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Oehm und Rehbein GmbH (OR Technology)Lightweight X-ray suitcase for mobile use in stables & clinics

Lightweight X-ray suitcase for mobile use in stables & clinics

Leonardo DR mini III

The gold standard for medical providers, disaster response and home care services

The gold piece of our Leonardo X-ray case series combines everything you want from a contemporary, highly functional X-ray system. The Leonardo DR mini III is fantastically light. You can X-ray endlessly without recharging and view the razor-sharp X-ray images on a 21.5" Full HD touchscreen monitor.
The detector made of almost indestructible, flexible carrier material and 100 µm resolution completes this exceptional X-ray case, specially designed for equine doctors and mixed practices.*

Leonardo DR nano

The amazingly light, portable X-ray backpack system for animal patients

Just sling the lightweight Leonardo DR nano backpack over your shoulder and head off to your next X-ray examination! The Leonardo DR nano consists of only two components: a wireless X-ray detector and a laptop. Weighing just under 9 kg (including carrying case, laptop, accessories and flat panel detector), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide. It is ideal for ambulatory digital radiography, any time and any place. Getting tangled up in annoying cables is a thing of the past! 

The Leonardo‘s straightforward user interface makes it easy for staff to generate excellent X-ray images. In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide assists with patient positioning. The Leonardo DR nano system is well suited for use in confined spaces. The X-ray unit and detector have a wireless connection to the acquisition and diagnosis software on the laptop. The X-ray detector and laptop can be stationed up to 10 m apart and still function optimally. 

X-ray images are available for viewing on the laptop immediately after exposure and can be sent to the owner and veterinary experts via email or cloud services. 

Thanks to its low weight and compact build, the Leonardo DR nano system can be used almost anywhere - in veterinary practices, equine clinics and teaching hospitals.

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Leonardo DR mini II

The compact suitcase solution for radiography in stables, clinics and hospitals

The newest model in our Leonardo series, the compact and versatile Leonardo DR mini II, combines X-ray detector technology with a high-performance acquisition and diagnostic software. Weighing only 8.9 kg, the system is one of the lightest suitcase X-ray solutions worldwide. The Leonardo DR mini II is designed for use in confined spaces as well as in the field, making it ideal for modern veterinarians. The suitcase system is the perfect solution for both stationary and portable radiography for mobile veterinary practices as well as equine and mixed animal clinics.

The Leonardo DR mini II is quick to set up and easy to use. Its built-in 17" premium notebook with high resolution touchscreen monitor as well as integrated acquisition and diagnosis software guarantees excellent image display. The X-ray suitcase has two large LEDs clearly visible even from a distance of several meters. These LEDs indicate the software status, such as "Ready to expose". In addition, a signal tone sounds when the status changes. The notebook can easily be removed from its secured location within the case for use in an optimal ergonomic position or as a tablet during presentations.

An optional reporting module for pre-purchase X-ray examinations makes this system attractive for equine appraisal. The integrated diagnosis software also enables worldwide, fast and cost-effective information exchange (via cloud or email) in compliance with safety regulations for telemedical solutions. Only an internet connection is required.

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Leonardo DR pico

Fantastically light-weight X-ray bag with detector & notebook

Comfortable, sturdy X-ray bag - also suitable as shoulder bag or backpack - only with X-ray detector and notebook
The 17" notebook and the X-ray detector 12" x 10" (30 x 24 cm) with protection box are very space-saving and well padded in the robust bag. With a complete weight of only approx. 7.1 kg, the Leonardo DR pico can be easily transported to any location. The handy x-ray bag is also suitable for stationary use in veterinary practices or horse clinics. You can complete the system with a battery-operated, portable X-ray generator (from approx. 6.8 kg). Simple handling is sufficient and the X-ray solution is quickly set up on site and ready for use.

The simple operation of the acquisition and diagnostic software from OR Technology pre-installed on the notebook enables even less radiologically experienced personnel to work easily and intuitively. Optimum X-ray images are thus guaranteed. In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide assists with patient positioning.

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