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Speed Controllers for speed control

FAULHABER Speed Controllers are specifically designed to get the most out of FAULHABER DC and BL motors. They are compact, easy to operate and offer precise as well as efficient speed control. The individual speed control can be set easily via a computer and the free "FAULHABER Motion Manager" software.

Speed Control from FAULHABER are highly dynamic speed controllers for controlling:

Depending on the size and delivery state, different motor and sensor combinations can be operated on the Speed Controller. The different sizes as well as the flexible connection possibilities open a wide range of applications in areas such as laboratory technology and equipment manufacturing, automation technology, handling and tooling devices and machine tools or pumps.

Speed Controllers from FAULHABER can be adapted to the given application via the FAULHABER Motion Manager software. With the Speed Controllers, the operating mode, the controller parameters as well as the type and scaling of the set-point specification can be configured. A USB programming adapter is used for configuring the Speed Controllers.

Operating modes of motors in combination with Speed Controllers

The motor speed is controlled via a PI controller with variable parameters. Depending on the version, the speed in the speed controller is determined via the connected sensor system or sensorless from the motor current. Setpoint specification can be performed using an analogue value or a PWM signal. The direction of rotation is reversed by means of a separate switching input. Furthermore, it is possible to read out the speed signal of the Speed Controller via the frequency output. The motors can optionally also be operated as a voltage controller or in fixed speed mode.

BL motors with digital or analogue hall sensors

BL motors without hall sensors (sensorless operation)

BL motors with absolute encoder

BL motors with digital Hall sensors and brake/enable input

DC motors with encoder

DC motors without encoder

Protective function of the Speed Controllers

FAULHABER Speed Controllers determine the temperature of the motor winding from the motor load characteristic. Dynamically, a peak current which is typically 2 times larger than the continuous current is available as a result. With a continuously higher load, the current is limited to the set continuous current. In the case of frequent reversing operation with large connected masses, it is recommended to use a Motion Controller.

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