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Vacuum casting

The basis for a product or component series is an exact template, the so-called original model. For this purpose, a detailed model, precisely tailored to your requirements, is produced using additive manufacturing processes. In the vacuum casting machine, this mold is filled with special plastics and precise processes for temperature and pressure control. The castings remain in the heating furnace until they have reached their final strength. The maximum component size is 500 x 500 x 635 mm.

Depending on the shape and complexity, between 25 and 35 cast fume cupboards are possible.

With the original model mold template - either manufactured by us or delivered by you - you can manufacture high-quality components in vacuum casting and thus test your prototypes in a functional and serial manner. Multiple castings with a single shape even make series profitable, precisely because they are very robust and identical to one another. By using different PU resins and PU foams, countless haptic and physical properties can be set. For example, different Shore hardnesses for elastomer components, crystal-clear transparency for lighting parts or temperature resistance from -20 ° C to + 180 ° C are possible.

Vacuum casting is significantly more economical than other casting processes and is therefore particularly recommended for ready-to-use (small) series.

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