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Oehm und Rehbein GmbH (OR Technology)Compact desktop unit for digital X-ray

Compact desktop unit for digital X-ray

Digital X-ray with cassettes for standard X-ray examinations for vets

The Divario CR-T2 is a CR desktop system for digital X-ray imaging in veterinary medicine with a maximum throughput of 73 cassettes per hour. In high-speed mode (5 pixel/mm), the processing rate of the new Divario is 70 % higher than that of older CR systems. The Divario is easy to operate, reduces waiting times for animals and owners, and makes examinations more efficient. The desktop system is unobtrusive, has a compact design, and is small enough to fit on any office shelf. 

When used in combination with the professional image acquisition software dicomPACS®DX-R, the compact and lightweight CR system provides a complete suite of image processing tools. The solution can easily be integrated into the workflow of a running clinic or research institution, for example to handle overflow and act as a backup in an existing DR or CR system. 


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Digital X-ray with cassettes
Compact desktop unit for digital X-ray
Innovative image management solution
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