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Translation of technical documentation

Technical translation - Complex multilingual projects – This is exactly our thing

Naturally, you attach great importance to precision when creating technical documents. We have this requirement as well – and with pinpoint accuracy we convey your documentation to the required target languages. The expertise of our translators is our top priority. Our communication specialists have linguistic as well as technical competence. And are intimately familiar with the corresponding terminology. Thus, our technical translations has ensured export successes to numerous satisfied customers – for more than 30 years.

Process automation

A multi-lingual translation project every now and then requires the coordination of more than 100 process participants. Our experienced process managers are happy to undertake these tasks for you. They plan with foresight and with the aid of IT-supported workflows. Thus, nothing is left to chance.

Thanks to the online portal, which is directly integrated into your editing system or interfaces between translation memory systems, you are able to:

  • order simply, quickly and independently of time
  • monitor your projects via the Internet from all over the world
  • expect shorter delivery times

Our development team gets the best out for you. Individual workflow steps, e.g. output of data to be translated, we will completely automate for you if so desired.

Thus, the use of state-of-the-art technology gives you more freedom for what is truly important.

Process management

Terminology management

Clearly defined terminology improves your internal and external communication. It complies with legal provisions and saves costs both when creating your documentation and when doing the technical translation.

Well-structured terminology requires clear guidelines, definitions and rules. We assist you with the implementation:

  • Our terminologists offer you advice and training – both online and on site.
  • Experts create reliable databases for you.
  • We clean up your existing glossaries and translate them.

For your terminology processes Transline offers an IT-aided infrastructure. Thus, the individual workflow steps are automatically triggered and your expenses for terminology reduce by up to 50 %.


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Translation of technical documentation

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