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Patent translation

Patent translation

Your intellectual property is valuable. We help you to protect it internationally. Key elements of your success are your ideas, innovative solutions and inventions. This is why it is important to have them patented. Also abroad. For only in this way is your authorship – and thus your success – safeguarded in the global markets.

Whether you want to have a patent specification translated from German into English, French, Chinese or any other language of this world or vice-versa. Whether your text only comprises 10 pages or 200 pages – with the Transline patent translators it is in good hands.

Every word counts

The translation of patents is one of the most challenging tasks that a translator must perform. This has several reasons:

  • The source text, normally written by a patent lawyer, generally describes the intellectual property rights of the protected item very carefully and in great detail. This lucidity of content must be transferred to the target language. Without fuss or quibble.
  • The demands to be protected are broadly defined to the fullest possible extent in order to close any possible gaps by which the patent could be made null and void. The translated text must also achieve that – exactly, unequivocally and in line with the original text.
  • Patent specifications are normally highly specialised – legally as well as technically. Every word, the syntax and possibly even a single comma is important. For in a dispute, the patent specification must be watertight. Even in the translated version.

Competence for the highest demands

You patent specification must meet the highest demands. In any language. The Transline patent translators offer you the competence required. In almost all fields – including IT, automotive and medical technology, bio-, storage and semiconductor technology as well engineering, optics or image processing. We cover these and other fields in all relevant languages of the world.

The fact that our patent translators are knowledgeable in the characteristic style of the legalistic patent language goes without saying. And of course, they also translate explanatory texts for illustrations and graphics correctly and are conversant with the terminology specified from the body text.

Incidentally: Your contracts, design applications, certificates of registration, last will and testaments, balance sheets and other legally relevant texts are also in capable hands with us.

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