems, we increase productivity and increase the service life of KSS. With oil separators and UV sterilizers, we remove cooling oils from foreign oils, viruses, bacteria and pollen.

Rivet connections create security
With the methods of wobble riveting, flanging and rolling, MAW offers safe connection methods for, for example, single-use instruments, pliers, housings and much more. to connect or to close.

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